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  • Graham Blamey
    ... Hi Christopher, Thanks for your Owner Review. Do not worry if nothing happens with it for a few days. All our editors are volunteers and your report will
    Message 1 of 3 , May 1, 2004
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      --- In BackpackGearTest@yahoogroups.com, "percious17"
      <percious17@y...> wrote:
      > EMS Summit GTX

      Hi Christopher,
      Thanks for your Owner Review. Do not worry if nothing happens with
      it for a few days. All our editors are volunteers and your report
      will be subject to an official edit within fourteen days. If you have
      not had a response from an Edit Moderator via the list within this
      timeframe, please let us know directly at

      You may receive edits or comments from other members of the group.
      These edits and comments, while not official, should be considered
      carefully, and if you find them substantial, revise and re-post your
      review. Incorporating member edits and re-posting to the list will
      usually result in a better review, as well as making things easier
      for the official editor. Please put REVISED at the start of your re-
      post, if you take this route.

      If you are new to the BackpackGearTest.org, welcome to the
      community! The editors will work with you, within their own time
      constraints, to get your first two Owner Reviews approved and
      uploaded in a timely manner. Once these first two Owner Reviews have
      been approved and you have submitted your Tester Agreement you will
      be eligible to start applying for Tests.

      If this is your first Owner Review, please hold off posting your
      second Owner Review until the first one has been edited. We generally
      find that often feedback on the first Review can be incorporated into
      the second one and so on thus reducing the subsequent editing and
      hopefully speeding up the approval time.

      If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask via
      the list or contact me directly.
      Graham Blamey,
      BGT Edit Moderator
    • colonelcorn76
      Chris, Thanks for the review. I ve noted some edits in the text below as well as some questions I expect would be fairly common to expect a boot review to
      Message 2 of 3 , May 4, 2004
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        Thanks for the review. I've noted some edits in the text below as well
        as some questions I expect would be fairly common to expect a boot
        review to answer. I've also added some comments at the end designed to
        spur your thinking on some additional information that I think would
        help really take this review over the top.

        Don't be daunted by the comments & edits. This is fairly common in
        your first few reports until you get a sense of what kind of things
        BGT is looking for in reviews. After a couple of these, you'll be an
        old hand at it and it becomes second nature.

        Once you've taken care of these edits, please repost it to the group
        with REPOST in the subject line so I can pick it up for a quick final
        review & give you the info on where and how to upload it to BGT.

        Also, if you're interested, Stephanie's mentor group is always glad to
        give a new reviewer another set of eyes and a little assistance on the
        first few reports. Just post a request on the group & she'll set you
        up if you want.

        Thanks again for the good work,
        Edit Moderator

        --- In BackpackGearTest@yahoogroups.com, "percious17"
        <percious17@y...> wrote:

        > Backpacking Background:

        ### A little extra here in terms of style (e.g. lightweight,
        heavyweight, avg pack size) and duration of trips is usually a good
        way to give readers a snapshot of how your experience reflects theirs.

        > Measured Weight: 4.58 lb (2.08 kg) (size 8)
        > Manufacturer listed weight: 2.625 lb (1.019 kg)

        ### Are these weights per boot or per pair? Any idea what the MSRP is?

        > tread. Within the boot is a Gortex shell liner. The boot comes with

        ### "Goretex"

        > felt insoles.

        ### Is the liner & insole removable?

        > be worn on the sharp rocks of the White Mountains, as well as the

        ### "been worn"

        > me blisters on my heels. Please note that the sizing tends to run a
        > size smaller than you usually wear. (I wear a size 9 Adidas running
        > shoe.)

        ### "size smaller than normally worn." to avoid projection

        > Also note-worthy is the support which these boots offer. I have

        ### "noteworthy"

        > rolled my ankles a few times, but never had a sprain with these
        > boots. The aggressive tread especially helps on bare rock.

        ### How high are these boots -- low like running shoes, over the
        ankle, higher?

        > comfortable ones. Break-in takes less time if you use the boots in

        ### "less time when using the boots" to avoid projection

        > These boots have performed well in a variety of conditions. If you
        > have a low-volume foot, this is a perfect boot. The boot breaths

        ### "I think that for a low-volume foot, this is a perfect boot." to
        avoid projection. Also, "breathes".

        > conditions. The Goretex shell performs well, allowing your feet to

        ### "allowing my feet to" in order to avoid projection

        > 1000 miles, with over 300 miles trail usage. I replaced them

        ### Need metric conversions for these two mileage amounts.

        > recently with the same model, only because the tread had worn out,
        > and the Goretex shell had a hole in it from my wiggling big toe.

        ### Are they not a welted construction then where the sole is sewn to
        the boot & can be replaced?

        > Things I don't like:
        > 1. Poor insoles.
        > 2. D-rings do cut into your laces.
        > 3. Could be lighter.

        ### Some other information you could add to add to the usefulness of
        this review would be commentary on maintaining the boot, how the
        leather holds up to nicks/cuts/abrasions, how long a waterproofing
        treatment lasts (& what kind you use), whether the sweat from your
        feet passes through the Goretex & leather fast enough or if you end up
        with wet socks, how long it takes to dry a pair after you go sloshing
        (& whether you do that by walking them dry or off your feet). How does
        the wear of the soles relate to your experience with other boots --
        faster, slower? Before you got these, how often did you replace your
        boots? Do you wear a single pair of socks or liners & wool hikers? How
        do they fit after a day of hiking? How quickly do they warm up on your
        feet after you've had them off in cold weather (like overnight)? This
        is the kind of information that can take a good review like yours and
        put it over the top.
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