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REPOST: OWNER REVIEW: MSR Blacklite Pots - Will Jeffries

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  • will jeffries
    Roger, I apologize for the long wait on this one. I went camping the weekend right after received your edit and the white water kayaking the next weekend, and
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      Roger, I apologize for the long wait on this one. I
      went camping the weekend right after received your
      edit and the white water kayaking the next weekend,
      and of course all this playing made my weeks even more
      hectic. I really appreciate all the work that you an
      the others volunteers do and i really hope that i can
      improve my turnaround time in the future. It has also
      been a long time since i first wrote this review so it
      probably needs another edit before approval. THanks
      for all of your help. Also, do you recomend that i
      talk about the grooved bottom in the first paragraph
      or the third paragraph.

      OWNER REVIEW: MSR Blacklite Pots
      Review Date: April 8 2005

      Reviewer Information

      Name: Will Jeffries
      Age: 18
      Gender: Male
      Height: 5' 6" (1.68 meters)
      Weight: 135 lbs (61 kg)
      City: Charleston
      State: South Carolina
      Country: USA
      E-mail: willjeffs@...

      Reviewer Biography: I have been an avid backpacker
      for over eight years and also have interests in
      mountain biking, rock climbing, and kayaking. The
      majority of my hiking experiences have taken place on
      the Appalachian Trail in northern Georgia and western
      North Carolina. I prefer to travel as light as
      possible, but I am guilty of hauling the kitchen sink
      on shorter weekend trips in the flatlands of South
      Carolina. Most of my trips range from three to four
      days of about 16 miles per day. I enjoy sleeping late
      and going to bed early and a nap at lunch is always
      time well spent.

      Product information

      Manufacturer: Mountain Safety Research
      Year of Manufacture: 2001
      URL: www.msrcorp.com
      Listed weight: 18 oz (512 g)
      Weight as delivered: 18 oz (512 g)
      MSRP: $35 (USD)
      Description: 1.5 L (51 fl oz) and 2.0 L (68 fl oz)
      pots with one lid. Both of the pots and the lid are
      made from aluminum with a non-stick coating. The
      manufacturer claims that the pots are black and have
      rounded edges to assist heat transfer from the stove
      to the pots. These features are said to help increase
      fuel efficiency and decrease cooking time.

      Field Information

      I received my pots as part of the Blacklite Classic
      Cookset which comes with two pots, one lid, one pot
      gripper, and a Packtowel. The lid is designed to fit
      both pots and the gripper acts as a handle for both
      pots. The Blacklite pots in have grooved bottoms to
      grip the stove while cooking. The grooves look like
      concentric circles on the bottom of the pots. The
      grooves cover the entire bottom and help prevent the
      pots from sliding from side to side while they are on
      top of the stove. The inside has a non-stick coating
      to help make cleanup easier. The two pots nest inside
      each other for compact storage and carrying. Aluminum
      is known to be very durable and lightweight. I always
      use the Packtowel or a bandanna between the two pots
      when I carry then nested together. This has proved
      very effective and I have had no problems with the
      pots rubbing against each other. The lid, however,
      has been scratched a little around the edges during

      I received my Blacklite Classic Cookset as a gift
      when I was awarded my Eagle Scout rank. I have now
      used the set for over two years. I have used these
      pots throughout the Carolinas in temperatures ranging
      form 20 F (-7 C) to 90 F (32C). These pots have seen
      every landscape from the Blue Ridge Mountains to the
      sandy beaches near Charleston.

      I have found this set to be most useful
      when I am cooking for two or more people. When I cook
      for myself I just leave the 2 L (68 fl oz) pot at home
      and take the smaller pot by itself. One of the best
      features of this cookset is the grooves on the bottom
      of the pots. I like how the pots grip onto my stove
      while I stir instead of slipping around like my old
      pots. I think that a non-stick coating is the best
      feature that can ever be put on any pot. Clean-up is
      effortless thanks to the miracle of non-stick. I
      sometimes just boil water in my pots for freeze-dried
      meals and when I pour the water out there are only
      about two drops of water that stay in the pot. The
      rest of the water just slides right out. I have never
      had problems with burnt food sticking to the bottom of
      these pots. Any food that is left in the pots can be
      easily wiped away.

      I have found these pots very versatile
      because of their large size. These large pots make it
      easy for me to cook for my family or groups that I
      lead, but they are still light enough that I can use
      them when I am on my own.

      MSR recommends that only plastic or wooden
      utensils be used with this cookset, because metal
      utensils can damage the non-stick coating. I always
      use lexan utensils, but one time when I was with a
      group all the group members scooped out of my pot with
      metal utensils. Luckily, they didn���t scrape the pot
      too hard and the non-stick properties are still
      present. The non-stick coating is pretty durable, but
      I would not recommend using metal utensils on a
      regular basis.

      The pots seem to be very fuel efficient
      and help save time while cooking. I was very
      satisfied to see that the lid fits very snugly over
      both pots. The lid also works well as a plate if you
      don���t eat straight out of the pot. The lid is easy
      to take off of the pots because of a little metal ring
      that pops up and stays up very well. The ring has
      never fallen while I was cooking and has never been
      hot to the touch. These pots are very versatile and
      perform with excellence.


      Light weight
      Grooved bottom
      Non-stick coating
      Secure lid


      Sometimes they are too large for solo trips

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