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OR: Sierra Designs Calamity Jane Sleeping Bag

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  • jensmail78
    Sierra Designs Calamity Jane Sleeping Bag (Women s Regular) REVIEWER INFORMATION Name: Jennifer Williams Age: 26 Gender: Female Height: 5 ft 3 in (1.6 m)
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 1, 2005
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      Sierra Designs Calamity Jane Sleeping Bag (Women's Regular)

      Name: Jennifer Williams
      Age: 26
      Gender: Female
      Height: 5 ft 3 in (1.6 m)
      Weight: 120 lbs (56 kg)
      Email: jensmail78@...
      Sunnyvale, CA, USA
      Date: February 15, 2005

      Backpacking Background:

      I grew up horseback riding, camping, and hiking and developed a love of the outdoors and
      respect for nature. I try to get outside as much as possible and am an avid skier and
      snowboarded. I started backpacking about two years ago. All of my trips have been one or
      two night stays. My trips normally range from coastal trails in the redwoods to
      mountainous terrain in the Sierra Nevadas. I tend to hike where I encounter rain and
      dampness. This year I am looking forward to making some longer trips in northern
      California and gaining more experience. I am not a lightweight backpacker yet, but would
      like to reduce my current pack weight significantly.


      Manufacturer: Sierra Designs
      Year of manufacture: 2003
      URL: www.sierradesigns.com
      Listed weight: 2 lbs 13 oz (1.28 kg)
      Weight as delivered: 2 lbs 12 oz (1.25 kg)
      Fill: 550 Powerfill Down
      Length: 66 in (1.68 m)
      Width (shoulder): 29 in (.74 m)
      Width (feet): 19 in (.48 m)
      Degree Rating: +15 Farenheit (-9.43 Celcius)
      Color: turquois (black lining)

      Product description:

      The Calamity Jane is a women's specific down, lightweight sleeping bag. It is a mummy-
      style bag with more width in the hip area to better fit a woman's shape. There is also extra
      insulation around the torso area and foot box to accommodate women's lower sleep
      metabolisms. It has a full-length zipper with a draft tube that runs the length of the zipper
      to keep out cold air. The hood has a cinch cord around the opening to close the gaps
      around your head. The bag also has 2 adjustable straps on the back to loop around a
      sleeping pad to keep you from sliding off during the night.

      When I received the bag the package contained the sleeping bag, a nylon stuff sack, and a
      mesh storage sack. When the bag is packed in the stuff sack it measures 17 inches (43 cm)
      by 7 inches (18 cm). The storage sack is much larger and allows the bag to remain loose
      and inflated during storage. While the stuff sack is a nice size for car camping, I bought a
      small compression sack that compresses the bag down to 6 inches (15 cm) by 8 inches (20

      Field information:

      My first trip with this bag was a one night backpacking trip in the central California
      Ventana Wilderness. My camp was near 4000 feet (1219 m) in elevation, the weather
      was dry, and the temperatures overnight were between 40 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit (4
      to 10 C). I used my compression sack that gets the bag to a very small, semi-round
      shape that fit nicely in the bottom of my pack. I used the bag with an old Therm-A-Rest
      sleeping pad, but did not use the straps on the sleeping bag to secure it to the pad.
      Despite this, I did not slide off of the pad during the night. I am generally a pretty still
      sleeper but I do turn on my side occasionally. I am also a very cold sleeper, particularly my
      feet. I slept in shorts and a t-shirt and a pair of wool hiking socks. Since the temperatures
      that night were relatively warm, I stayed nice and toasty in my bag, but I was pleased to
      note that I didn't feel too hot or sweaty in the bag. The lining is polyester and I was afraid
      it might feel sticky or clammy against my legs after a hot day of backpacking. However,
      the lining was dry and light and did not stick at all. I left the hood open for ventilation and
      remained comfortable all night. Even my feet were warm. I also won a "worm war"
      (wrestling with your tent-mate while keeping all appendages zipped in your bags) the next
      morning, although I don't know if I can attribute that to the bag.

      My next trip in this bag was a three-night car camping trip in Sequoia National Park. My
      camp was at 6800 feet (2073 m), with just a bit of dampness in the mornings and
      temperatures near 30 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit (-1 to 4 C) at night. This time I used
      the stuff sack that came with the pack since size was not an issue in the car. The stuff sack
      was easy to use and kept the bag at a manageable size. Again, I slept in a t-shirt and
      shorts with wool hiking socks. Since the temperatures were a bit cooler I tightened the
      hood around my face to keep the cold out. The cinch cord was easy to use, but did require
      two hands, which can be awkward if you try to cinch it really tight. I was warm and
      comfortable every night. I was able to sleep on my side and curl my legs up inside the bag
      even though it is a mummy bag. I also used the straps this time to secure myself to the
      sleeping pad. It was easy to slide the straps over the pad and adjust their tightness with
      the buckles. I did not notice them restricting my movement, even when I slept on my side.
      Although, the straps did prove to be my demise during a vicious worm war since I was
      attached to my sleeping pad and could not defend myself.

      My most recent trip with the Calamity Jane was near the coast in the redwoods of northern
      California. I camped at 1000 feet (305 m) in cool, damp conditions. Temperatures
      overnight were around 30 degrees Fahrenheit (-1 C). Because the weather was cool
      and damp I wore pajama pants and a long sleeve shirt to sleep in. The lining of the bag
      was nice and slick and did not cause the pants to bunch up when I moved around. Before I
      got to sleep, my tent mate managed to spill a whole Nalgene bottle of water on the
      bottoms of our bags. I was pleased to see most of the water roll off of my bag instead of
      soaking in. The remaining water wiped away easily and I did not feel any moisture inside
      the bag. That night I also found the zipper very easy to find and operate when I woke up to
      find 8 raccoons ransacking our camp food. The zipper never snagged or got stuck even
      though I was unzipping very quickly to get out and defend our food supply. Once I got to
      sleep, I did find that I was a bit warm with pants on, even in the cooler temperatures. I was
      able to loosen the hood and unzip about half way and then I was comfortable the rest of
      the night.


      Overall, the Calamity Jane Down Bag is a solidly constructed sleeping bag for women. I
      have noticed a couple feathers poking out at the seams, but nothing drastic. Despite being
      a cold sleeper I have always stayed warm and comfortable in it. The bag is functional for
      backpacking or car camping and saves weight with its shorter design. It has a few nice
      extras, like the straps to secure it to a sleeping pad and women specific insulation around
      the feet and torso. I would recommend this bag (or it's new equivalent since I think they
      have changed the name) to someone looking for a reasonably priced, cool weather bag.

      Lightweight and compressible
      Shorter length
      Extra insulation in foot box

      Drawstring around the hood- I would like to see a cinch cord with one-handed operation.
    • chcoa
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