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[EDIT / APPROVAL] Owner Review: Macpac Ascent Backpack [Sandra]

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  • jetriple@rockwellcollins.com
    Sandra - Excellent Job!!! Thank you so much for taking on the edits in fine fashion and making this report not only compliant, but very nicely written. Your
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2005
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      Sandra - Excellent Job!!!

      Thank you so much for taking on the edits in fine fashion and making this
      report not only compliant, but very nicely written. Your efforts are
      greatly appreciated. I have a few more edits for you, but nothing major
      at all. When you have completed the editing process you are free to
      upload your report to the link provided below. I am also including the
      generic upload instructions for your convenience.

      Thank you for all your hard work, Sandra. I look forward to reading more
      of your reviews.


      James T.
      BGT Edit Moderator

      The river trails had a lot of thick underbrush in some places. The
      weather was generally mild or even warm during the day (unfortunately I do
      not know what the temperatures where) and it didn't rain during the day on
      any of the trips. I used the pack mostly over t-shirts or a sun
      protection shirt, and occasionally over a fleece jacket or windshirt.
      [EDIT] Excellent!!! But I found one typo - it should be "temperatures
      were" rather than "temperatures where".

      The kevlar material shows some signs of abrasion, but this is expected as
      I am not careful where I put the pack down, often rest on it while
      strapped in, lean up against trees or rocks for support, sit on it at rest
      stops and sometimes drag it along the ground a little when lifting it up.
      [EDIT] I saw this the first time but failed to include it in my edit.
      "kevlar" should be "Kevlar".

      The stability of the pack along with the streamlined harness also makes it
      easy to scramble over rocks and logs.
      [COMMENT] In my frame of thinking today, I think this sounds better if
      you change "makes" to "make". You are talking about two things? so "they
      make", rather than "it makes". Your choice though, if you want to write
      it off to "style" then that is fine.

      That's it! That's the list!

      +++++++++New Information!+++++++++
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      Tester Agreement which has been acknowledged, you are now eligible to
      participate in the testing process by applying for tests. Further details
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      To be a full-fledged tester, you will need to join:
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      Applications, and general testing dialogue will take place. But please
      don't stop writing Owner Reviews. The moderators making tester selections
      look very favorably on those who continue to support the BGT cause with
      owner reviews.

      +++++upload instructions+++++
      Once you have finished editing your review you may log in to BGT and
      upload it to the test folder. After doing so, please check for the
      1) All fonts and text colors are as intended and consistent throughout
      your review
      2) All headings are consistent (all bold, underlined, capitalized,
      colons or not, text begins after the heading or on the next line)
      3) All links work
      4) There are no extra spaces between words, and no extra lines between
      5) Pictures (if any) load correctly

      Additional items may be found on the Quick Start Guide, or the links
      contained therein:

      Once you have done this, you will be ready to upload to the final folder
      location. After you choose "upload", make sure the "Owner Review" radio
      button is selected (this should be the default). Upon your completion of
      the upload, a message will automatically be sent to the editor and any
      other concerned parties announcing that you have uploaded your review.
      Your assigned location is as follows:

      from the http://www.backpackgeartest.org/ link: Reviews > Packs >
      Internal and External Framed Backpacks > Macpac Ascent

      If you require assistance with your upload, please ask in our Yahoo!
      support group, BGTFileUploadHelp located at the following link:
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      font sizes, which html editor to use, etc. Experts are standing by to
      assist you.

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