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LTR: Ex Officio Micro Stretch Fleece Skivvy Zip Pullover, Paul Schilke

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  • Paul Schilke
    Ex Officio Micro Stretch Fleece Skivvy Zip Pullover Long Term Report, 5/03/05 Personal Information Name: Paul Schilke Age: 31 Gender: Male Height: 5 ft 7.5 in
    Message 1 of 1 , May 2, 2005
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      Ex Officio Micro Stretch Fleece Skivvy Zip Pullover

      Long Term Report, 5/03/05

      Personal Information

      Name: Paul Schilke

      Age: 31

      Gender: Male

      Height: 5 ft 7.5 in (1.7 m)

      Weight: 165 lb (75 kg)

      Chest Size: 39.5 in (100 cm)

      Neck: 15.5 in (39 cm)

      Sleeve: 31.5 in (80 cm)

      Email: schilkepaul AT yahoo dot com

      Location: Laramie, Wyoming, USA

      Backpacking Background

      As a resident of Wyoming, I take day trips at
      altitudes ranging from 7,000 ft (2100 m) to 12,000 ft
      (3700 m). Except for the severest conditions, I enjoy
      hiking in most types of weather. I can only use one
      hand, so I prefer gear that is light and fairly easy
      to use. I've hiked 350 (560km) miles of the North
      Country Trail and 2000 km (3220 km)of the Appalachian
      Trail. I've bicycled 50 miles (81 km) to Lake
      Michigan on back roads through vineyards and
      farmlands; and have canoed through Canyonlands
      National Park to the confluence of the Colorado and
      Green Rivers.

      Product and Manufacturer Details

      Ex Officio Website: http://www.exofficio.com

      Model: Ex Officio Micro Stretch Fleece Skivvy
      Zip Pullover

      Stated Weight: 7 oz (198 g)

      Actual Weight: 9 oz (255 g)

      Material: 96% polyester, 4% spandex

      Size: Men's Medium

      Color: Black

      Year of Manufacture: 2004

      MSRP: NA


      * "Moisture wicking with an odor-resistant finish
      (Aegis Microbe Shield) to keep you feeling fresh"
      * "Flat lock stitching reduces bulk; forward
      shoulder seams for comfort"
      * "Thumb slot with extended sleeves to make
      layering easier"
      * Wrinkle Resistant Peach Finish
      * Turtle-like neck with zipper that stretches from
      the top of the my neck to just below my pectoral

      Field Conditions

      I wore the Fleece Skivvy on about a half dozen
      hikes in Medicine Bow National Forest at altitudes
      ranging from 7500 ft (2300 m) to 11,000 ft (3350 m).
      I�ve worn the same fleece about a dozen times
      throughput the duration of testing. It was worn in
      the hot winter sun and in the cool of the cloudy
      shade. The longest hike on which this thermal base
      layer was worn was about four miles (6.4 km). The
      coldest temperature was about 25�F (-4�C) and the
      warmest was about 50�F (10�C).

      Long Term Report

      I�ve enjoyed wearing the Fleece Skivvy.
      It does a good job of wicking sweat and releasing
      moisture to superior layers and/or the atmosphere.
      When I first received the shirt I found it to be
      relatively stylish when worn under a fleece vest,
      something I�d wear to class. However, the shirt is
      clingy, as any good base layer should be. I might
      feel a bit sheepish if wearing it alone in a
      non-outdoors setting.

      Unfortunately the first turn through the dryer brought
      forth the wrinkled lint bunnies common to piling.
      This was noticed especially on the collar and the
      back. The piling is possibly due to over-drying. I�m
      really just starting to understand the effects of
      over-drying on synthetic clothing and make the
      necessary effort to pull them from the dryer before
      they are completely dry.

      These days, I�m reluctant to wear the
      Skivvy without washing after one day of heavy
      sweating. Its not so much that the Skivvy has
      developed a horrible stench after one day of use. It
      is more that the shirt develops a slight odor. I
      guess if I were in the field for extended periods of
      time, the stench of the shirt would not bother me, as
      it would be masked by the smell of my body.
      Unfortunately, I did not wear the Skivvy on any such
      trips. Regardless of all that, the Skivvy remains my
      favorite thermal base layer. I relish the thought of
      reaching for it first before I head out the door for a
      day�s experience on the trail.

      Recently I wore the Skivvy on a day hike
      up Gray�s Rock Trail. The temperature was about 50�F
      (10�C) with breezy winds. I was a wearing a
      microfleece jacket over the Skivvy that day. As soon
      as we started the ascent up the trail I stripped to my
      Skivvy layer and unzipped the collar. I was warm the
      whole way up but not exactly overheating. When we
      reached our destination I hovered momentarily between
      warmth and chill before I slipped the top layer back
      on. The top layer effectively cut the breezes. I was
      warm again as I moved through the stands of Ponderosa
      Pine, Douglas Fir and Western Juniper taking
      measurements of tree girth, density and core samples
      in an effort to decode the traits of this part of the
      forest. After our work was completed and we headed
      down the hill, I stripped down to my Skivvy and found,
      once again, that it was sufficient protection from the
      day�s temperatures and climate while I was moving at a
      fast pace.

      Oddly enough the men�s Micro Stretch
      Fleece Skivvy Zip is no longer listed on the Ex
      Officio web site. It was listed when I typed up my
      initial report, however by the time I went to type up
      my field report, it was not listed. As of today, the
      Men�s Skivvy Fleece is still not listed on the

      Things I like

      * Fit of the turtle-like neck
      * Zipper which expands usefulness and comfort of
      * Thumb slots

      Things I didn't like

      * Lint magnet effects of "Peach Finish"
      * Some piling on neck and back


      I liked the Micro Stretch Fleece Skivvy.
      Overall I found that the fit, finish and usefulness
      were excellent, even with the piling occurring at the
      beginning of the test. However, like many things my
      enjoyment also revolves around the cost / benefits
      ratio and comparison with equal products. That is
      impossible given that the Fleece Skivvy is no longer
      listed on the Ex Officio website.


      Paul Schilke

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