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"ICP Exponent & BattPak" an application to test the formentioned widgit

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    Please accept my application to test the ICP Solar Exponent & BattPak . I have read the Tester Requirements and agree to comply with the requirements in the
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 31, 2004
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      Please accept my application to test the ICP Solar Exponent & BattPak
      . I have read the
      Tester Requirements and agree to comply with the requirements in the
      BGT Survival Guide v.1202. My tester agreement has been signed and has
      been received by Shane.

      Name: Thomas Peltier II
      Age: 30
      Gender: Male
      Height: 6' 0" (1.8 M)
      Weight: 155 (70.3 kg)
      E-mail Address: Thomas@...
      City, State, Country: Bakersfield, California, U.S.A.
      Date: 08/31/2004
      Backpacking Background: I have been in the outdoors since I was a
      toddler. My mother introduced me to backpacking when I was in the
      backpack. I in good turn joined the Boy Scouts to get away from Mom
      on the weekend hikes. My first backpack trip with the Boy Scouts was
      down a dirt road to a park and camp sight. That was my last trip with
      the Boy Scouts. Since then I have been backpacking mostly in the
      Sierra Nevada's.
      I have been a professional river guide and kayak instructor for
      the last 11 years, however, I currently work at a family
      establishment in Bakersfield, California. Working a "Real Job" keeps
      me away from the outdoors a bit more than I would like. My summers
      are busy between city work and river guiding. Much of my packing is
      done on the river in the summer. This has driven me to long winter
      trips and short summer trips for the last several years. I took up
      snow shoeing to help get into winter packing. I have found that less
      is often more in my backpacking. I find myself just as happy in a pair
      of Chacos carrying my pocketknife as I do with a heavy pack and big

      Application Body:
      Winter is coming. That means back country ski trips and snowshoeing
      trips. With winter weather and conditions. It also means more gear
      and more hazards to be prepared for. It is times like these that
      technology can make the difference between comfort and misery, safety
      and at risk. A dependable charging system means a reliable form of
      power. That power may just save my life, or at least make it more
      comfortable this winter.
      Testing Plan: I have not set up any trips for the winter yet. I have
      however quit my job. I will be leaving for vacation and the East
      coast no later than September 10th. I will return no sooner than
      October 10th. When I return I have to make decisions about what I
      will be doing this winter. Whatever I do I intend to have more free
      time for backpacking and back country skiing. I may take a job in
      Mammoth Lakes California and spend my entire winter snowshoeing and
      back country skiing. I have several options to choose from right now
      and all of them revolve around having more time for these sorts of
      activities. Being on the road a lot and never knowing where your next
      power outlet is going to come from makes the ICP Solar Exponent &
      BattPak very appealing.
      If I am chosen to test this product I will take it with me while
      hiking, snowshoeing and skiing during the test period. I will use it
      to charge electronic components, AA, and AAA batteries in a variety of
      conditions. I want to know how fast it will recharge a given battery
      or battery set over varied conditions. During full sun, partial sun
      and cloudy days. I want to test the solar exponent for ease of use.
      Can I easily tie the solar cell to my backpack or is it cumbersome?
      Is the system rugged or delicate? Must I take extreme caution with
      the device or can I leave it strapped to my day pack while skiing down
      mountains? Does it's durability lie someplace in the middle?
      Does the ICP solar exponent and Battpak save me weight by reducing the
      number of batteries I need or does it end up increasing my weight?
      How about convenience? How reliable is it?
      Should I be selected for this test I will also run technical tests on
      the device. Are the outputs in the range described by the web sight
      and owners manual? Does it work as described? What type of day does
      the device require to work at full output? How much fall off does the
      device experience on partially cloudy days?

      Testing Completed:

      Completed Tests:
      Paxton Sandal Saver Test
      Petzl Myo 3 headlamp
      Aloksak waterproof bags
      Seychelles In-Line Eliminator
      I have completed four owner reviews:
      Petzl Zipka Headlamp
      La Sportiva Makalu Mountaineering Boots
      MSR Alpine Cookware set
      Sweetwater Guardian water filter
      A Tests I'm currently involve in.
      Speer Frog Sac

      Tom Peltier

      Pura Vida
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