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Re: [BackpackGearTest] 1000 apologies

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  • Alex Tweedly
    ... Since you bring the topic up .... I don t know whether TV posted anything along those lines, but I know I did (I m monitoring the Trekkers test). You
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      At 02:45 03/08/2004 -0400, Marc Pfenning wrote:
      > I would like to address one issue that i found on the messages
      >though. There was a note from Thomas Vickers (i'm pretty sure) to
      >Andrew which stated that Thomas(who is monitoring the Trekkers test)
      >had seen several postings from me to the group since my report was due
      >but that i had ignored all his efforts to contact me. In fact, the
      >last message that i had attempted to post to the group was my Trekkers
      >IR, but apparently that was the first message to NOT go through rather
      >than the last one to succeed, as i had thought. I have no idea what
      >later messages he was referring to. I was unable to post any messages;
      >that's why i fell so far behind. I was also unable to check my email
      >so never saw any of his attempts to contact me. I realize and admit
      >that i fucked up, but not that badly!

      Since you bring the topic up ....

      I don't know whether TV posted anything along those lines, but I know I did
      (I'm monitoring the Trekkers test).

      You received the Trekkers on April 29th, and didn't upload your IR.
      I emailed you on May 12th (and you replied saying "I'll try to do it tonight")
      I emailed again on May 18th pointing out you still hadn't uploaded it.

      After May 12th you posted a number of mails to the BGT list, on the 13th,
      14th, 16th and (on the 18th) your application to test the MSR poles. (msgs
      51585, 51586, 51694, 51790, 51859, 51950, 51951 and 51952). At that point
      you were approx two weeks overdue on the IR posting - and one week overdue
      responding to my pleas - so it seemed to me a touch cheeky to be applying
      for more tests.

      I never did receive any response to my email of the 18th, nor to the
      subsequent one on May 26th.

      So on June 2nd I passed the problem over to Andrew and the moderators - and
      it was in that mail that I mentioned that you had been posting to BGT
      during the period you were failing to respond to me.

      If you feel that any of the above is incorrect, I'd be delighted to hear
      it; please include the msg numbers involved.

      -- Alex.

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