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Application for AntiGravityGear blue Cozy Cover - Christine

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  • Christine
    Hi Rick. Here is my application for the AntiGravityGear blue Cozy Cover. I have read the Survival Guide v.1202 and have a tester agreement on file. Preferred
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      Hi Rick. Here is my application for the AntiGravityGear blue Cozy
      Cover. I have read the Survival Guide v.1202 and have a tester
      agreement on file.

      Preferred Size: I would be able to test both sized Cozy Covers. My
      preference is for the 3 cup (710 ml) size.

      Personal Information:
      Name: Christine Korhonen
      Age: 31
      Gender: female
      Height: 5'4" (1.6 m)
      Weight: 150 lbs (68 kg)
      Location: Western Montana
      Date: February 1, 2005

      Backpacking Background:
      I'm in Montana where I'm enjoying the summer and becoming re-
      acquainted with winter. I'm a lightweight backpacker mentally, if
      not always in practice. I've gotten my summer multi-day pack weight
      down to 19 lbs (9 kg) with a tent, but my winter pack weight hovers
      around 25 lbs (11 kg).

      Test Locations:
      Winter is long and hard in Montana, and it's a challenge keeping
      meals warm. The AntiGravityGear blue Cozy Cover will be tested on
      winter hikes and backpacking trips throughout Montana and Wyoming.
      Elevations will be from 4000 ft (1200 m) to 7000 ft (2100 m).
      Expected outdoor temperatures are 0 F (-18 C) to 60 F (16 C). I
      expect to encounter falling and blowing snow, gusty winds, and cold
      during the testing period.

      Current Pot Protection Used:
      I currently use cozies made out of foil-coated bubble wrap insulation
      to cover my GSI Outdoors Anodized Aluminum pots. I've found that
      these cozies are fragile. They quickly get coated with food and
      crushed in my pack. I've had to replace the cozies after about six
      months of use.

      Test Plan:
      The following features of the AntiGravityGear blue Cozy Cover (CC)
      will be tested:

      1. Protection. How well does the CC protect the cozy? How easy is
      it to put the CC on and take it off? Does this action crush the
      cozy? How well does the cover protect the pot's lid?

      2. Insulation. I will look at how much insulation the CC adds. I
      tend to cook easy meals like instant rice, but I will attempt more
      complicated boil-and-soak dishes like regular rice and pasta using
      the cozy and CC. Does having this extra layer, and especially
      insulation over the pot's lid, affect the soaking time for these
      dishes and the length of time they remain warm?

      3. Usefulness. Can I drink directly from the pot with the cozy and
      cover on? Does the zipper get in the way? The website mentions that
      the lid cover can zip all the way off. Is it easy to get back on?
      Can the lid cover be left partially zipped on or will it get in the
      way? How much space is available under the lid cover? Can I fit my
      spork, lighter, emergency matches and bandanna?

      4. Durability. Does food stick to the CC? How does it withstand
      wear in my pack? Do the glued and stitched seams remain intact?

      BackpackGearTest History:
      Current Tests:
      ULA H20 Amigo (awaiting edits)
      BMW TorsoLite Sleeping Pad (LTR due February 15)
      Natural Geographic Backroads Explorer Software (LTR due February 15)
      Ibex Neck Gaiter (awaiting shipment)

      Recently Completed Tests:
      Fanatic Fringe Thompson Peak Pack

      Brasslite Turbo F Stove

      Reviews can be found at:

      Currently Monitoring:
      Outdoor Research AirFoil Gloves

      I am a BGT mentor.

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