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Meals on the Trail Application

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  • leesa04048
    The Hiker s Guide to Preparing Home-Cooked Meals on the Trail Test Application 3/2/04 I am submitting this application for the The Hiker s Guide to Preparing
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      The Hiker's Guide to Preparing Home-Cooked Meals on the Trail
      Test Application

      I am submitting this application for the "The Hiker's Guide to
      Preparing Home-Cooked Meals on the Trail" cook book test. I have read the
      latest version of the Survival Guide and my signed Tester Agreement has
      been received. Thank you for your consideration.

      Personal Information:
      Leesa Joiner
      Southwestern Maine
      42 years old
      5'7" (1.7 M)
      150 lbs. (68 kg)


      My camping, hiking and backpacking experience has included trips
      varying in length from one day hikes, to 2-week trips. My experience hiking
      began with my father when I was about 6 years old. We hiked along the river
      pathways in northeastern Ohio and western Pennsylvania. While enjoying the
      outdoors with friends and family, I spend time hiking, geocaching,
      snow shoeing, cross-country skiing and camping. Although I am not a
      lightweight backpacker, I am trying to `lighten up' and even have converted to
      using a hammock while camping.

      Test Plan:
      One of the reasons I started hiking and backpacking was due to my
      interest in
      edible wild plants. A related interest is cooking, both at home and
      enjoying the outdoors. I enjoy cooking hearty meals that are both
      and delicious. I will often experiment with a recipe while hiking
      locally before
      trying it on a multi-day trip. I am a cooking merit badge counselor
      for Boy
      Scouts, this requires teaching them how to prepare meals that provide
      nutrition they need while on trips. I'm sure they would be
      willing tasters of any
      meals I prepared. If appropriate, I would also have them select
      recipes from
      the book that they would then prepare. I would then be able to
      report on how
      easy it was for inexperienced cooks to follow the recipes (this part
      could be
      left out, if the Moderator feels it is inappropriate).
      While testing the cookbook, I would select a couple of new recipes
      to try on
      each backpacking trip. I would look for recipes that cover the
      different food
      groups, types of preparation and difficulty level. Of course the
      main criteria
      testing would be how good the finished product is. Other things to
      considered would be ease of preparation and nutritional value.
      I am a fairly experienced outdoor cook, I currently use either a
      Brasslite Duo
      stove, a two burner propane stove or an open fire along with a
      stove and grill. I dehydrate most of the food I take on backpacking
      trips (see
      owner review). I am not afraid to experiment with unusual
      combinations of
      foods. Thankfully, none of my family members are picky eaters.
      After looking at the description at the web site, I am anxious to
      see the actual
      recipes. It appears there is a wide range of types of foods, from
      full meals to
      delectables. The focus of the cookbook seems to be on cooking with
      dehydrated foods. I would be able to test their dehydrating
      techniques along
      with the actual cooking.
      If selected, I will be testing the cookbook on trails in northern
      New England,
      including a 3 day backpacking trip on Mount Washington in April.
      planned outings include 2- two day trips in May to northern Maine and
      a week
      long trip to Northern Vermont in June. There will be many day hikes
      3-4 per. month) over the next six months. I will be traveling to
      Kansas City,
      MO both in July and August and will hopefully find a great place to
      hike while
      there, or while on the way home! Temperature ranges will be wide-
      from the
      current of 25 F (-4 C) to close to 100 F (38 C). We are due for a
      lot of wet
      hiking this spring, once the frost starts coming up out of the
      ground. Most of
      my hiking is done below 3000 ft. (914 M), but the trip to Mt.
      Washington will be
      at over 4000 ft (1219 M).

      Owner Reviews

      Plant Guide


      LL Bean Mt. Washington Sleeping Bag
      Current Tests:

      Baffin Extreme Series Boots

      Integral Designs Dolomitti Jacket

      Integral Designs Denali Pants

      Xikar 138 Excel Knife

      Princeton Tec Yukon
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