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EDIT: OWNER REVIEW - Nevado Greylock Hiking Boots

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  • colonelcorn76
    Hi TJ, Thanks for the review. It s a nice start and with a few changes will make a nice addition to the BGT collection. I ve made my edit comments below as
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 30, 2004
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      Hi TJ,
      Thanks for the review. It's a nice start and with a few changes will
      make a nice addition to the BGT collection. I've made my edit comments
      below as well as some suggestions for the kind of additional
      information that will help take this review to the next level.

      Once you've made the changes, please repost it to the group with
      REPOST in the subject line so I can pick it up and give it another
      look before providing the info you'll need to upload it to BGT.

      Again, thanks for the good work on this review.
      Edit Moderator

      --- In BackpackGearTest@yahoogroups.com, "flfyrmn" <tj@l...> wrote:
      > Owner Review
      > Nevado's Greylock Light Hiker Men's Boots

      ### "Nevados" is not possessive

      > Height: 5'10" (1.78 meters)

      ### 5' 10" -- please separate your measurements so they're easier to
      read. Also, "m" instead of meters to be consistent with the use of
      other unit abbreviations (like "lbs" and "kg" below).

      > Date: 10 September, 2004

      ### Please change this to August 30, 2004

      > longer trips in the near future. My feet are just wider than normal
      > width, but not quite a wide width for shoes. I also have slightly
      > higher than normal arches, but not to the point of needing
      > additional arch support.

      ### Do you know if you have high-volume or low-volume feet? I'd guess
      high-volume based on your description of your width/arches.

      > Product information
      > a. Manufacturer – Nevados

      ### Actually I believe AVIA makes these

      > b. Year of manufacture – 2004
      > c. No manufacturer URL

      ### This would be www.avia.com although I can't find the shoe on their
      site, a Google of "nevados greylock" shows them as AVIA shoes.

      > d. Listed weight – not listed
      > e. Weight as delivered – 2 lb 11 oz. (1.23 kg)

      ### Is that per shoe or per pair? Delete the . after "oz" as we don't
      use them in unit abbreviations (see the unit abbreviation section of
      the Conversion tool on backpackgeartest.org for more unit abbreviation

      > f. Purchase Price - $24.95

      ### We don't list purchase prices, just MSRPs. If you don't have one
      (& I couldn't find one), then leave it as "MSRP: unknown". You can
      always refer to how much you paid within the text of the review.

      > f. Product description. A great hiking boot for you by Nevados,
      > the Greylock Light men's boot, which offers comfort and support. The

      ### I believe it is "by AVIA, the Nevados Greylock Light Hiker"

      > solid rubber cupsole makes this boot sturdy and durable, allowing
      > you to trek through all types of terrain.

      ### If this is a quote from the mfg website or a product hangtag (or
      someone else's website like Amazon's or Dick's where I found this
      quote), then put it in quotes and refer to the source. Otherwise
      rewrite to eliminate the use of "you" as you're projecting -- this
      boot will not allow *me* to trek through all types of terrain...I need
      a boot with ankle support in the mountains or I turn my feet & abuse
      my knees.


      ### Are these low-tops, high-tops, all leather, boot type or trail
      shoe type of "boots"?

      > Field Information
      > Location tested – I have worn these boots through a wide variety of
      > far, and they are still in excellent shape.

      ### What kind of weather conditions -- rain? snow? dry? What kind of

      > The Nevado Greylocks were comfortable out of the box. I wear them

      ### "Nevados"

      > with wool hiking socks, which in my opinion adds a bit of cushioning

      ### What kind of wool hiking socks? Lightweight hikers? Medium or
      heavyweight hikers?

      > insole; however I prefer to use the socks for this. The boots have
      > a tread pattern that is similar to that of the Vasque boots I'm more

      ### Are these Vibram soles?

      > The Nevados also perform well when traveling though marshy areas,
      > not allowing my feet to become too wet from the unavoidable puddles
      > in these locations. Of course, this could also be fixed by applying
      > a nikwax coating which I plan to do in the near future. I have

      ### This is confusing. What is Nikwax (check your capitalization by
      the way) going to do to "fix" your shoes from keeping your feet from
      becoming too wet? Is it going to let them get wet? Your first sentence
      says the shoes keep your feet from becoming too wet and then you say
      you're going to fix that. I think you mean something different than
      you're saying here.

      > noticed throughout my use of these boots that they are a bit
      > difficult to keep tightened down properly. I've tried a couple
      > different lacing methods, but they still don't seem to hold quite

      ### What were these different methods? What kind of knots have you used?

      > For the price, the Nevados are in my opinion a great deal. They are
      > fairly comfortable right out of the box as long as you wear thick

      ### "as long as I wore"

      > socks. The tread pattern handles a wide variety of terrains nicely,
      > and with proper treating before venturing out the boots should
      > handle a fair amount of moisture as well. For anyone looking for an
      > inexpensive boot that handles well in most conditions, I'd recommend
      > the Nevados.

      ### A few more questions you could answer -- what kind of construction
      are they...fabric, leather, all leather, leather with fabric breathing
      panels? How much of an arch is there in the stock insole? What kind of
      laces are they...do they loosen because they're slippery? Do they just
      not hold a knot? Do they stretch with use? Any idea what the sole is
      made of? Any issues with wear -- fabric abrasions, fraying, stitching
      coming out, sole delaminations from the uppers, nosepiece scuffing,
      etc.? How do they handle stains? How easily are they to clean? How do
      you clean them? How long do they take to dry after getting wet? How do
      they smell? Do they pick up odors and not let them go? Adding this
      kind of information will help make this review more useful to our readers.
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