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  • Lynne Durham
    Hello! I ve joined this list mostly to benefit from reading reviews. After a lifetime of car camping and day hiking, my husband and I are making the switch to
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 25, 2001
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      I've joined this list mostly to benefit from reading

      After a lifetime of car camping and day hiking, my
      husband and I are making the switch to backpacking.
      We're in the midst of acquiring and testing gear. Our
      goals with gear:

      1. Low cost. Our oldest starts college next fall and
      will be followed by her brother in 2003. That's where
      the majority of our cash will be going, so we want to
      keep our gear costs as low as possible without
      sacrificing quality.

      2. Comfort. Falling into this category will be lower
      weights of course...however, I doubt if we'll ever be
      considered lightweight or ultra light backpackers.

      3. "Make do." When we can, we'll be converting car
      camping gear or other gear into backpacking gear. An
      example: we each have a pair of Leki trekking poles
      that we use for snowshoeing; we can change the baskets
      and tips for use on trails and even pavement for

      Here are my most recent gear purchases:

      1. Stearns ATP double wide self-inflating sleeping
      mat. Actually, it's two mats that zip together to make
      a double bed. Clearance at REI.

      2. Exponent Xtreme stove, new in box eBay. I'm most
      comfortable with canister type stoves, since that's
      what I'm used to with car camping. But for shorter
      trips, we're going to try making our own pop-can
      alcohol stove, too.

      3. Nalgene 32 oz bottles, new on eBay.

      4. Copper-clad, stainless steel cook set from WalMart.
      This was very inexpensive and had the size pans we
      were looking for. Additionally, it seems sturdy and

      An important piece of gear we're making due with is a
      3-season tent we got from Target last year. We
      experienced a huge storm -- very windy and lots of
      driving rain -- our very first night in this tent and
      we stayed warm and dry. It's small enough to pack
      with, although maybe we'll want to upgrade the poles
      for weight purposes after we've carried it on our
      backs a bit.

      What we'll be looking for from Santa:

      � Mateable, hooded down sleeping bags. We're both warm
      sleepers and won't be doing any winter backpacking
      (yet!), so we'll probably want no warmer than 20-30
      degree bags.
      � Backpacks for each of us. We'll be heading to the
      local backpacking shop for these to make sure we get
      what we need.
      � Lexan eating utensils or a titanium spork. Not sure
      yet which way we'll go.

      And since our first two planned trips will be on
      trails that have hike-in campsites with potable water,
      we won't look at water treatment until next summer or

      If anyone has any suggestions for the type gear I'm
      currently looking for, feel free to email me. Also, if
      anyone is interested in reviews of any of the gear
      I've purchased, I'll be happy to share.

      I'm looking forward to learning a lot with this group!



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