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APPROVAL: OWNER REVIEW - Everest Designs Sherpa Earflap Hat

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  • colonelcorn76
    Hi Andy, Nice job. A few minor things to fix and then you can upload it to BGT at this url:
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 28, 2004
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      Hi Andy,
      Nice job. A few minor things to fix and then you can
      upload it to BGT at this url:
      <<<<<Use either link>>>>>

      When uploading your Owner Review, please ensure you select the button
      marked Owner Review.

      Thanks again for the good work.
      Edit Moderator

      --- In BackpackGearTest@yahoogroups.com, "Andy Mytys" <amytys@h...> wrote:

      > The wool that the hat is composed of has that old-world, rough look
      > to it and, as one would expect, is not as gentle to the touch as a

      ### "one might" ... as written it's projecting, as edited it's suggesting

      > fine Marino. Some people may even find themselves sensitive to the

      ### "merino" would be the wool from sheep...Marino was a QB for the

      > coarseness of the sherpa hat's wool, leading to itching or, worse, a

      ### "Sherpa Hat's" ... as the name of the product it should be capitalized

      > In terms of performance, the sherpa hat is top-notch. I find that I

      ### "Sherpa Hat"

      > covered solely by the sherpa hat - I've yet to wake up due to my head

      ### "Sherpa Hat"

      > as when I'm in in conditions that warrant my wearing the sherpa hat I

      ### "I'm in conditions"..."Sherpa Hat"

      > making its way under the earflaps of hte sherpa hat. Thankfully, the

      ### "the Sherpa Hat."...How big are these flaps? Do they cover your
      whole ear or leave some exposed?

      > experience that in severe conditions, I'm already some sort of a
      > layer over this area so the tassels don't really present any real
      > problem for me.

      ### Curious here...what kind of layer do you wear under your chin?

      > Readers should make sure they like the feel of the sherpa hat when

      ### "Sherpa Hat"

      > its new - I have not noticed that my hat has stretched any in the

      ### "it's new"

      > Everest Designs makes three models of these wool hat's that I know

      ### "hats"

      > In terms of care, the hat should be hand-washed in cold water, then
      > laid flat to dry. I use Woolite fabric wash for my detergent, which
      > is created to safely and effectively care for natural and synthetic
      > fine washables without causing shrinking or stretching.

      ### How quickly does it "dirty up"? Does it get smelly easily or
      resist picking up odors? How often have you had to wash it? Any
      durability issues like fraying, seams pulling, knit snags, pilling,
      color running, or other wear & tear? This would be helpful info to
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