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Application to test CUP 2 GO - Jodi

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  • J Cornelius
    WAHHHHHHHHHHHHH HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Vets get to apply YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahem, we now return you to your regularly scheduled application reading!
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2004
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      Ahem, we now return you to your regularly scheduled application reading!


      Please review and accept my application to test the Cup 2 go. I have read
      the Survival guide 1202 and in particular chapter 5 and agree to follow all
      guidelines within. I have also sent in my signed agreement.

      Personal biographical information

      Name – Jodi Cornelius
      Age - 42
      Gender - Female
      Height - 5’3” (1.60m)
      Weight - 160 (73kg)
      Email address – bpskids at charter dot net
      Derrick City, PA 16727

      Backpacking background – I have been backpacking for 2 years now and before
      that I car camped quite a bit. I consider myself somewhat new to backpacking
      and am on my way towards becoming a lightweight packer. I hike in the
      Alleghany National Forest and along many of the loops that can be found in
      the State park. I prefer overnight trips to day trips because I love to camp
      but I hate just finding one spot to camp and staying there with little to
      do. I love to hike to a spot and park it for the evening, then get up and do
      it all over again. I average around 8 miles/13 kilometers a day depending on
      terrain. I'm never in a huge hurry to get where I'm going because usually I
      don't know where that is. My favorite type of hiking trail is the loop
      because then I can park my car and not worry about getting a ride back to it

      Test Plan – Basically, this cup will just go with me everywhere I hike. I
      have trips planned for the Allegheny Mountains and the Alleghany National
      Forest where there are plenty of hiking trails to explore. I will use this
      cup in the place of my Lexan® cup that I currently use. I like the
      insulated wrap that goes around the Cup 2 go. What I will look for is the

      1-How easy is it to read the gradient marks in the cup when I am bleary-eyed
      before my first cup of coffee?
      2-If I use it for my freeze dried meals, how easy is it to clean? Do the
      gradient marks in the cup catch food particles making it difficult to clean?
      Do I need to carry a chipmunk with me so he can scurry around in the cup
      cleaning it for me?
      3-Does it trap odors of foods/drinks previously eaten/drunk from the cup?
      4-How long does the insulating sleeve keep my food/drink hot/cold?

      I will be taking overnight trips and 3 to 7 day trips all this summer. My
      terrain will run the gamut from easy strolls to some hellacious climbs and
      descents (hopefully fewer of those!!) I will be interested in seeing how
      well it stands up to the “normal” abuse of backpacking, sort of comparing it
      to my Lexan® but not exactly.

      Thank you for considering me for this test.

      All Tests
      All of my tests can be seen at

      Finished Tests

      Wild Roses Sedona Rose P-Tights
      Deuter Futura 32 Daypack
      Adventure Medical kit .9 Ultralight
      Rite in the Rain Adventure Travel Journal
      Sawyer Insect Repellents
      Hot Chillys Bio-Silver Bi-Ply Shirt

      I am monitoring the Black Diamond Zenix Headlamp. http://www

      And the Ibex Climacore Ribbed Woolies

      http://www.BackpackGearTest.org : the most comprehensive interactive gear reviews and tests on the planet!
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