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EDIT: REVISED - OWNER REVIEW - (Magellan Platinum GPS)

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  • colonelcorn76
    Mike, Nice start on this one. I ve made some edits (nothing serious) and suggestions for additional content that would help take this review to the next level
    Message 1 of 4 , Nov 1, 2004
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      Nice start on this one. I've made some edits (nothing serious) and
      suggestions for additional content that would help take this review to
      the next level and provide the key information a GPS buyer might be
      looking for.

      Once you had a chance to make the changes and additions, please repost
      it to the group with REPOST in the subject & I'll pick it up for
      another look. Once things look good, I'll provide you with
      instructions on how to upload it to BGT.

      Thanks again for the nice start. I'm looking forward to the rewrite.

      Edit Moderator

      --- In BackpackGearTest@yahoogroups.com, "TLC" <TLC@v...> wrote:
      > Owner Review

      ### The product name also goes in the title

      > Weight: 96 kg (211 Lbs)

      ### "lbs" or "lb"

      > Date: 08/10/2004

      ### "October 12, 2004" -- the mm/dd/yyyy format can be confusing to
      some foreign readers who use dd/mm/yyyy and might think you meant Oct
      8 not Aug 10.

      > d. Listed weight: 227gm (8 oz)
      > e. Weight as delivered: 227gm (8 oz) with batteries installed

      ### " gm" <-- note the space before the abbreviation, also battery
      size & number?

      > f. Product description: Meridian Platinum GPS

      ### Physical dimensions - width/length/thickness are expected as well
      as screen size & pixel count (if known -- e.g. 240x180)

      > 3-axis compass which operates when standing still. You can also expand
      > the memory capacity for downloading maps with optional SD cards. It has

      ### I'm too cheap so no I can't. You might though. Please rewrite and
      eliminate the use of "you"/"yours"/"you'll"/"you're"/etc to avoid
      projection. We're looking for 1st person reporting here.

      > a large backlit display for easy map viewing in any lighting condition.
      > <snip>
      > weather report over last 24 hours, save track-to-route, built-in help.

      ### Brief descriptions of these functions (or at least the primary
      ones), how they work in the field, and how useful (or not) you found
      them to be would be helpful.

      > b. The locations have varied from beaches at 0 altitudes up to 500-600
      > meters in the mountains.

      ### Imperial conversion please. Also, note the units for "0 altitudes".

      > 3.
      > c. Weather conditions: Unit has been tested in all weather conditions
      > short of cyclonic.

      ### I didn't know you got snow down there. How cold have you used it?
      Did extreme cold affect battery life, time to lock, screen
      readability? Were you able to manipulate it easily with gloves on (vis
      a vis buttons, etc.)?

      > d. The GPS unit tested well on all trips we've had the opportunity to
      > use it on. Whether the weather was favourable or not the unit stood

      ### Did your testing include forested areas with substantial tree
      coverage? This is often a place where GPS units have problems locking
      on. Did you experience any issues or does it lock through tree cover?

      > and cut the battery purchase bill to a minimum. This unit is quite heavy
      > on power usage compared to the cheaper units I've owned in the past.

      ### Since you don't have WAAS down there, did you turn that off? How
      did that affect your battery life?

      > shortfall in the weather forecasting is the time factor. You need a good

      ### "I need"

      > useless on overnight treks as the reports come in as you're heading

      ### "I'm heading"

      > that isn't replaceable. So after spending over $900 AU 2 months earlier
      > I had to shell out another $500 AU to exchange the unit with a new GPS.

      ### What does the warranty support provide? This would be a good place
      to note the warranty provisions as I'd have expected this to be covered.

      > our other cheaper unit is constantly on search to find at least one. I
      > know which unit I'd want with me if lost and disorientated.

      ### How about in a snowstorm? Heavy rain? Dense fog?

      > 4. Summary:
      > The unit was excellent in all conditions and terrains, and is one unit
      > I'd recommend for users if they are after a GPS with a lot of extra
      > features.
      > What I liked: easy to use, reliability, accuracy, lots of extra
      > features.

      ### What kind of accuracy did you experience? Also, what is the screen
      like? Is it appropriately sized? Do you get enough detail on wider
      range views to be able to navigate? Does it eliminate the need for a
      map? How well did the maps line up with real life (sometimes I find
      myself in places that don't exist on the ground with GPS units)? Any
      problems with keeping a lock on your track? Any drift noticeable? This
      kind of information would make this review much more useful.
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