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EDIT: Owner Review: Frogg Toggs Pro Action Suit

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  • Emma Eyeball
    hi Pam! sorry for taking so long to get this edited, but you pulled the short straw and got a newbie OR editor. at least you can be reassured that all of my
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 3, 2005
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      hi Pam!

      sorry for taking so long to get this edited, but you pulled the short
      straw and got a newbie OR editor. at least you can be reassured that
      all of my edits here were examined by other editors before i got to
      inflict them on you. ;) just want to say that this is a very good,
      solid OR and you should be proud of it. here we go...

      > Owner Review: Frogg Toggs Pro Action Suit
      > Owner information:

      EDIT: since "Owner Information" is essentially a title, i'd like to
      see you capitalize both words.

      > E-mail address: pamwyant@y...

      EDIT: i know yahoo does this automatically, but when you post your
      Reports/Reviews to the list, you do need to spell out your email so
      it is readable. i've looked at your other ORs and your email always
      looks fine there, so you're doing fine overall.

      > Actual weight: jacket 10 oz (.28 kg), pants 7 oz (.20 kg)

      EDIT #1: let's convert this into grams, rather than tenths of

      EDIT #2: section titles. i've looked at your other ORs and i see
      that when you OR-ed the Madden Caravan you used section titles, and
      that for the Komperdells you did not. You are required to title
      the "Field Conditions" section of your report, and I strongly suggest
      that you title the "Product Description" and "Field Performance"
      sections as well. This helps to divide the report into a well-
      organized, more easily searched resource. You don't necessarily have
      to use those exact words for your titles; we don't want cookie-cutter

      > The pants
      > feature snap closure pocket style slits without the pockets. This
      > feature will allow access to front pockets of pants worn under the
      > rain pants.

      SUGGESTION: the first time i read this, i really didn't understand
      what you were saying. would you consider re-writing it, MAYBE
      something like: "The pants feature snap closure pocket-style slits,
      but with no actual pockets, so that the user can access the pockets
      of the pants they are wearing underneath." that would help fools
      like me comprehend it a little better.

      The pants also have an elastic waist, elastic at the
      > bottom of the pants legs, and an 8" (.20 m) long zipper at the
      > bottom of the pants legs.

      EDIT #1: convert 8" to 20 cm instead of using tenths of a meter. and
      reconsider using " and ' as abbreviations for inches and feet - some
      of our international readers are not familiar with these symbols. "8
      in" might be a better choice.

      EDIT #2: "at the bottom of each pant leg."

      There are no seams on the outside of the
      > pants legs. The front and rear seams on the stomach and buttocks
      > area and the seam on the inside of the pants legs are taped.
      > According to the manufacturer's website, the rain suit is made of
      > a
      > patented 3-layer microporous polypropylene fabric. The material
      > a papery feel to it, that made me doubt its ability to shed water
      > first, but use of the rain suit soon overcame my doubt. The
      > manufacturer guarantees the product to be waterproof, windproof,
      > breathable, and provides contact phone numbers and names of staff
      > members, as well as an e-mail address on their website.

      EDIT: I would relocate this last sentence into the "Product
      Description" section of your report. Or are we still in that
      section? Without section titles, I'm not sure. Your description is
      fairly long and detailed, which is VERY GOOD, since Frogg Toggs' site
      is short on construction & feature details. But a multi-paragraph
      product description begins to look like you've segued into the rest
      of the review body, and that's why I'd like you to use titles for
      your review sections.

      > mile (23 km) trip on the Greenbrier River Trail, with near solid
      > rain and temperatures in the 40's for the first day of
      > approximately 7 miles (11 km).

      EDIT: Celsius conversion needed for "in the 40's"

      > Toggs. One the one occasion that I wore only short sleeves in the
      > rain with temperatures 60 F (16 C), my arms cold and clammy where
      > they were in direct contact with the fabric.

      EDIT: "my arms felt cold and clammy…"

      QUESTION: do the Frogg Toggs feel different on the inside than they
      do on the outside, or do they have the same papery texture? if they
      are different on the inside, please do mention that in your review.

      > I have been very careful to make
      > sure my rain suit is completely dry before storing it after use.
      > This usually involves re-arranging the way the jacket and pants
      > a few times, because any where the fabric is folded together (such
      > as under the sleeves), it does not dry well.

      EDIT: more of a question. Can the suit be placed in a clothes
      dryer at all, or is that forbidden by the manufacturer? If there are
      laundering restrictions, that is valuable information for the report.

      > I've found the loose fit of my Frogg Toggs Pro Action Suit very
      > comfortable, but if I were buying it again, I would probably buy a
      > smaller size, as I have lost weight since my original purchase.

      EDIT: although I applaud your weight loss (I'm mildly paranoid
      about that, being pregnant and all), the fact that you would buy a
      smaller size due to weight loss isn't truly germane to the review.
      Would you buy it again? That is the most important fact.

      > Although the jacket won't fit over my backpack when hiking, I
      > have
      > found it will fit over my daypack and keep it protected from rain.

      SUGGESTION: could you clarify this a bit – tell us the
      sizes/capacities of which packs work under it and which don't? And
      perhaps specify here that you have the jacket in a size that is a
      little bit larger than you need according to Frogg Toggs' size chart?
      using the jacket as a backpack cover IS beyond the "intended use" of
      a product, BUT this is good information to share.

      > It will
      > pack down to around the size of a loaf of bread for both pieces, so
      > while it is bulkier than the ponchos I have owned, it provides much
      > better coverage, and when significant rain is expected, it's my
      > favorite rain gear due to comfort and light weight.

      EDIT: I'm going to pick on you for something that isn't your
      fault at all, so DO NOT take it personally. If I see "packs down to
      the size of a loaf of bread" much more... well, i'm going to
      overreact! it is a long-standing cliché in gear reviews and has
      become a pet peeve that I am probably irrational about. Is there
      anything else that you could compare the size to, or perhaps even
      measure it in its stuff sack?

      OK, there we go! if you have any questions about my edits, do feel
      free to ask me. thanks!
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