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EDIT: Owner Review: Black Diamond Polar Star headlamp

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  • colonelcorn76
    Hi Richard, Nice job. I ve made some edits to your review. Once you ve made the appropriate changes please repost it to the group with REPOST in the subject
    Message 1 of 3 , May 1, 2005
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      Hi Richard,

      Nice job. I've made some edits to your review. Once you've made the
      appropriate changes please repost it to the group with REPOST in the
      subject line. I'll grab it for another look before approving it for a
      test upload to the test/owner review folder on BGT. After that checks
      out (quick look to make sure hyperlinks work, formatting isn't too
      wild, etc.) I'll setup a place for you to upload it to its final
      resting place.

      Thanks again for the nice work.

      Edit Moderator

      --- In BackpackGearTest@yahoogroups.com, "splitchard"
      <splitchard@y...> wrote:
      > City, state, country: New Paltz, New York, USA

      ### Welcome to the fray. Nice to see another east-coaster ;-)

      > Burn time: 2 ½ hours with the bright xenon bulb

      ### Their website lists 3.5 hrs for the bright xenon and 2.5 hours for
      the super bright xenon. Please clarify.

      > 500 hours with the LED
      > MSRP: $45 US

      #### Their website lists $49.95 as the MSRP

      > - Plastic lamp housing can be tilted up or down in order to shine
      > the beam of light where you need it

      ### Unless this is a direct quote (in which case it should be noted
      that this, or this paragraph, are copied from BD) eliminate the use of
      "you" to avoid projecting...for instance I often need a light behind
      me but I don't think this is going to tilt that far.

      > - Lamp turns on with a push button on bottom of plastic lamp

      ### "pushbutton"

      > - Batteries are located in a separate pack from the headband and

      ### I think you mean separate from the headlamp. It can attach to the

      > to the lamp, connected to the headband by plastic clips
      > - Bright xenon bulb shines a beam of light 430 ft (130 m)

      ### Their specs list 140 m for the effective distance of the super
      bright xenon bulb. Please clarify.

      > The bright xenon bulb is said to have a lifespan of about eight

      ### Who said this? BD? If so, note that.

      > hiking on well marked trails. For these activities I always use the
      > LED, which shines just enough light. The xenon bulb puts out a
      > focused beam of light for about 430 ft (130 m). I switch to the

      ### The super bright xenon is listed as 140 m with the standard xenon
      listed at 100 m. Please clarify. Also, when referring to the xenon
      bulb please make sure you note whether it's the super bright or the
      standard bright xenon (or the long life one if you use that one at all).

      > they cannot power the xenon bulb. I cannot attest to this since I
      > have not had to replace the batteries during any trip.

      ### Do you replace them between trips?

      > headlamp did not obstruct my movements at all and the LED was all the
      > light that I needed to see where I was swinging my ice axes and
      > placing my ice screws.

      ### Does the wire running up your side from your waist to the headband
      cause any issues?

      > properly, the headlamp does not move or bounce at all during
      > activities such as hiking, jogging, and ice climbing. The light
      > stays right where you want it.

      ### "where I want"...also, how easy is it to tilt the headlamp since
      it doesn't move when jogging (which could be expected to jar it up &

      > I have really put this headlamp through some heavy use, and it has
      > held up very well. It is made incredibly strong and the electrical
      > wiring and connections are all still in perfect condition.

      ### Any idea how thick the wiring is? Have you ever gotten it caught
      and pulled the lamp or battery pack off? I assume if you did that it
      survived without incident in which case you might want to note that.
      Do you know if it's water resistant? Any exposure to water that caused
      a problem or did rain, etc. not have an effect?

      > Cons:
      > o Very specialized for extended cold weather use and therefore it
      > is not versatile

      ### What do you mean "specialized for extended cold weather use"? I
      didn't see anything mentioned about any cold weather specific design
      features (except being able to push the button with gloves).

      > o Heavier and bulkier than most hybrid headlamps

      ### "than most hybrid headlamps I have seen" unless you've got an
      exhaustive list of hybrid headlamps with weights and sizes so we can
      compare to make sure this isn't just an observation based on the
      number of lights you've examined.
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