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LTR - Shock Doctor Ultra 2 Footbeds - Chuck Carnes

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  • Chuck Carnes
    Sorry for the lateness of this report. Holidays seemed to have interfeared. Here is the HTML version.
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 29, 2004
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      Sorry for the lateness of this report. Holidays seemed
      to have interfeared. Here is the HTML version.


      Shock Doctor
      Long Term Report

      Biographical Information:
      Name: Chuck Carnes
      Age: 34
      Gender: Male
      Height: 6�0� (1.83 m)
      Weight: 175 lbs (79 kg)

      Email address: ctcarnes1(at)yahoo(dot)com

      City, State, Country: Taylors, South Carolina, United

      Date: November 29, 2004

      Backpacking Background:
      I love the outdoors � I�ve spent time camping in the
      outdoors since I was born, and have been actively
      hiking and backpacking for the past ten years. I
      consider myself a lightweight hiker, usually carrying
      20 � 30 pounds (11-13 kg) for hikes up to a week in
      length. I hike at an easy pace, averaging 2 mph (3
      kph). I am a one man tent camper for now until
      something I like better comes along. I like to carry a
      single trekking pole when I hike to help relieve
      stress to my legs and knees. I like to get out on the
      trail as often as I can.

      Product Information:
      Manufacturer: Shock Doctor, Inc.
      Size: 9.5 � 10.5 (Men�s US)
      Year of Manufacture: 2004
      URL: www.shockdoc.com
      MSRP: not listed by manufacturer
      Listed weight: no weight listed by manufacturer
      Weight as delivered: 5 oz (142 g) (pair)

      Features of Shock Doctor Ultra 2 Footbeds:

      � CONTROL BAR stabilizes the heel and controls
      � ADAPTIVE ARCH supports high, medium and low arches.
      � Metatarsal support relaxes the foot and helps
      relieve Plantar Fasciitis pain.
      � Composite foams absorb shock under heel, arch,
      midfoot and ball of foot.
      � Anti-Microbial Air/FX top cover reduces friction and
      controls odor.
      � COMFORTEMP microspheres maintain a temperature
      balanced environment; cool when it�s hot and warm when
      it�s cool.

      Initial Report
      Field Report

      Comments from the manufacturer to the particular
      �Our footbeds size out about 1/2 size longer than
      marked. A 9.5 shoe should usually use a 8-9 footbed. A
      11 shoe should usually use a 9.5-10.5 footbed. We have
      also observed, depending upon the last and listed
      sizes on shoes and boots that most shoes and boots run
      shorter than listed size. Our footbeds are based on a
      true size scale, but shoes vary so much. We have seen,
      for instance, a 11.5 in one brand equal a 10.5 in
      length of another. My point is we find that it's best
      that when on the edge of the size scale use the
      smaller size.�

      �Despite Chuck Carnes positive results Chuck is using
      a 9.5-10.5 Ultra2 footbed in a 8.5 hiking boot. This
      is too big a footbed to be cut down this much, as well
      as the heel cup of this footbed will likely be too
      wide for the boot and the heel of the foot will not be
      cradled very well.�

      �In Chuck's 9.5 trail shoes the fit should be better,
      but I think Chuck would be better off with a 8-9
      Ultra2 which measures out best for a 8.5 and a 9.5. I
      would expect a better fit all the way around, as well
      as a better match of the biomechanical shape of the
      footbed to the foot's anatomic shape.�

      Long Term Report
      Since my Field Report I have experienced much colder
      and rainier weather. I have experienced temperatures
      as low as 27 F (-2 C) in the mountains of Pisgah
      National Forest at an elevation of 6300 ft (1920 m). I
      note this particular experience because on this trip I
      had a chance to see how well the footbeds performed
      under cold, wet and rainy conditions. I realize that
      the footbed is in the boot and really not exposed to
      the outside but water usually finds its way into my
      boot somehow or another. The trails on this trip were
      like small creeks so the whole time that I am trying
      to get to my campsite my feet are tromping in ankle
      deep flowing water. As I finally reached the campsite
      and removed my boots I noticed that the footbeds were
      dry. I removed the footbeds to dry my boots out and
      noticed a little bit of water that was between the
      footbed and the sole of the boot. I was wearing
      gaiters on this hike so I couldn�t figure out where
      the water had come from. Then it dawned on me, the
      tongue of the boot. The tongue had allowed water to
      seep in. The footbed was wet on the bottom obviously
      but the top of the footbed was dry. I was very
      impressed at the comfort of the footbed throughout the
      trip through the ankle deep, foot soaking trails. My
      feet never felt like they were wet or that my feet
      were being robbed of support from the wetness.

      After the footbeds dried on the bottom and my boots
      dried out inside, I placed them back in the boots for
      preparation of a cold night. The temperatures dropped
      to a low 27 F (-2 C) with a cold wet ground to stand
      on. With the temperatures that cold I can usually feel
      the coldness of the ground through the soles of my
      boots. Not in this case. The footbeds insulated my
      feet from the cold ground and prevented my feet from
      being cold.

      The boots that I am referring to are my Asolo full
      grain leather boots size 8 � USA. As mentioned from
      the manufacturer comments, it seems that the size
      footbed that I have is not for this size of boot. I
      did do some trimming of the footbed and made it fit in
      my boots. I have found great comfort in these footbeds
      and all the sections of my feet seem to hit in all the
      right places on the footbed. These may not be the
      right size for this boot but I have enjoyed the
      comfort each time that I wear them.

      For the record, the footbeds have performed great and
      I have worn these footbeds in all of my shoes and have
      basically worn them everyday since I have started this
      test. I have keep a pretty close track of how many
      miles I have put on these footbeds and the total comes
      to about 350 to 360 miles (564 to 580 km) in a 6 month
      period. All of the observations that were concluded in
      my Field Report continue to stand true to this point
      in the test. Aside from the logos wearing off of the
      top of the footbed, the comfort and support is still

      Thank you Shock Doctor and BGT for giving me the
      opportunity to test these wonderful footbeds. It was a
      pleasure to test this great product and I hope that
      the reports that I have filed will be helpful towards
      future design.

      Chuck Carnes

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    • Rami
      Hi Chuck, I didn t find any errors so it looks like you re free to upload at will Thanks, ... -- -r Pressure ... Grace
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        Hi Chuck,

        I didn't find any errors so it looks like you're free to upload at will


        >Shock Doctor
        >Long Term Report
        >Biographical Information:
        >Name: Chuck Carnes


      • Chuck Carnes
        Thanks Rami! I ll do that now. ... ===== Chuck Carnes __________________________________ Do you Yahoo!? All your favorites on one personal page – Try My
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          Thanks Rami! I'll do that now.

          --- Rami <noble.path@...> wrote:

          > Hi Chuck,
          > I didn't find any errors so it looks like you're
          > free to upload at will
          > Thanks,
          > >
          > >Shock Doctor
          > >Long Term Report
          > >
          > >
          > >Biographical Information:
          > >Name: Chuck Carnes
          > >
          > >
          > --
          > -r
          > Pressure
          > -------
          > Grace

          Chuck Carnes

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