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  • Jack Corrigan
    Initial Test Report Initial Test Report Product Name: GoLite Trig2 (Three Season/Two-Person Tent) Personal Biographical Information: Name: John (Jack) Corrigan
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2004
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      Initial Test Report

      Initial Test Report

      Product Name:

      GoLite Trig2 (Three Season/Two-Person Tent)

      Personal Biographical Information:

      Name: John (Jack) Corrigan
      Age: 40 years old
      Gender: Male
      Height: 5 feet 10 inches (1.8 meters)
      Weight: 175 pounds (79 kilograms)
      Torso: 20 inches (51 centimeters)
      Email: jack@... mailto:jack@...
      Region: Fredericksburg, Virginia (Spotsylvania County)
      UTM Coordinates (NAD27): 18S 283312mE 4227231mN
      Report Date: 1JUN2004
      I have always been one to do the outdoor thing as compared to the
      organized sport thing. It started as a youngster in the Boy Scouts and
      continues today as an adult. The majority of my experience has been in
      Pennsylvania but I have hiked, camped or paddled in New York, California
      and even Alaska. I am also currently a volunteer search and rescue
      canine handler. Although search and rescue doesn't always result in an
      overnight or multi-day trip, I am required to be prepared, equipped and
      trained for it. Training a search dog results in many hours of trekking
      through the outdoors.

      My "style" is best described as recreational camping, mid-weight
      backpacking (2-3 day treks), day hiking, flat water paddling, hunting
      and canine search and rescue activities. My last extended (more than 1
      week) outing was the summer of 2001, as a volunteer for the Armed Forces
      Eco-Challenge in interior Alaska. I also include two of my four dogs in
      most of my outdoor activities.

      Product Information:

      Manufactured By: GoLite
      Manufactured Date: 2004
      Manufacturer URL: http://www.golite.com http://www.golite.com
      Listed Weight (body + 11 stakes): 2 pounds 15 ounces + 6 ounces (1330
      grams + 165 grams)
      Delivered Weight (body + 11 stakes): 2 pounds 13.5 ounces + 5.8 ounces
      (1290 grams + 164 grams)
      Note: Weighed on a digital 0-25 pound postal scale.

      Additional Product Information:

      MSRP: 199.00 US Dollars
      Color: Stone/Lignite
      Listed Height: 4 feet (122 centimeters)
      Listed Area: 33 feet2 + 13 feet2 (3 meters2 + 1.2 meters2)

      Field Information:

      Testing locations will be in the Mid-Atlantic region primarily northern
      Virginia and northeastern Pennsylvania. Base Camp VA (home) is
      conveniently located near many local, state and federal recreation
      areas. In addition the Appalachian Trail and Shenandoah National Park
      are only a few hours away. Base Camp PA (cabin), which is located in the
      Endless Mountain Region of Pennsylvania is also located near state parks
      and state forest areas, as well as lesser known trail systems such as
      the Loyalsock Trail.

      Now that I am living in Virginia trips to our cabin are less frequent,
      maybe once or twice every three or four months. But Shenandoah National
      Park, Washington National Forest and Jefferson National Forest are soon
      to be regular trekking spots.

      Description of Location:
      The terrain of the testing locations is varied, and ranges from flat low
      grass and lightly forested regions to mountain "elevations" of 200 to
      3500 feet (60 to 1100 meters). Trail systems range from established foot
      paths to undeveloped logging roads and even the occasional bushwhack.

      Weather Conditions:
      This test series (initial report through long term report) will be
      conducted from approximately June into December.

      I have lived in Northern Virginia for almost a year now. Spring has
      proven to be very changeable, with very cold to very hot and everything
      in between. Summer averages 85°F-98°F (29°C-37°C) with humidity. Fall is
      by far the most enjoyable season, starts out mild and eases in nicely to
      winter. Winter averages 35°F-55°F (2°C-13°C) with frigid nights and a
      couple of snowfalls a year. Then again, I'm not a meteorologist!
      However, I am an all season, all weather tester and will record actual
      weather conditions in the specific test reports.

      Product Experience:
      The GoLite Trig2 arrived in excellent condition. The single-wall
      pole-less shelter was shipped rolled in its own stow sack. Eleven
      Y-stakes with stake sack were also included. Attached to the stow sack
      was a hang tag with manufacturer and product specific information.
      Inside the stow sack, there was also a single page (weather proof
      printed sheet) of setup and care instruction in English and one other
      language. This sheet stated that nine stakes were included when all
      other documentation lists eleven.The shipping box also contained a very
      informative and sharp looking product catalog. To top it off, there was
      a personalized and very BGT friendly letter from Kim, a co-founder and CEO.

      The Trig2 canopy is made from 30 denier 1.76 ounce/yard2 (60
      gram/meter2) SiLite (silicone-impregnated ripstop nylon). The door and
      side panels are made from 20 denier 1.6 ounce2 no-see-um nylon mesh. The
      bathtub floor is constructed of 70 denier 2.2 ounce/yard2 (75
      gram/meter2) 3000 millimeter waterproof polyurethane coated nylon. Both
      the tent's stow sack and the stake sack are made from the SilLite and
      have a drawstring/toggle closure, nice touch. Visual inspection did not
      show any rips, tears or workmanship errors. All the zippers worked
      smoothly. The stake loops and guy lines are reflective.

      Initial backyard setup was completed according to the enclosed
      instructions without any trouble. I used two 48 inch (122 centimeter)
      wooden dowel rods for this setup. The Trig2 is flexible and can be setup
      with and without poles. My test plan will include using both options.
      Inside the Trig2, there are two (one on each side near the door) small
      mesh pockets. The mesh goes all around the base and the nylon side
      panels can be rolled up when storm protection is not needed. This
      shelter also has an integrated vestibule.

      The GoLite Trig 2 surprised me with its lightweight materials and canopy
      with integrated floor and vestibule. At this point, I do not foresee any
      changes in my test plan. I along with one four-legged companion will be
      using this shelter exclusively during the test period. I will however be
      paying particular attention to the durability of materials, ventilation
      and rain protection of this integrated "one-piece" shelter design. For
      this region, I anticipate an extended three season use.

      TEAM JackQuest

      TEAM JackQuest
      Jack Corrigan, Cyber and Drager
      18S 283312mE 4227231mN (NAD27)
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