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Application to test DANALCO SealSkinz ChillBlocker Gloves and Socks

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  • karnula128
    Application to test: Danalco SealSkinz ChillBlocker Gloves and SocksI have read the BackpackGearTest survival guide v.1202 (last read January 27th, 2004),
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      Application to test: Danalco SealSkinz ChillBlocker Gloves and Socks

      I have read the BackpackGearTest survival guide v.1202 (last read
      January 27th, 2004), and agree
      to fully comply with the rules outlined within. I have also signed and
      submitted the tester contract. If selected, I would like to test both
      the gloves and socks in a size SMALL (as based on the information on
      the website).

      Biographical Information:
      Name: Karen Ross
      Age: 24
      Gender: Female
      Height: 5'0" (1.5 meters)
      Weight: 103 lbs (47 kg)
      Email Address: karen DOT ross AT tufts DOT edu
      Geographical location: Boston area, MA, USA

      Backpacking Background:
      I'm 24 and have been hiking and camping for as long as I can remember.
      I'm an avid runner and day hiker, ski occasionally, kayak, car camp,
      and generally like to spend as much time outdoors as possible. I've
      spent time hiking and orienteering with scout groups, as well as while
      doing my military service in Israel. I travel frequently and try to
      use every opportunity to explore. I started backpacking a few years
      ago and most of my trips have been limited so far to shorter ones: day
      hikes and overnight or 3 day trips. However, I've done some longer
      hikes this spring and summer as well as spending time in the field
      doing trail maintenance, and am hoping to work my way up to a
      section-or thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail in the next few years.
      I've also recently been introduced to winter camping, and while I
      can't say my favorite thing is shivering in my tent all night, I find
      I actually enjoy it. I try to keep my gear weight as minimal as
      possible without sacrificing durability or occasional comfort items.

      Testing conditions:
      I plan to use the ChillBlocker Gloves and Socks almost daily
      throughout the winter (which here in New England could last well into
      April). These items will be worn on daily walks around the
      neighborhood, weekend jaunts up to nearby hiking areas, and on at
      least one or two ski trips (both cross-country and downhill). I will
      also be using the ChillBlocker Gloves and Socks on a planned
      backpacking trip in March as well as a possible weekend trip at the
      end of February. Finally, I anticipate spending much of this summer
      in sub-Saharan Africa. Depending on where I am, it may be winter when
      I arrive (albeit a different kind of winter), allowing for further
      rigorous testing of the ChillBlocker items.
      Temperatures over the course of this test will range from
      approximately 0-80 degrees F (-18 – 27 degrees C). The terrain will
      range from roads to rivers to mountains, ski and hiking trails, with
      elevation changes of 0-4000 feet (0-1219 meters).

      Test Plan:
      Woohoo! Just the items for my (very) cold hands and feet! I'm
      currently living in the Boston area, and believe me, it is COLD up here!

      I intend to test this gear daily on my walks to and from classes,
      work, the bus, subway, nightlife - - in short, whenever I go outside!
      My current glove liner/outer glove combo hasn't been doing the trick
      in these arctic temperatures, and I'm looking to try a glove "suitable
      for a whole host of cold, wet, nasty outdoor conditions" as the
      website says.

      In addition to using the SealSkinz ChillBlocker Gloves and Socks for
      normal daily use, I'm looking forward to using them on some winter
      skiing and hiking trips. Just recently I was introduced to winter
      camping, and although I'm not sure how long I'll be able to make
      myself sleep out in sub-zero (both Celsius and Farhenheit)
      temperatures, I have tentative plans for a backpacking trip in March
      in either the Catskill or Adirondack Mountains (hopefully by then
      temperatures will rise somewhat here in the Northeast!) as well as a
      possible weekend trip at the end of February. I also anticipate a ski
      trip or two as well as several afternoons playing in the snow and
      ice-skating, and day hikes on the weekend whenever possible.

      While testing the ChillBlocker Gloves and Socks, I will be looking
      primarily for warmth and comfort: will the gloves keep my hands warm
      even when they are kept out of my pockets for extended periods of time
      (for example, when holding ski poles)? Will my feet stay warm even if
      I'm only wearing trail running shoes, or will I need to wear
      additional socks over or under them (i.e. over-socks or liner socks)?
      Is the MVT membrane truly waterproof, or will my hands get wet and
      cold if I happen to throw the occasional snowball? Or, on the other
      hand, will my hands and feet become sweaty and uncomfortable after
      just a short period, despite the wicking fabric?

      I will also be testing the ChillBlocker Gloves and Socks for
      durability. If I use these items on a daily basis, how long will they
      retain their ability to keep me warm and dry? The website states that
      SealSkinz items are machine washable – is this the case? How long will
      the MVT membrane hold up? For the gloves, do the gripper dots fall off
      or otherwise become less useful?

      I will also be testing the `gripability' of both the gloves and socks.
      Do the gripper dots really create some sort of traction, enough, for
      example, to hold on to ski poles, or will my hands slip as they do
      when I wear knit gloves? Do the socks stay up on my legs or will they
      slip down to just above my ankles and leave the rest of my legs cold?

      With regards to the gloves, I am also particularly interested in
      seeing how well I can function normally with the gloves on. Are they
      too bulky for me to do things such as tie my shoelaces, open a bottle
      of water while on the trail, or open/close my bag (In other words, how
      much – if at all – will they reduce my dexterity)?

      Finally, I am interested in the long-range usefulness of the
      ChillBlocker Gloves and Socks. When the weather begins to warm up
      (right now I'm feeling like that will never happen, but hopefully it
      will), will I have to put them away until next winter, or are they
      `cool' enough to use on spring evenings? Could the socks be used on a
      kayaking trip in the spring or summer, or will my feet be too warm in

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      Adidas Response trail-running shoes:

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      Current Tests:

      Thank you for considering me for this test series.
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