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Frogg Toggs initial report

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    REPORT #1 TESTER: Phil Jones AGE: 46 EMAIL: phil-t-jones@home.com ITEM: Frogg Toggs PA102 Pro Action Rain Suit I arrived home last night to find a package from
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 6, 2001
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      REPORT #1
      TESTER: Phil Jones
      AGE: 46
      EMAIL: phil-t-jones@...
      ITEM: Frogg Toggs PA102 Pro Action Rain Suit

      I arrived home last night to find a package from Frogg Toggs. The box was
      rather large but light. My first impression was that this was an empty box.
      While dinner was still on the stove, I proceeded to open the box and found
      the rain suit inside. The bag was marked size SM-MD, just as I had ordered.
      I even received the color that I had asked for, cranberry.

      I tried on the coat. Now, keep in mind that I am not really a big person,
      5'8" and 150 pounds dripping wet. Well, I didn't quite fill out the coat
      that well. I had plenty of room for just about any amount of clothing or
      coats possible. I can even wear this top over my bulky 1970's edition North
      Face Down jacket. I had to look at the size again to make sure that I
      received the right one. It was correct, the SM-MD size. There should be
      plenty of room in this coat to move around without putting stress on the
      fabric or any of the seams.

      I tried on the pants and they fit well. I had a little trouble getting the
      Frogg Toggs over my shoes. The fabric does not have a slippery feel to it;
      rather it creates a lot of friction.

      When I unzipped the collar compartment on the coat and unfolded the hood, I
      received some strange looks from one of my daughters. So I went to the
      mirror to see what the suit looked like on me. I didn't see anything wrong.
      The hood has a cinch cord with a cord lock that really pulls the hood close
      to you. The coat also has an elasticized hem at the bottom of the coat and
      at the end of the sleeves to keep the coat close to the body.

      I then took off the rain suit to give it a thorough inspection. I examined
      the coat first. The front zipper and the collar are sewn on, while the arms
      are fused to the body by a heat process. The pants also utilize this fused
      seam for all of the seams except the waist and cuffs.

      I sure could have used this rain suit on my canoeing trip this past weekend.
      It rained the whole weekend with some breaks. We had to set up a fly for
      lunch and dinner, but we still had a good time. I used a silnylon poncho
      and kept dry. With the forecast calling for 60% rain this weekend also, I
      should have plenty of warm and wet weather to try out the Frogg Toggs. I
      may even go canoeing again to look for the canoe I lost last weekend when
      the river reached flood stage while we slept in our tent.


      The fabric is light and does not cling to you.
      The suit provides ample volume to move freely without stressing any seams.
      The color is the same as the web site.
      The hood storage option allows the use of an auxiliary rain hat.

      My only concern is the amount of pack space that this rain suit will take up
      in my pack. Neatly folded, the suit fits inside a large shoebox. I can
      compress it though, so it should fit in the top pocket of my pack. But that
      will be the only thing that I can get in there.
    • Stuart Bilby
      Frogg Toggs PA102 Pro Action Rain Suit Report 1 & 2 10 September 2001 Stuart Bilby, Age 35, stu@bwpl.co.nz The frogg toggs were delivered today by UPS in good
      Message 2 of 2 , Sep 10, 2001
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        Frogg Toggs PA102 Pro Action Rain Suit
        Report 1 & 2 10 September 2001
        Stuart Bilby, Age 35, stu@...

        The frogg toggs were delivered today by UPS in good condition to my house in
        Auckland, New Zealand, despite having the city name missing from the address
        and the suburb spelled wrong. No issues with customs and no tax or duty

        They come with a tag promoting their DuraVent 100% polypropylene fabric and
        informing of their 100% satisfaction guarantee. The tag claims they weigh
        11.5 oz, which is not true of L-XL size. See weights below. There are no
        other instructions, and none appear necessary. The washing instructions on
        the tag sewn to the clothing warn against heat drying and dry-cleaning, but
        allow hand or machine washing.

        Sizing I am 5'9" (176 cm) and 176 lb (80 kg) The size L-XL frogg toggs are
        very generously sized for me. They bunch a little around the ankles. Pulled
        down the jacket reaches to just below my buttocks and my hands tuck nicely
        inside the sleeves. Perfect for keeping my gloves dry. The chest area is so
        big that it puffs out a little blocking the view of my toes. A pack with a
        waist strap stops that problem. There is no restriction to movement with the
        jacket, but the pants with their papery feel, bind a little on clothing
        underneath when lifting my legs high. I have found this to be normal with
        non-stretch rainwear. The simple elastic cuff on the sleeves and ankles
        appear to be just the right tension for my fairly thin wrists.

        Materials and Construction The fabric appears papery with dimples,
        resembling disposable diaper material. It makes a little papery crinkling
        noise when you walk. The fawn color has a not unpleasant patchiness as shown
        on the website.

        The hood zips away readily into the collar. It is a simple shape with no
        brim. It has a light shoelace drawstring with a cordlock at each end. Like
        the waist-cord on the pants, the string is not knotted at the ends and the
        cordlocks can be pulled off and lost. Three quick knots soon fix that. The
        hood cinches nicely around my face to just leave my eyes exposed. There are
        no draw-cords at the waist or hem of the jacket.

        The main seams are ultrasonically welded. The detailing (front zipper, hood
        attachment and pant's pocket holes) is sewn without seam sealing.

        The jacket has no pockets and the pants have a hole on each side covered by
        a 2.5 inch wide flap with a single small metal snap fastener. The pockets
        are barely long enough (7 inches) for my smallish hands when wearing mitts.
        Within minutes of putting the pants on, while trying to open the pocket snap
        I ripped the stitching at the top of the pocket flap. This tore a quarter
        inch (10 mm) hole in the single layer of underlying fabric. Putting a rip in
        them so soon after getting them was tragic. I will put a piece of duct tape
        over that area and treat the pockets very gently. Because there are no other
        pockets, I envisage that the pockets will get a lot of use, at least for
        keeping my hands warm. This high stress location could perhaps be
        strengthened by running the pocket flap all the way up to the waistband.

        The main zippers on the jacket and ankles are chunky plastic YKK brand with
        metal tags. The jacket zipper has a single 2.2 inch wide storm flap, held in
        place by five small metal snap fasteners. The ankle cuffs are elasticated
        and have an 8 inch long zipper. I could put them on over my full leather
        boots (Asolo AFX535 size 10 USA), a nice feature for the snow, but not over
        my plastic climbing boots (Asolo Guide AFS size 11 USA)

        size L-XL Jacket 9.9 oz (282 g) Pants 7.7 oz (217 g)

        Volume. Pushed firmly into a measuring bowl the garments are more bulky for
        their weight than nylon fabrics. They pack to about twice the volume of
        similar weight coated nylon garments. This presumably reflects the lower
        density of polypropylene and the slight stiffness of the fabric.

        Jacket 116 cubic inches (1.9 litres) Pants 92 cubic inches (1.5 litres)

        First impression of the frogg toggs is that they are light, nicely put
        together and without any unnecessary extras.
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