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EDIT:OWNER REVIEW:Patagonia W's El Cap Jacket:Kathleen

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  • graham blamey
    Hi Kathleen, and many thanks for a really nice review. It s pretty much all there, I have just a few edits and a couple of questions for you and when you ve
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 31, 2004
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      Hi Kathleen, and many thanks for a really nice review. It's pretty much all
      there, I have just a few edits and a couple of questions for you and when
      you've fixed these if you post back with REPOST in the subject heading, I'll
      create a folder for your review.
      Most people recognise the type of fleece by what I can only describe as the
      'weight rating'. Patagonia describe this as a 6 oz (170 g) material which
      many would then understand. Perhaps you could include this information where
      I have indicated below.
      It is also sometimes (wrongly) taken that if a reviewer hasn't mentioned
      something it doesn't exist or it wasn't a problem, often it's because the
      product worked so well they didn't notice it. But there could be someone out
      there just waiting for you to tell them that, say, 'the zipper pull tab was
      really efficient and never snagged once'. Perhaps you could make sure you,
      briefly, include this sort of 'affirming' information. (It's not, by the
      way, necessary to mention all the things a product *doesn't* have, unless of
      course, they are significant omissions :)
      I'm also not too keen on the unbroken block of type in your review but I
      note from the review you have already uploaded to BGT that this is broken
      with spacing so that should be OK.
      Thanks again and I look forward to reading your REPOST,
      Graham Blamey
      BGT Edit Moderator


      > Patagonia W's El Cap Jacket

      ### I know that Patagonia describe it like this but I think just for the
      title you should write this as 'Patagonia Women's El Cap Jacket' and
      thereafter you can refer to it as the 'EL Cap jacket' (as you do :)

      > The trim fitting El Cap jacket is made of lightweight Capilene® double
      faced brushed polyester fleece which is quick-

      ### insert '6 oz (170 g)' between 'lightweight' and 'Capilene'

      drying, stays warm when wet, and wicks moisture. It has on-seam handwarmer
      pockets, a dropped tail for warmth at the low back and a full zip to seal in

      ### I think '...lower back...' might be clearer

      > While Patagonia markets the El Cap jacket as ideal for everything from
      "power lounging" to backpacking and rock climbing, I use it primarily for
      day hiking and snowshoeing in various state parks in southeast Michigan. The
      terrain varies all over the

      ### should be '...south east...' or '...south-east...'

      > In summary, the Patagonia El Cap Capilene ® jacket is a great cold weather
      mid or top layer for most activities. In warmer weather, anything more than
      "power lounging" would find this jacket firmly stuffed in the bottom of a

      ### should be '...my backpack!...'

      > We are planning to start overnight backpacking this spring and have a trip
      planned to the Julian Alps in Slovenia in June 2004!

      ### very nice too :)

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