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REPOST: Marmot Hydrogen Sleeping bag

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  • Eric Lavering
    Owner Review of Marmot Hydrogen 30° sleeping bag - long Biographical Info Name: Eric Lavering Age: 18 Gender: Male Height: 6 3 (1.9 m) Weight: 200 lbs (90
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 26, 2005
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      Owner Review of Marmot Hydrogen 30° sleeping bag - long

      Biographical Info

      Name: Eric Lavering
      Age: 18
      Gender: Male
      Height: 6'3" (1.9 m)
      Weight: 200 lbs (90 kg)
      Shoulder/Waist girth: 48" (122 cm)/ 33" (84 cm)
      Email Address: lavering@...
      Home: Bozeman, Montana
      Date: April 26, 2005
      Backpacking background: I started backpacking around eight years ago
      with various bible camps and church groups. I have recently started
      going out on my own trips with friends and family. I hike in the
      mountains of Western Montana. I have been lightening my load the
      last two years and am now down to a total pack weight of less than
      twenty pounds (9 kg) for a 4-5 day trip. I hope to continue
      lightening up as much as my budget will allow.

      Product Info

      Manufacturer: Marmot
      Year of manufacture: 2004
      URL: www.marmot.com
      Listed weight: 1 lb 8 oz (680 g)
      Weight as delivered: 1 lb 9 oz (710 g)
      MSRP: $329 USD
      Materials: Pertex Quantum Ripstop (shell), Pertex Quantum Taffeta
      Mummy shape
      900 fill power goose down insulation
      Length: fits to 6'6" (1.98 m)
      Shoulder girth: 64" (163 cm)
      Hip girth: 60" (152 cm)
      Foot girth: 42" (107 cm)

      Field Info

      The product was tested in the semi-arid mountains of Western
      Montana. Elevations were from 5000 - 8000 ft (1500-2400 m) with
      temperatures from the mid 50s F (around 13° C) down to around
      freezing. Weather included one night of hard rain and some light


      The Hydrogen sleeping bag is the lightest that Marmot makes, and is
      part of its 900 down series. The bag has a black Pertex Quantum
      ripstop outer shell fabric with a Quantum taffeta inner lining. The
      bag has 900 fill goose down insulation. I purchased this bag from
      REI at the beginning of summer, 2004. The MSRP for the long version
      of the bag was $329. The bag had to be shipped from another store,
      and it quickly arrived in a large cotton storage sack.

      My first impression of the bag was that it looked like a large black
      garbage bag. The Pertex Quantum shell material has a slight shine
      to it which gives it this appearance. I soon got over the
      appearance of the Pertex and was next amazed at the texture of the
      material. The fabric is amazingly soft and smooth, and not at all
      plastic-like as it looks. The bag seems to be very fragile.
      Quality of workmanship on the bag appears very good, with straight
      stitching and no loose threads.

      I couldn't resist giving the bag a test run, so I jumped in and
      tried everything out during a night spent on the living room floor.
      The bag is surprisingly roomy compared to other bags I've used. I
      searched, but didn't find any information on whether extra girth was
      added for the long version of the bag. The ½ length zipper could be
      a little longer, as it makes a little squirming necessary to get in
      and out of the bag. Just a few seconds of wiggling and this problem
      is solved, though. The zipper itself is small but functional and I
      have had no problems with material getting caught in it. The zipper
      can be used from inside or outside of the bag and has a zipper pull
      that is large enough to make the job simple. The length of the
      zipper is backed by a generously filled draft tube. The hood is
      well designed, having a good shape that snugly wraps around my head
      when cinched up. I find that the draw cord for the hood is a little
      hard to reach from inside the bag, but not any more so than other
      bags I`ve slept in.

      My first real test of the bag came when a few friends and I went on
      a weekend trip in the Bitterroot mountains in far western Montana.
      Friday night was spent at the trailhead. There was light rain at
      night and the temperature was mild. I slept well throughout the
      night. Saturday night, however, I slept in my Tarptent Squall with
      my friend, who is also fairly large. I had accidentally pitched the
      tent a little low, so we were both touching the walls of the tent at
      night. During the first half of the night it rained fairly heavily
      and the tent walls became very wet with condensation. Again, the
      temperature was mild. I was perfectly warm, and could have easily
      fallen asleep, but was worried about the down getting wet from
      condensation. I continuously checked the bag to see if the loft of
      the down was diminishing, but it stayed lofty and warm through the
      night. I was very pleased and surprised by the ability of the
      Pertex Quantum to keep water away from the down even when the fabric
      was soaked. In the morning I set the bag out on a rock in the sun
      and it dried out completely by the time we had taken down camp.

      My next trip with the bag was a five day hike in Montana's Anaconda-
      Pintler Wilderness. The weather was warm and dry, so I wasn't able
      to really test the ability of the bag at extremes. I did, however,
      really begin to appreciate the comfort of the bag. I am in love
      with the Pertex Quantum on this bag, not only for its water
      repelling properties, but also because it just feels great. I never
      really had any complaints about the feel of the material on my other
      bags, but once I slept in the buttery smoothness of a Quantum bag, I
      never wanted to go back.

      Next, I went on an eight day trip in the Spanish Peaks wilderness
      area near Bozeman, Montana. Temperatures during the trip hovered
      around in the 30s F (-1° - 4° C) for the whole week, giving me a
      good opportunity to test the comfort range of the bag. The bag
      performed well down to the advertised 30° F (-1° C), but I would not
      recommend relying on it in much colder conditions. I am generally a
      slightly cold sleeper when backpacking, and I only needed to wear
      regular clothing and a warm hat under the bag when sleeping in a
      tent. We slept in tents for all of the nights but one, when the
      stars were just too tempting and some of us slept out. That night
      we were camped at the highest elevation of my experience with the
      bag (around 8000 ft or 2400 m). There was some light wind during
      the night, and the temperature was right around freezing. I tried
      sleeping in the bag with just regular clothes and a warm hat again,
      but later had to get up and put on a lightweight fleece jacket and
      fleece mittens. Afterward I was comfortable and slept soundly
      through the night. One should note that we worked fairly hard on
      this trip, but also ate pretty well, so your results at these
      temperatures could be slightly different than mine.


      -Light weight
      -Quality materials and craftsmanship
      -No-frills design
      -Everything manufacturer claims it to be


      -High price
      -½ length zipper a little short (not a big deal at all)
      -Hood draw cord a little hard to reach (also not a real problem)


      At only 25 oz (710 g) and warm enough for all my summer trips, the
      Marmot Hydrogen is definitely a superb warm-weather bag. With the
      quality materials and workmanship, I know I'll be using this bag for
      a long time. The only real downfall of this bag in my mind is the
      price. This is an expensive sleeping bag, but the excellent
      materials, quality construction and extremely light weight make it
      worth the price to me.
    • colonelcorn76
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