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Re:REPOST:MSR Dragonfly Stove OR:JOHN

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  • graham blamey
    Thanks for posting back John. Good work, we re getting close. There s a couple of things you missed which I ve noted below. It s a good idea to read through
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2004
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      Thanks for posting back John. Good work, we're getting close. There's a
      couple of things you missed which I've noted below. It's a good idea to read
      through your review (or even better, get someone else too if possible) a
      couple of times as I think some of things are just typo's etc. that you've
      missed in your haste.
      You need to correct these and REPOST for (hopefully :) the last time and
      we'll get this one put to bed,
      BGT Edit Moderator

      > Email address:

      ### you seem to have your e-mail addy in duplicate

      > on a primitive trip. Forecast temps: lo/60f - hi/80 f (lo/15.5 c - hi/26.7
      > c). Actual temps: lo/20 f - high/30 f (lo/-6.7 c hi/-1.1 c) and blowing
      > snow. We packed it in and I haven't convinced her to schedule another trip
      > into the snow country.

      ### you might remember that I said the only abbreviations that required
      capitalisation were proper names so these temperatures should be written 20
      F and 6.7 C etc.


      ### we only need the top level URL. Pages can change but the main site
      usually stays the same, so this should be:
      http://www.msrcorp.com and we do not need it in duplicate

      > MSR is well known in for outdoor equipment from the simple backpacker up

      ### should this be '..well known for outdoor...'?

      > I have had my Dragonfly since February 2001. At the time of purchase, I
      > more than a little concerned about the weight of the entire assembly since
      > at the time I was going through major pains to reduce the carry weight of

      ### as you already say '...At the time of purchase...' you can delete the
      second '...at the time...'

      > fuel cylinder 11.5 oz (340 ml) with 8 oz (0.2 l). The amount of fuel used
      > to fill the bottle is arbitrary but one, but one that I have become

      ### you have an additional '...but one...' in here

      > accustomed, making fuel management easier to keep track of. I fill the

      ### should be '...accustomed to...'

      > temperature of 76 f (42.2 c) the water boils in 1 minute 48 seconds to a
      > full rolling boil. When the outdoor the outdoor temperature drops to 42 f
      > (5.6 c) degrees the boiling time increased to 2 minutes 30 seconds. MSR

      ### temperatures should be written 76 F and 42.2 C etc. and it should be
      '...boiling time increases...'

      That's it John, I look forward to your REPOST,
      BGT Edit Moderator

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