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Re: [BackpackGearTest] Ownwer's Report WM Apache

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      Looks good Dave. I've added the folder.


      >From: "Dave Hicks" <daveh@...>
      >Reply-To: BackpackGearTest@yahoogroups.com
      >To: "[List] BackpackGearTest" <backpackGearTest@yahoogroups.com>
      >Subject: [BackpackGearTest] Ownwer's Report WM Apache
      >Date: Sun, 30 Sep 2001 18:07:26 -0500
      >The following is a Owner's report.
      >If acceptable, please add a folder.
      >The Apache by Western Mountaineering - Reviewed by Dave Hicks
      >This week I finally got a chance to put my new Apache by Western
      >Mountaineering to a bit of a test. Up to now, I have only had wet 40� to
      >60� nights to use it - rather like a blanket.
      >My personal info is as follows:
      >Age = 61
      >Gender = Male
      >Size = 6 ft. 190 lbs
      >I live in SW Virginia
      >I have 50 or so years experience - Camping (all seasons), Backpacking
      >(heavyweight to light, as in 20 lb base three seasons; but not
      >Canoeing, etc. I have little experience with stock trips and bike trips.
      >have no experience with skis - albeit some with snowshoe hiking and
      >The gear info is as follows:
      >Western Mountaineering web site
      >[http://www.westernmountaineering.com/ba_Apache.htm%5d list the following
      >for the Apache:
      > >>
      >5 1/4" Spacing/Continuous Baffles
      >59"/38" Shoulder/Foot Girth
      >Extended Top Baffle
      >5 1/2" Loft, 20 degree F
      >16 oz. Down Fill
      >2 lbs. Total Weight
      >The Apache is our 2-season lean machine. No extra weight, just solid
      >construction with our best materials. This efficient cut mummy weighs in
      >just 2 lbs. and is rated to 20� F. It is fitted with our Extended Top
      >to give you that extra security if a chill tries to sneak in. This bag is
      >made with continuous baffles so that the 750 Plus down can be shifted to
      >suit the evening temperatures. Its 5 1/4" baffle spacing resists
      >unintentional down shifting throughout the night. The Apache is the bag to
      >select for the lightweight backpacker or for spring and summer camping. <<
      >Their Specifications Chart
      >[http://www.westernmountaineering.com/specchart.htm%5d list the following:
      > >>
      >Model Shape Size Rating Loft Inside GirthShoulder/Hip/Foot
      >FillWeight Total Weight Stuff Size
      >Apache Mummy 5' 6" 20� F 5 1/2 in 59"/51"/38"
      >14 oz 1 lb 14 oz 7 x 13
      > 6' 59"/51"/38"
      >16 oz 2 lb
      > 6' 6" 60"/52"/38"
      >18 oz 2 lb 2 oz
      >http://www.westernmountaineering.com/tips.htm states that>
      > >>
      >All shell fabrics used by Western Mountaineering are treated with a surface
      >Durable Water Repellent finish (DWR) with an 80/20 rating. This is more
      >sufficient to shrug off dew and condensation. And, DWR's can be easily
      >reapplied as time wears them thin.
      >My 6' 6" bag appears to meet or exceed all the WEB site representations.
      >anything, the loft exceeded the 5 1/2 inches.
      >My size long fits easy to get into the supplied 7x13 stuff sack, with space
      >to spare. I may replace the sack with one a third smaller sil-nylon - so
      >to free up more space in my pack.
      >For me the Apache is snug at the shoulders, yet ample at the hip & foot.
      >six-foot even I don't need the extra length of my long. I do need the
      >inch in the shoulder, so I'll live with the extra in length. However,
      >remember that as WM points out in their WEB site >> A bag with a large
      >internal volume will take longer to heat up and will be subject to more
      >convective heat loss when air moves in and out of the bag as you move
      >inside. This is called the bellows effect. Narrow bags or bags with a
      >small internal volume are warmer. <<
      >Bottom line on WM size is trying it out first - IMHO.
      >Earlier use this summer had subjected my Apache to a fair amount of
      >condensation and damp conditions. It appeared to shed water well and did
      >not seem to lose loft. One week with Konnarock was a virtual wash out.
      >Between my Nomad tent and Apache bag, I was high, dry, and comfortable.
      >This week's test conditions were as follows:
      >Area: SW VA
      >Three nights sleeping out, or in an open shelter, at 3040 to 4128 feet -
      >e.g., no additional warmth factor from a tent.
      >Minimum temperatures recorded at near by weather station (which was 10 - 20
      >miles away and at 2000 feet): 37�F, 39�F, & 39�F. Assuming a temperature
      >drop-off for terrain, I am guessing that the accurate minimum temperatures
      >were in the mid 30's.
      >Clear skies the first two nights, broken cloud cover the third.
      >Wind at weather station 10 - 20 miles away and at 2000 feet:
      >1st night:
      >Wind Speed 7.17 mph
      >Max Wind Speed 13.81 mph
      >Gust Speed 23.02 mph
      >2nd night:
      >Wind Speed 7.60 mph
      >Max Wind Speed 14.96 mph
      >Gust Speed 26.47 mph
      >3rd night:
      >Wind Speed 4.87 mph
      >Max Wind Speed 9.21 mph
      >Gust Speed 17.26 mph
      >It is my assumption that these sustained wind speeds would have resulted in
      >upper 20's to lower 30's wind chill.
      >Field Outing Results:
      >Sleeping comfort seems to be the product of what temps you're conditioned
      >(both long term and short term). So, it is not just are you a hot or cold
      >sleeper. A 20� night in the early Fall after hiking up a sweat in a tee
      >during the day will feel cooler than a 20� night in mid winter. [Think
      >about the heating and cooling comfort setting on an
      >air-conditioning/furnace.] That said, I was on the edge of my comfort zone
      >this outing - note this was w/o any additional insulation inside, or
      >the bag. I suspect that were this mid-winter, rather than an early cold
      >snap I would have been toasty. In any case, I could have easily added
      >layers, set up my tent, etc to have survived 20, or more, degrees lower.
      >In Summary
      >At a packed weight of about 2 pounds, it outperforms all my other bags for
      >warmth-to- weight.
      >The construction is up to WM's long standing outstanding reputation.
      >Although WM list the Apache as a summer bag, I am sure it will be my
      >three-season bag (East coast version) from some time to come.
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