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EDIT: OWNER REVIEW - Snow Peak Cook Set

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  • Christine
    EDIT - Snow Peak Titanium Middle Cooker 1800 Cook Set – Rowdy Webb Very good review, Rowdy. I have a couple of comments below. After they ve been
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 7, 2005
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      EDIT - Snow Peak Titanium Middle Cooker 1800 Cook Set – Rowdy Webb

      Very good review, Rowdy. I have a couple of comments below. After
      they've been incorporated, please upload to the Test>Owner Reviews
      folder on the BGT site and REPOST to the list.


      BGT Editor

      Snow Peak Titanium Middle Cooker 1800 Cook Set
      ***Add "Owner Review" to the title

      Name: Rowdy Webb, male, age 32
      ***Put name, gender and age on separate lines

      Backpacking Background:
      I hike between zero and 20 miles
      ***Metric conversion needed

      Product Information:
      Manufacturer: Snow Peak
      ***Add item name on next line

      Listed Weight: 9.2 oz (261 g)
      Measured Weight (after 3 yrs of use): 10.5 oz (298 g)
      MSRP: $80 US
      ***According to the website, the weight and MSRP you list are for the
      Titanium Middle Cooker 3600 and not the 1800. Are your numbers from
      info provided with the set? If so, comment on the discrepancy.

      This set includes one 2 qt pot,
      ***Metric conversion needed

      The diameter of each is about 6.5" (17 cm), the pot is 3.75 in (10 cm)
      ***Use either " or in for inches throughout to be consistent (you
      use " in your height, so I'd stick with that one)

      tall, and the pan is 1.25 in (3 cm) tall. The diameter of the
      pot "pinches in" 1/8 in (3 mm) near the top, making for a lip for
      the lid to sit on, as well as lending the pot additional stiffness.
      The bottom of the pan is bumpy; otherwise, all surfaces are smooth.
      perfectly level and still—8 cups (1.9 l) exactly, just as
      advertised. The pan can contain two cups (470 ml) of liquid at the
      brim. The material for each is titanium (though I do not know if
      all parts are titanium). The pot weighs 5.3 oz (150 g), the frying
      pan 3 oz (85 g), and the lid 2.2 oz (62 g).
      ***Please talk about each item in its own paragraph. You can list
      the manufacturer's and your measured dimensions and weights under
      Product Information. Be sure to include dimensions of each piece.
      The lid dimensions are missing here.

      Three-quarters of these have been in the northwest Cascades in the
      summer time, and the remainder in other mountainous terrain and on
      several beach hikes, again
      mostly in the summer months.
      ***Please add temperature ranges, elevation ranges, and weather
      conditions in which you have used the pots.

      Evening meals are generally created from home-dried recipes, such
      as "Sheppard's Pie"
      or "Lentils and Dumplings,"
      ***Quotes and capitals not needed

      and are sometimes accompanied by an instant soup. (And port and
      chocolate, but that's
      for another review.)
      ***This should either be two sentences or one sentence with a
      parenthetical phrase. If you want to keep the parentheses, remove
      the period after "soup" and the capital on "and".

      ***The website claims this set is for 4 or more people. Have you
      used it to feed more than two? How does it work for just you and
      your wife, does the 2 qt seem too big?

      After the dishes have been done in the morning, the MSR SuperFly
      stove fits into the 1 qt pot (sans canister), which then nests into
      the Snow Peak 2 qt pot with the lid; the pan turns over and rests on
      top. This package is then kept together with a thick rubber band.
      (Without the 1 qt pot on the inside, the pan can nest inside the 2
      qt pot along with the stove for an even neater package.)
      ***Since this review is on the cook set, talk about how the pieces
      included in the set stack together. Does the lid fit in, too? If you
      want to comment on how you can also fit in your 1 qt pot, put that
      part in parentheses.

      The handle on the plate/lid is very handy. It allows the lid to be
      handled quickly without fear of getting burned, and is convenient to
      hold onto when eating from the plate.
      ***You call this item a lid earlier, so stick with that. "The handle
      on the lid..." "...when using the lid as a plate."
      ***Please describe the handles on the lid and the pan: what they look
      like, how they fold, and how they clip.

      Packing & general durability:
      I am surprised that the pot or the pan has not been deformed from my
      aggressive packing style—shoving, cramming, and wrenching on pack
      straps have yet to show visible consequences on this cook set. And
      while the set was treated gingerly in its first year, we now treat
      it like the steel ware before it.
      ***Are there any scratches on the pots?

      Top Dislikes:
      • The handles on the pot require two hands, and are difficult
      to deploy when the pot is already hot.
      • It is difficult to prepare pancakes in the frying pan
      without burning them.
      ***Since you use another 1 qt pot with the set, would you have
      preferred if the set came with both a 2 qt and a 1 qt pot?
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