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ID Mummer PrimalLiner reports 1 & 2

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  • Gordon Price
    ID Mummer PrimalLiner Reports 1 & 2 Personal data: Gordon Price Portland, Oregon Male, age 34, 5 -7 , 185# E:Mail 11.03.2001 I received my Mummer PrimalLiner
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 3, 2001
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      ID Mummer PrimalLiner
      Reports 1 & 2

      Personal data:
      Gordon Price
      Portland, Oregon
      Male, age 34, 5'-7", 185#


      I received my Mummer PrimalLiner yesterday, forwarded from Gerry. I can't comment on the packaging, as I believe Gerry re-packaged it to send on to me. NOTE: Gerry's packaging was just dandy ;)

      The liner is a black, regular, left zip. It comes stuffed in a nice light silnylon stuff sack, measuring 14" long by 5" in diameter (I believe this is a standard ID size small). The stuff sack is nicely done, with a flat cord drawstring & cordlock, and reinforced gusset where the cord exits the sleeve of the stuff sack. Perhaps this is a common detail on silnylon stuff sacks, but I don't remember seeing it before. Either way, when I start making my own silnylon sacks, I will also do it this way. The stuff sack also has a grab handle, made of very lightweight nylon webbing, appropriate to the overall construction. I like the fact that all aspects of the design look to have been considered, rather than the usual approach of using a lightweight material, then detailing it like it's heavyweight cousin. And this before I even talk about the Mummer!

      As to the Mummer, it is black inside & out, with 1.1 oz. ripstop (1.1. oz. Silnylon without the sil) on the outside, and the usual nylon fabric (whatever that is) on the inside. The stuff sack label has the color written in, as if there are other options, but I found no reference to color choice on their website. As it is, I would prefer black for drying in the sun anyway.
      According to the web site, a size regular will fit up to 5'-11", with a 56" chest, 48" hips, and 34" feet (all girth measurements, can you imagine the cost of custom 34" goretex boots! :) At 5'-7" and 190# +/-, the fit is quite comfortable. Not baggy, but not snug either. I am a bit of a tosser 'n' turner, so having just a little extra room will be important.
      The website claims 18.5 oz. for the regular, which I will have to verify at the local post office (maybe I should buy a scale, I seem to need one more and more often), and lists the stuffed size as 12"X4". This last may very well be true if you have a 12"X4" stuff sack, as the Mummer is not overly tight in the 14X5 (but might be difficult to stuff in a smaller, non silnylon sack), but if it is shipped in a 14X5 sack, that should probably be the size quoted.
      The Mummer keeps the weight down with a very simple single drawcord hood (adjusted on the side opposite the zipper), and a short zipper (15" according to the web site, mine measures 24"). On me, with the top of the bag at my chin, the zipper just reaches my hip, allowing me to sit up in the unzipped bag comfortably, and get in and out easily. For someone at the taller end of the range, and with a real 15" zipper, getting in and out may be a chore, as you really won't be doing a side entry, so much as entering from the end with a little extra room to wiggle. The bag also has a hook & loop tab at the top of the zipper, I guess to keep it from opening at night.
      The mummer uses 3" of Primaloft insulation, which has some characteristics worth noting. According to ID, Primaloft is not as durable as Down. For the general "trash the gear, it's bomb proof" public, this might be an issue. If you are already in the ultralight crowd, running around with a G4 pack and silnylon everywhere, you will probably baby it so that this is not much of a problem. However, good storage (not stuffed) and a liner to keep the bag clean (and minimize washings) is always good practice (Hey Gerry, any chance of testing the ID Silk Liner?) Primaloft also does not settle in the same way Down does, so it will take longer to warm up (more trapped air needing to be warmed). However, the bag on the outside will no doubt affect this, as a heavy bag will tend to squeeze the Mummer and press out the air.
      One thing that I will be watching closely is foot comfort. My feet tend to radiate a lot of heat, and even in very cold conditions, I often have the bottom of a two way zipper opened enough to stick my feet out in the breeze. With the short zipper, this is not an option, so I will be curious to see how comfortable my feet stay when I stick them and the Mummer footbox out of the sleeping bag. I do worry that the outer lining of the Mummer will get caught in the sleeping bag zipper.
      One last issue relating to the short zipper. I use a Hennessy Hammock, and my preferred approach is to open the bottom part of the zipper, then stand in the slit and pull the sleeping bag over my head. Once the bag is pulled down to where my head is in the hood, I can sit back and pull my feet inside. When using the Mummer, I will have to get completely inside the hammock, then wriggle down into the bag. My experience has been that this is a much more difficult way to get situated, especially if your sleeping pad is not connected to you bag in some way.

      Last, but not least, a not on packing. It seems to me that packing your sleeping bag and mummer separately, and assembling the two each night, does not make sense. Most likely, I will simply nest them, and stuff the pair together. Even if I need to dry them out and have separated them for that purpose, I suspect I will always stuff them in the same sack. So, when it comes right down to it, the Mummer is basically shipped with a free, $10 silnylon stuff sack for use as you see fit. Much better than a Ginsu Knife ;)

      I will first be testing the Mummer with an REI Polar Pod. After one trip in that rig, I plan to replace my pod with a GoLite Fur if they are still on sale at REI. It will be interesting to see how the Mummer fares as a liner for the Fur. I will also be trying the Mummer as a stand alone bag for low altitude trips next summer. Man, a Hennessy Ultralight and a Mummer, total shelter and sleep system under 3 pounds! Wooo hooo!

      All things considered, I am happy with the Mummer thus far. There may be some issues related to using a Hennessy that I have to overcome, but for those who don't sleep in the trees (or have 600 watt feet), I expect the Mummer will require few changes in habits. One question that does remain. On the website, the product is referred to as a PrimalLiner, whereas the tag on the product calls it a PrimaLiner. I wonder if that first 'L' really belongs there?


      Gordon Price

    • gordon-price@home.com
      Well, never thought I could break word wrap, but I guess I can. Sorry folks. I will see what I can do to fix it. The version in Files seems to wrap correctly
      Message 2 of 2 , Nov 3, 2001
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        Well, never thought I could break word wrap, but I guess I can. Sorry
        folks. I will see what I can do to fix it. The version in Files seems
        to wrap correctly anyway.

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