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Re: [BackpackGearTest] Frogg Toggs Second Report

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  • Dave Hicks
    Good report. Also parallels my experience so far -- both in type of exposure (e.g., just walking around) and in the results. I am waiting until I get some real
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 10, 2001
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      Good report.

      Also parallels my experience so far -- both in type of exposure (e.g., just
      walking around) and in the results.

      I am waiting until I get some real mileage w/ a pack before I post an
      owner's report. I am very interested in how the fabric holds up to wear
      under the shoulder straps.


      BTW -- Frogg Toggs come out of the sportsmen's world -- primarily fishing.
      Most fishermen wear hat, or rather caps. Hence most users wear the hood
      over a cap w/o a bill. That won't effect the neck leak, but explains the
      "missing" bill.

      BTW2 -- The ends of my sleeve leak around the stitching, as well as when I
      raised my hand to wipe my face (and I don't have small diameter wrists). I
      suspect all the sewn seams leak.

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      > REPORT #2
      > TESTER: Phil Jones
      > AGE: 46
      > EMAIL: phil-t-jones@...
      > ITEM: Frogg Toggs PA102 Pro Action Rain Suit
      > Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to check out the Frogg Toggs in
      > action. We were expecting rain all weekend and on Sunday, it came with a
      > vengeance. This was a perfect opportunity to see how well the suit would
      > perform.
      > I put on the rain suit and started walking toward Lake Pontchartrain. It
      > a four-block walk to the lake and there is a bike trail along the lake.
      > rain had cooled things off, so it was 76 degrees when I took my walk.
      > 5 minutes of walking, I started to feel a little clammy with the rain suit
      > on. It was still raining hard and the wind was blowing about 15 miles per
      > hour so I couldn't open up the coat at all for venting purposes. I didn't
      > make it to the lake since the lightening was striking hard, and I didn't
      > want to expose myself anymore by crossing the raised levee. So, I
      > to walk the streets in the neighborhood.
      > I looped back home and spent a total of fifteen minutes in the rain. After
      > taking off the rain suit, I made the following observations:
      > 1) I felt clammy in the rain suit.
      > 2) The collar area of the coat was wet.
      > 3) The zippers at the bottom of the legs were very wet and soaked
      > through.
      > 4) I had several small wet spots on the front of my t-shirt.
      > 5) My face was uncomfortably wet from the blown rain.
      > All of the fused seams appeared to be completely waterproof. However, the
      > sewn seam around the collar leaked. It didn't leak enough that water
      > into the rain suit, just enough to dampen the inside of the collar area. I
      > did make sure that I pulled out the little protective flap at the base of
      > the hood. This flap prevents rain from running into the zippered collar
      > where the hood is stored when not in use. I couldn't tell if the water on
      > the front of my shirt resulted from rain blown around the storm flap or if
      > the sewn seam on the front of the coat had leaked. The two zippers at the
      > bottom of the legs did leak water onto my socks. This wasn't a big issue
      > since my shoes were completely soaked anyway from the heavy rain. I did
      > that I had worn a baseball cap with a visor over my face. It was very
      > difficult to walk with my head down to prevent windblown rain from
      > the rain suit. I'm sure that a built in visor won't add very much weight
      > the coat though. So, this might be an area for improvement. Also, the ends
      > of the sleeve did leak when I raised my hand to wipe my face, but this
      > be a result of my small diameter wrists. I think that pit zips would add
      > more comfort to the rain suit by allowing air to enter from below and exit
      > around the color. Another possibility would be to put a drawstring at the
      > bottom of the coat instead of elastic, thus allowing the user to let fresh
      > air into the suit from the bottom of the coat.
      > For my next test, I will keep the built in hood in its pocket and use my
      > Seattle Sombrero. I want to see if this helps the collar seam from
      > I may also apply some silicone chalking to the two seams on the coat, the
      > collar and the front zipper storm flap.
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