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Field Report - Ullfrotte Sport socks

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  • Shandra Hunt
    Here s my field report for the Ullfrotte socks. comments always appreciated Shandra Ullfrotte Sport Socks - Field Report Name: Shandra Hunt Age: 25 Gender:
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 7, 2004
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      Here's my field report for the Ullfrotte socks.
      comments always appreciated

      Ullfrotte Sport Socks - Field Report

      Name: Shandra Hunt
      Age: 25
      Gender: female
      Height: 5' 3"(1.6 m)
      Weight: 145 lbs.(66 kg)
      Location: Ben Lomond,California

      Growing up in the Santa Cruz mountains, I have always
      been an avid hiker and camper. Only recently however,
      I have evolved into a backpacker. I started
      backpacking about two years ago. Since then I have
      done many trips throughout California and I also spent
      five days packing in the Grand Canyon which fueled my
      love for the sport even more. I try to backpack as
      often as possible, I think I may be addicted, and I am
      constantly looking for more efficient and lightweight
      alternatives for the gear that I own.

      Product Information:
      URL: www.ullfrotte.se/
      Manufacturer: Ullfrotte
      Year of manufacture: 2004
      Listed weight: n/a
      Actual weight: 3 oz (85 g) Sport
      5 oz (142 g) Wildlife
      MSRP: n/a
      Fabric: Wool and Polyamide blend
      Size: 9-12.5 womens (U.S.) 40-44 (Europe)
      Color: Blue

      Field Information:
      Both pairs of the Ullfrotte socks were tested in
      several different conditions. I tested the Sport socks
      by wearing them to the gym, on runs, and also on a ten
      day backpacking trip to Zion and Bryce Canyon National
      Parks in Utah. I tested the Wildlife socks on the
      previously mentioned trip and also on a couple of
      weekend backpacking trips.
      My backpacking trip to the Utah desert involved
      elevations that ranged from 4500 ft (1372 m) to 9000
      ft (2743 m). I experienced a wide variety of
      temperatures on this trip, some days the temperature
      reached 100 F (37.78 C) but on other days it dropped
      into the low 40's F (4.44 C). I have used both pairs
      of socks on a three day backpacking trip to Point
      Reyes National Seashore, where it seems to always be
      foggy and cool. The Sport socks have been used the
      most at the gym; where, depending on what time of the
      day I go, it can be very hot or very pleasant
      Test Information:
      I have been testing the Sport socks at least once a
      week by wearing them with my running shoes to the gym.
      On average I spend about an hour at the gym. These
      socks get a good workout; whether, I'm running,
      cycling or doing other things. I usually wear a
      regular athletic sock when I exercise, which tends to
      leave my feet wet and hold odor. I have found that the
      Sport socks handle moisture and odor very well. They
      dry in about ten minutes after I take them off, and
      don't stink up my gym bag. The socks that I received
      are dark blue and the Sport sock has the Ullfrotte
      logo stitched up the side. If I was in a store buying
      socks, I am not sure I would have even picked these
      up. I don't particularly favor the design, and I
      prefer to wear them with pants. It took a little while
      to get used to the added thickness of the Sport sock
      in my running shoes. The Wildlife socks are a great
      fit with my regular hiking boots when I use them on
      day hikes.
      I recently took both socks to the Utah desert where I
      used the Sport socks on a day hike in the Bryce Canyon
      Hoodoo. The temperature on that day was around 85 F
      (29.44 C) which was uncomfortably warm for these
      socks. I took the Wildlife socks on an overnight
      backcountry hike on the Riggs Spring loop in Bryce
      Canyon and was extremely glad that I had brought them
      when the nighttime temperatures dipped into the low
      40's F (4.44 C). I was able to wear them comfortably
      with regular Teva thongs and found them to be just
      what I needed for extra warmth. I have also used the
      Wildlife socks on a few dayhikes in my regular hiking
      boots. I usually favor other brands of thick padded
      backpacking socks for the times when I am carrying a
      heavier pack. Neither the Sport sock or Wildlife socks
      have padding on the heel where it is needed for
      General Impression:
      I tend to be very picky about what goes onto my feet
      and have to be very comfortable when I wear socks and
      shoes. I prefer to wear thongs everyday, if I could. I
      find both pairs of Ullfrotte socks to be extremely
      comfortable and I am impressed by how soft both socks
      are. I find that most socks have stitching in all the
      wrong places, which tends to rub and irritate my feet.
      These socks are different and I have no problem
      wearing them with various types of shoes.
      I was concerned when I first received these socks
      because they were one size larger than I wear. The
      first time that I washed them they shrank to a perfect
      fit. I have not noticed the socks stretching out
      beyond their original shape through regular use.
      Throughout the coming months, the socks will be worn
      and laundered on a regular basis, and I will be
      observing for any changes and wear to them.
      The downside to these socks is how warm they are.
      While the socks do wick and dry very well, I find that
      wearing these socks in temperatures of 70 F (21.11 C)
      or more makes for hot, overly sweaty, uncomfortable
      feet. These socks are great cold weather socks,
      especially the thicker Wildlife socks, adding just the
      right amount of warmth.
      Good Things:
      > Both pairs are very comfortable (soft textured and
      fit well)
      > Good wicking ability and fast drying
      > Doesn't hold odors
      Bad Things:
      > Too warm in temperatures over 70 F (21.11 C)
      > The design (the socks look nerdy if you're not
      wearing pants)
      > Not enough padding in the heel and toe areas
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