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ATTN:>Andrew Re: Dan Reed - Magellan Meridian GPS

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  • dannreed
    No problem, I l fix it right now. Thanks ... I ... top ... less chance ... gear
    Message 1 of 4 , Apr 1, 2004
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      No problem, I'l fix it right now. Thanks

      --- In BackpackGearTest@yahoogroups.com, Andrew Priest <apriest@b...>
      > At 01:18 AM 02/04/2004, you wrote:
      > >Hi Andrew, the end of that link is the English language version,
      > >rather than the french. I'd be happy to change it if you wish, but
      > >wasn't sure if you knew what it was for. Please let me know if you
      > >still wish me to change it.
      > Hi Dan
      > Yep, know what it is for, but would still prefer you pointed to the
      > URL. Folks can then choose the language version they want. Also
      less chance
      > of the link going dead if they change the website structure.
      > Andrew
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