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Application to test AntiGravity Gear Mapdana

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  • Leesa J
    Application to test AntiGravityGear Mapdana™ AT4 - Falls Village, CT through Katahdin, ME February 1, 2005 Please accept my application to become a tester
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      Application to test
      AntiGravityGear Mapdana™
      AT4 - Falls Village, CT through Katahdin, ME

      February 1, 2005

      Please accept my application to become a tester for the
      AntiGravityGear Mapdana™ AT4 - Falls Village, CT through Katahdin,
      ME. My tester agreement has been accepted and I have read the most
      current version of the Survival Guide.

      Personal Information:
      Leesa Joiner
      Southwestern Maine
      43 years old
      5'7" (1.7 M)
      150 lb. (68 kg)


      My camping, hiking and backpacking experience has included trips
      varying in length from one day hikes to two-week trips. My experience
      hiking began with my father when I was about six years old. We hiked
      along the river pathways in northeastern Ohio and western
      Pennsylvania. While enjoying the outdoors with friends and family, I
      spend time hiking, geocaching, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing and
      camping. Although I am not a lightweight backpacker, I am trying to
      'lighten up' and primarily use an Ultra-lite Backpacker Asym hammock
      for sleeping.

      Test Locations:
      March will hold two trips, both in Massachusetts along the
      Appalachian Trail. During the winter, I snowshoe and am planning to
      snowshoe along part of the trail in Maine. During the spring and
      early summer, my children and I take off both on day hikes and
      mid-week trips along northern New England sections of the AT.

      Test Plan:
      I would carry the Mapdana along on my AT hiking trips, to use as both
      a map and possibly a headband (my usual use for a bandana). I will be
      hiking in sections from Massachusetts north, through Vermont, New
      Hampshire and into Maine. The actual dates and length of each hike
      will be dependent on the weather for the most part.
      I am curious as to how accurate it is as a map both topographically
      and as far as available trail services, etc. I've used bandanas for
      many things in a pinch - for a mask when the wind picked up and I was
      snowshoing, wrapped around a sprained wrist, soaked in ice water and
      wrapped around my neck when overheated and to wrap 'precious' stones
      my daughter found along a trail. I don't think I'd have a problem
      giving the Mapdana a workout - a bandana is an incrediably useful
      item, the question is, is a Mapdana a better bandana??

      Test Conditions:

              The majority of my testing will be done in northern New
      England, where current day temperatures are in the -20 - 32 F ( -18 -
      0 C ) range, with night temperatures falling to well below 0 (- 14 C
      ). Over the next four months the temperatures will range from - 20 F
      (-29 C) to possibly 60 F (16 C).  It is not unusual to have 30 in (76
      cm) of snow on the ground by February.    Most of my hiking is done
      below 3000 ft (914 m), but some spring climbs go over 4000 ft (1219
      m). There is a wide range of types of terrain on these hikes.
      Everything from well maintained trails to hiking through heavily
      wooded areas.  Some trips involved backpacking into campsites and at
      other times I set up camp and hike out from there.

      I would love to give the Mapdana a try. I bought one a while back as
      a gift and was very tempted to keep it. I am currently testing the
      Slumberjack Ellesmere Sleeping Bag and the Ibex Shak Jersey. My
      monitoring duties include the Superlight Lighthouse tent, C. Crane
      Pak-Lite and the Gregory Products Halo. Thank you for considering me
      for this test series.

      Current Tests:
      Slumberjack Ellesmere

      Ibex Slumberjack

      Past Tests:

      Owner Reviews:

      Mt. Washington 20 F Down Bags

      Excalibur Dehydrator

      Peterson Field Guide

      This land is your land, this land is my land...
      Woody Guthrie
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