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APPROVAL - Owner Review - Osprey Aether 90

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  • colonelcorn76
    Hi Random, Nice job. A couple of very minor things to fix and then you can upload it to BGT at this url:
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 28, 2004
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      Hi Random,
      Nice job. A couple of very minor things to fix and then you can
      upload it to BGT at this url:
      <<<<<Use either link>>>>>

      When uploading your Owner Review, please ensure you select the button
      marked Owner Review.

      If you require assistance with your upload, please ask in our Yahoo!
      support group, BGTFileUploadHelp @

      You may also find it useful to make use of the test upload folder at
      Reviews >Test or http://www.backpackgeartest.org/reviews/test to test
      your upload before uploading the review to its new home.

      Thanks again for the good work.
      Edit Moderator

      --- In BackpackGearTest@yahoogroups.com, "morology" <morology@y...> wrote:

      > 5700 cu in / 93 l

      ### Liters can be abbreviated with an uppercase L since the lowercase
      l looks like a 1. It's the exception to the lowercase unit
      abbreviation rule (but not required, btw).

      > The pack is made with lightweight 210 double ripstop and 420 chainlink

      ### Are these two (210/420) denier measurements? If so, adding the
      word denier will make it clear that it's not some new tricky fabrics
      that just get numbers for a name.

      > into two compartments by a sewn in and buckled divider which can be
      > unclipped from one side and pushed out of the way if one has bulky

      ### "if I have bulky" (lose the 3rd person pronouns to avoid projection)

      > it was time to load it up and head out. It will hold a lot more than
      > any insane person would want to carry (that is anything over 45 lb or
      > 20 kg, for me.) With the excellent side compression straps and two

      ### "me)." -- the period ends the sentence, not the parenthetical

      > I figured it was the flap fitted over the zipper. It is too thin.
      > Another inch or 2.54 centimeters at least would do just about right.

      ### You could also use the parenthetical here --- "Another inch (2.5
      cm) at least"...
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