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Application to test the Triad Titanium Stove

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  • Josh Dunning
    Application to test the Triad Titanium Stove Personal biographical information: Name: Josh Dunning Age: 28 Gender: Male Height: 5 10 Weight: 195 Email:
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2004
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      Application to test the Triad Titanium Stove

      Personal biographical information:

      Name: Josh Dunning
      Age: 28
      Gender: Male
      Height: 5'10"
      Weight: 195
      Email: jdunning@...
      Locale: Northern Connecticut
      Date: 6/1/04

      Backpacking background:

      I've been spending as much time outdoors as possible for as long as I can
      remember. I tend to gravitate towards all manner of outdoor recreation with
      hiking, camping, backpacking, kayaking, and mountain biking topping off the
      list. I've been camping all my life, summer vacation, as
      a kid, was a week's worth of camping at the beach. Friends of my parents
      used to take us hiking in the mountains with an occasional overnight trip.
      Since then I've been hooked.

      I also have a gear addiction and stoves fall into that category. I need
      gear. All kinds, any kind. With that type of "problem" it's sometimes
      difficult to keep my pack weight low. Over the past year or so I've been
      slowly trying to lighten my load with new forms of shelters, smaller,
      lighter, equipment, and trying not to fill my pack to its limits!

      Field information:

      New England terrain includes mountains up to 6,000 feet, as well as the
      subsequent valleys. Weather conditions include heat, sometimes hitting
      triple digits, cold back down to freezing in some parts.


      Former heavyweight striving to go lightweight... Or Light-er weight!

      Test Plan:

      If chosen for this test I would use the Triad Stove on camping trips, both
      overnights and also backpacking trips. Having used only one other alcohol
      stove I am interested in how it will function. I'll be looking for boil
      times, if it will simmer, and its durability. Will it stand up to the
      manufacturers claims of a 1.5 cup five minute boil time? How long will the
      1.75 oz. of fuel really last?

      Other important areas of consideration are ease of use. Will pouring liquid
      fuel from a small container prove dangerous? Will such a small pot safely
      hold my pot? How big a pot can you use? What meals can be effectively cooked
      without being able to control burn time or intensity?

      If chosen for this test, I promise to cook more than Raman noodles as a test
      subject. I also plan to test this stove in both real world camping trips as
      well as a controlled environment, to establish a baseline of numbers to rely
      on. I'll need to know how long different amounts of fuel will burn, what
      temps different fuel amounts will reach, and how long between burns the
      stove needs to cool before lighting again.

      I believe I'll be able to give the stove a thorough test this season, with
      two trips planned already. Both trips will be multiple night trips,
      requiring several meals prepared at camp. I'll be heading out on numerous
      overnight trips as well that will require at least one meal. As we head into
      the fall and winter months it's always nice to have a warm beverage at the
      summit of your favorite hikes!

      Previously written reports:


      Swiss Army ( http://tinyurl.com/934f )


      Primus Alpine ( http://tinyurl.com/934h )


      Currently Testing:

      Deuter, Petzl, and BA Seedhouse Pending

      Currently Monitoring:

      National Geographic Backroads Explorer

      Other reports:

      Black Diamond Moonlight - Owners Review
      Mountain Hardwear Thru-Hiker Tent - Owners Review
      Mountain Hardwear 1st Dimension Bag - Owners Review
      Victorinox Swiss Army Knife - Complete Test series
      Superfeet Footbeds - Complete Test series
      Duray Socks - Complete Test series
      Black Diamond Ion Headlamp - Complete Test series
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      HSSC Stream Hydro Pack - Complete Test series
      Xicar Xi-138 Knife - Complete Test series

      Thank you for this opportunity.

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