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OR: Petzl Tikka Plus

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  • Mark
    Owners Review: Petzl Tikka Plus Owner Review 28FEB2005 Biographical Information Product Information Field Testing Summary Biographical Information · Name:
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      Owners Review: Petzl Tikka Plus


      Biographical Information Product Information Field Testing Summary

      Biographical Information
      · Name: Mark Keskes
      · Age: 32
      · Gender: Male
      · Height: 5'9"/1.75 m
      · Weight: 270 lb/122 kg
      · Email address: markkeskes(at)yahoo(dot)com
      · Location: Michigan, USA
      Backpacking background: Like all things, I feel that my backpacking
      style is evolving. I have dropped both weight and bulk over the
      course of my backcountry pursuits from Scouting, Military, car
      camping, everything but the kitchen sink backpacking, to now more of
      a mid weight backpacker. I prefer to be comfortable and to enjoy my
      escapes from civilization rather than to run through them or to feel
      uncomfortable in them. I participate in organizational/large group
      camping, as well as family/crew backpacking, occasional car camping,
      and as many day trips as I can squeeze into my schedule. I live,
      work, and vacation primarily in Michigan in all seasons and
      weather. I enjoy hiking and day trips, but truly enjoy extended
      backpacking trips.


      Product Information

      Company: Petzl
      Product Name: Tikka Plus
      URL: http://www.petzl.com/
      Manufactured in: France
      Colors available in: Smoke/Clear, band is 2-tone brown with orange
      and white lettering
      Reported Weight: 78 g/ 2.75 oz
      Received Weight: 79 g/ 2.79 oz
      Price: $35 US
      Special Features: This is a 4 LED headlamp with a tilting lamp
      body. The headlamp is non-focusable. Three lighting levels are
      achieved by using the sealed orange switch on top of the lamp, which
      is a push-button style switch. Multiple pushes on the switch
      revealed a change in light intensity through 3 diminishing levels
      and then a flashing level then off. Off was also achievable after 2
      seconds of being in any lighted mode and then pushing the button
      again. The headlamp also has a 1 in./2.5 cm headband that is
      claimed by Petzl to be ergonomic Petzl also claims water
      resistance. The LEDs are not removable nor are they replaceable.

      Claims by Petzl regarding usable light. Petzl has developed a new
      method for determining lighting distance and duration. Their study
      found that the minimum amount of light required for satisfactory
      vision is 0.25 lux. They have thus based all of their measurements
      around this value, which is comparable to the light of a full moon
      on a clear night. To help know the lamp better they measured the
      lighting distance at: Time = 0 (lamp at maximum capacity), Time =
      0h30 (common interval of use), Time = 10 h (all-night use). Petzl
      defines a usable light source as one that provides at least 0.25 lux
      at a distance of 2 m; this is the minimum amount of light required
      for efficient movement in the dark. They stop measuring a lamp's
      burn time (light duration) when its light output falls below this
      minimum level.
      Power setting Maximum battery life at this power setting
      Distance of usable light with fresh batteries at this power
      setting Distance of usable light with batteries used for 30 minutes
      Distance of usable light with headlamp used for 10 hours
      (all night)
      Maximum 80 hours 17m/56ft 14m/46ft 8m/26ft

      Optimum 100 hours 13m/43ft 11m/36ft 7m/23ft

      Economy 120 hours 9m/30ft 8m/26ft 6m/20ft

      *Please note this is a table compiled from the product insert.
      Rounding up or down was done based on rounding up from 0.51 and
      rounding down from 0.50



      The Petzl Tikka Plus (henceforth in this report known as the PTP) is
      the 3rd LED headlamp that I have owned and is so far my favorite. I
      have taken the PTP on 2 extended trips, 2 overnight trips, and 12
      day/evening outings. It has earned a regular place in my 10
      essentials and gets frequent use around the house as well. I have
      found that during my night time trips that the light works very well
      on trail allowing me to see well enough to navigate the trail,
      campsite and to and from nature's calls. I have set up camp at
      least twice after arriving well after nightfall with only this
      light. It has allowed me to read comfortably next to my tent mate
      without disturbing them as well as allowed me to swivel the light
      down so as to not blind other people I am talking to at night (they
      verbalized their thanks too). I found the maximum light output to
      be good for navigation, the optimum setting good for around camp and
      cooking, and the economic setting good for reading and for the
      midnight calls. I have not measured the distances that are claimed
      by Petzl with a tape measure but by my measured step they seem to be
      very close. I have used the PTP to work under the car as well as
      not disturbing my better half while reading at night at home. There
      are some things that have been difficult. Changing the batteries
      has been the biggest difficulty with this lamp. It takes some
      definite time to get everything lined up so as to be able to close
      the casing properly. Also the lens does not change very easily from
      clear to the aftermarket red. Perhaps there is a more user-friendly
      way of attaching a red lens so as to preserve night vision and being
      able to change back to the clear without leaving the LEDs exposed;
      perhaps a red plastic over hood for it. It also takes some
      practical pushing and shoving to get it to fit into its aftermarket
      pouch. I have operated it on days from 94 – 4 F/ 34 - -16 C and can
      attest to an operating range thereof. The PTP has handled rain and
      snow without any moisture being noted inside the case even after
      repeated and prolonged (4 hour) uses in these conditions. Mean
      elevation of use has been from 500-800 ft/ 152-244 m and in all
      forms of weather. I used the flashing mode facing behind me while
      walking along the road at night to increase driver awareness but
      this left me using another hikers light ahead of me and a lot of
      guessing and using my trekking poles to feel around for me. I also
      found that there is one end of the head strap that can be taken out
      of the buckle end so as to allow the strap to be wrapped around
      things for better or different lighting situations and then
      reinserted to secure.


      I have used the Petzl Tikka Plus for over 6 months now and find it
      to be a lightweight, well-designed, reliable piece of gear that
      performs as it is billed. It, as I have said, has been added to my
      primary 10 essentials bag as well as has been used around the
      house. It has become so far my favorite of my headlamps.
      Pros: Lightweight, water resistant, tilt-able, multiple power
      settings, flashing mode.
      Cons: Difficult to change batteries, to change lenses, does not
      easily fit into aftermarket pouch, non focusable.
    • chcoa
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        > Owners Review: Petzl Tikka Plus

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