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Application to test The Speer Frog Sac

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  • Josh Dunning
    Application to test The Speer Frog Sac Personal biographical information: Name: Josh Dunning Age: 28 Gender: Male Height: 5’10” (1.7m)
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2004
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      Application to test The Speer Frog Sac

      Personal biographical information:

      Name: Josh Dunning
      Age: 28
      Gender: Male
      Height: 5’10” (1.7m)
      Weight: 195 lb (81 kg)
      Torso: 19" (48cm)
      Email: jdunning@...
      Locale: Northern Connecticut
      Date: 6/01/04

      Backpacking background:

      I've been spending as much time outdoors as possible for as long as I can
      remember. I tend to gravitate towards all manner of outdoor recreation with
      hiking, camping, backpacking, kayaking, and mountain biking topping off the
      list. I've been camping all my life, summer vacation, as a kid, was a weeks
      worth of car camping at the beach. Friends of my parents used to take us
      hiking in the mountains with an occasional overnight trip. Since then I've
      been hooked. I'll hike or camp in any weather, in any season. That can range
      from 10 below zero F (-23C) in the snow to 100 F (38C) plus heat. That's the
      beauty of living in New England. I try to hike at least twice a week, more
      if I can make time for it.

      Field information:

      New England terrain includes mountains up to 6,000 feet, as well as the
      subsequent valleys. Weather conditions include heat, sometimes hitting
      triple digits, cold back down to freezing in some parts. Summer is basically
      here, in date only, the weather has been as unpredictable as ever!


      Former heavyweight striving to go lightweight... Or Light-er weight!

      Test Plan:

      There are so many aspects of a Sleeping Bag / Robe / Over Bag / Liner /
      Blanket that could be commented on, or tested, but for the application, I'll
      stick to the major points. The sleeping system is for many, myself included,
      one of the most important pieces of your backpacking / camping kit. With out
      a good sleeping system, one cannot get a good nights rest, thus negatively
      affecting the next day, the group, and ultimately the whole trip. What makes
      a bag a good performer? Living up to the manufacturers claims for one! The
      Frog Sac claims the bag is a 45 deg. F. bag. It's been my experience that
      many manufacturers "pad" their ratings. Is this the case here? I tend to be
      a warm sleeper, so how will this affect the temp ratings? With the onset of
      summer and 80 degree humid nights, will a 45 degree bag be too warm? Will
      the added features of the sac make it more functional?

      Other items of great interest are their non-standard approach to
      construction, with an open foot area, will this create cold spots or drafts?
      Since I tend to sleep with hot feet will this be a benefit?

      Regarding the fill, how will the Primaloft fill work? Will the synthetic
      fill rival the warmth and softness of down? How easily and quickly will the
      fill re-loft after living in a compression sack for hours, or days. Will the
      bag dry quickly and thoroughly enough when wet from dew or rain to
      effectively insulate?

      Also, how well will the nylon rip stop shell resist moisture, stains, or
      smells... Using the bag as a robe or blanket it will need to withstand being
      used as a robe sitting by the fire, or walking with it on through brush to
      the 'outhouse'. As well as other uses I'm sure I'll find for it.

      A few other points are: The overall fit, being a "regular" sized guy I
      usually don't have a problem. Will it be functional with my three season bag
      as an over bag or liner on the really cold nights? Can I leave my mummy bag
      home and use the Sac exclusively?

      Only time will tell

      Previously written reports:


      Swiss Army ( http://tinyurl.com/934f )


      Primus Alpine ( http://tinyurl.com/934h )


      Currently Testing:

      Deter, Petzl, and BA Seedhouse Pending

      Currently Monitoring:

      National Geographic Backroads Explorer

      Other reports:

      Black Diamond Moonlight - Owners Review
      Mountain Hardwear Thru-Hiker Tent - Owners Review
      Mountain Hardwear 1st Dimension Bag - Owners Review
      Victorinox Swiss Army Knife - Complete Test series
      Superfeet Footbeds - Complete Test series
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      Black Diamond Ion Headlamp - Complete Test series
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      HSSC Stream Hydro Pack - Complete Test series
      Xicar Xi-138 Knife - Complete Test series

      Thank you for this opportunity.
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