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Edit- IR: Gregory Tega - Karin Claus

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  • Thomas Vickers
    Karin, good report. I actually got to catch some stuff, ah, the joys of being an editor. Edits = must dos Comments = think about it ... Comment: the T had me
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 30, 2004
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      Karin, good report.
      I actually got to catch some stuff, ah, the joys of being an editor.

      Edits = must dos
      Comments = think about it
      > Initial Report: Gregory Tega T Backpack

      Comment: the T had me freaked till I checked out the html.

      Backpacking Background:
      > I live and play in the Colorado Rockies. I have
      > section hiked the entire Colorado Trail. I
      > through-hiked the Appalachian Trail in '02 and the
      > Pacific Crest Trail in '04. I have been slowly and
      > carefully updating my gear to lighter weight
      > equipment. I have been backpacking for the past
      > twenty years. I have climbed 38 of Colorado's highest
      > peaks. I enjoy getting out in the woods almost every
      > weekend. I'd rather suffer some discomfort than to
      > carry extra weight. in my pack. I have used hammocks,
      > tents and tarps. I like to sleep under the stars in
      > good weather. I love long weekend loop hikes. I go
      > backpacking because I enjoy walking, camping is just
      > something I do because I am caught outside overnight.

      Edit: I am starting to feel like the Official Bio Nazi these days.
      According to the new rules, 100 words or less (125 now) and focus on your
      current style versus where you have been. Man, I feel dirty now.

      Edit: extra period after "extra weight. in my pack"

      > Product Information
      > Manufactured By:Gregory
      > Manufactured Date:2004
      > Manufacturer URL:http://www.gregorypacks.com
      > Manufacturer Phone Number:1 800 477 320
      > Sizes available:XS, S, M
      > Listed Weight (Size medium):3 lb 3 oz. (1.5 kg)
      > Weight as Delivered:3 lb 3 oz (1.5 g)
      > Listed Size:2900 cu in ( 48 l)
      > Color:Choice of Desert Rose or Dusty Blue
      > Listed Comfort Range: Up to 35 lb (16 kg)
      > Suggested Retail: $179 US
      > 7 Page Booklet: About 7 in x 4.5 in (18 cm x 11 cm)

      Edit: You have several different spacing styles after colons. No space,
      single space, etc.. I would pick one and use it throughout the report.

      > Hydration insert 2 1/8 oz ( 60 g)

      Edit: colon after insert?

      > -Female Specific Harness: Curved women's harness
      > provides a custom fit
      > -Female Specific GullwingT Plus Waistbelt: Light,
      > comfortable, and supportive
      > -Narrow Backpanel: 1" narrower to provide superior
      > female fit.

      Comment: I know this is coming straight from the maker, but you have one
      sentence that ends in a period and two that don't. If this is Gregory's
      fault leave it, if not.......

      > The pack has numerous straps and buckles.
      > Load lifter buckles/straps - called "shoulder
      > stabilizer straps" by Gregory.
      > Top compression strap/buckle
      > Shoulder strap - nice and cushy.
      > Middle compression strap/buckle (connects to large
      > mesh pocket)
      > Adjustable sternum strap/buckle - (they snap on, and
      > can be unsnapped and moved up/down the shoulder strap)
      > Waist belt stabilizer straps/buckles
      > Hip belt/buckle - the hip belt fabric is very thin.
      > Lower compression strap/buckles
      > Ice axe strap
      > Side compression strap/buckles
      > Strap for picking up.

      Comment/Edit: The period thing arises here too. Some end with periods, some
      don't. Consistency is a virtue (one I lack)

      > The fabric on the shoulder straps is about 0.5 in (1.3 cm) thick

      Edit: Extra space between about and 0.5

      It is about 0.24 in ( .7 cm) thick.

      Edit: I have to call for a 0 befor .7 cm

      Packing the pack:
      Next, in went the tent, groundcloth, Platypus water bottle, foodbag,
      > clothesbag, ditty bag and cookkit.

      Edit: extra space after the , and before Platypus
      Edit/Comment: I am flexible, but since you went with ditty bag, I would
      recommend clothes bag, food bag, and cook kit.

      Size of Components:
      > Large mesh pocket: 10 in wide x 12 in high (25 cm x
      > 30) This pocket is stretchy, and stretches out large

      Edit: Spacing after colon again. I think it is at least 3 spaces ;)
      Edit: period needed after large?

      Water Holster: 5 in high x 9 in around (13 cm x 23 cm)
      > The holster is curved, and the first dimension is its
      > smallest measurement

      Edit: Period after measurment?

      The top edge is made of a firm fabric which holds its shape.

      Edit: My grammar checker went crazy here. 1) firm fabric, which holds or 2)
      firm fabric that holds

      From there , I selected "Women's Series".

      Edit: extra space after there and before the comma

      > The other sections of their website are : About Us,

      Edit: extra space between are and colon

      "Sorry, no free repairs if you have been using your pack as a
      > feed bag for bears or cleaning with white gas!".

      Edit: no period needed after "

      > First Impressions:
      > My initial impression of the pack is that it is well
      > made. There are no loose edges, the seams are all
      > bound. The edges of the straps are all neatly sewn
      > and melted.
      The terrain will be varied, consisting of rocky climbs , dusty, muddy and
      snowy trail.

      Edit: extra space after climbs and before comma

      > - Does my bear cannister fit easily into the pack?
      Edit: canister

      Good job. Upload when ready.

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