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  • leesa04048
    Tom, Some spelling/typo edits for you. There is some strange spacing in the email version, but I expect that is due to Yahoo. Sounds like the bags are
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 30, 2004
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      Tom, Some spelling/typo edits for you. There is some strange spacing in the
      email version, but I expect that is due to Yahoo. Sounds like the bags are
      getting quite a workout! Leesa

      They come in handy sizes, they are light and they keep my stuff dry. So
      far the Aloksak works very well. After using the Aloksaks for two months
      I can say I'm glad to have them. They have not only kept my things dry
      but helped me keep my things organized. I do think the real test is
      still to come. This spring when the snow melts and everything is wet I
      believe I will find out just how well these things work. For now they
      are working very well.

      In the last two months I have had the ***oportunity to use these bags a
      number of times. Since my initial report on the Aloksak I have had the
      ***oportunity to visit Hawaii, and it rained the entire week I was there. I
      found the Aloksaks handy for many things during the week. The smaller
      Aloksaks carry things like my wallet and money very well. Before I left
      I dropped my passport into BAG #1 and it fit very nicely. My headlamp
      fits into nicely in Aloksak #3. The large Aloksak fit enough clothes for
      a quick overnight trip in the warm Hawaii weather. Temperature while I
      was in Hawaii ranged from 78 F (26 C) to 60 F (16 C). Because it was
      warm I took my hammock with me and stored it in an Aloksak as well. I
      spent one night camping out while I was in Hawaii. It rained off and on
      all night long. I was very glad to have my gear safely stored. I kept
      most of my gear in the Aloksaks during the trip and everything in them
      stayed dry.

      I have now spent three days on telemark skiis. Very interesting being a
      ***beginer again; I fall down a lot! While this has been humbling for me it
      has also been great for gear testing. The Aloksak's and their content
      have helped break a number of falls. I have also had a larger than
      normal amount of snow in my backpack. None my ***my gear has gotten wet
      from all of this snow either.

      Not all of my outings have met with such great testing opportunity but I
      have had a few days that allowed for some high quality testing. I have
      had a few experiences where I have found an Aloksak open inside my pack
      in the afternoon. While this does cause me some concern it has not yet
      cause me pain. I'm not entirely sure as to the cause of opening. I am
      trying to be much more ***carefull about closing them. If I overfill the
      Aloksak with fleece that expands sometimes the Aloksak will open. I
      believe that I am not getting a secure seal and that is what causes the
      bag to open. I am trying to be ***carefull not to overfill the bags and to
      close the seal carefully and completely. I think that when I get a solid
      and complete seal that the Aloksak does not open. I am ***definately glad I
      have had the opportunity to ***pratice using the bags and learning how to
      use them before I get into any really wet ***envirenments. Hawaii was rainy
      but most nights I retreated to a resort with a warm bed and comfortable
      dining halls. I am looking forward to testing these in the spring rain
      and the spring thaw.

      So far I have found the Aloksak's to be very durable. The top flaps on a
      few Aloksaks have separated, but the separation stops at the zipper and
      does not cause any trouble. Most of the Aloksaks have not even
      ***experenced this. I have streteched them and dropped them full of gear
      and snagged them ***agains things (but only once or twice). So far the
      Aloksaks are holding up very nicely. There is no sign of wear. The seal
      is still tight and ***possitive on all of my Aloksaks.

      I have found myself wishing I had a larger Aloksak for some of my bigger
      gear. And so here I am one day thinking about this when what happens but
      a package arrives at my door. Yep, it's a bigger Aloksak. Unfortunately
      I have not had the chance to use this larger Aloksak but I'm pretty
      excited about using it very soon. I'll talk all about this larger
      Aloksak in my Long Term Report after I've had a chance to use it in the
      field. The O.P. Bags are very nice as well. I placed a juicy ***peice of
      steak inside one of the O.P.Bags and hid that in a paper bag. Luck Dog
      (my dog) walked right past it. Luck Dog does not walk past much of
      anything in the way of food and never a steak. He was clueless what was
      in the bag even when I tossed it ***infront of him and drew his attention
      to it. Since then I have carried all my food in the bags. The rodents
      have not had a lot of opportunity to pass by my trail food, but so far
      so good. I have had no unwanted ***visiters any of the times I have used
      the bags. The real test I think was leaving the O.P. bags in my garage
      with peanuts. Not a single mouse touched them and I know I have mice
      ***becuase they just ***devestated my sunflower crop.
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