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    ... From: Robert Stanley To: BackpackGearTest@egroups.com Sent: Tuesday, November 21, 2000 5:06 PM Subject: Re: [BackpackGearTest] ... Mike if I remember
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      >Now I was wondering what would happen if Tom Hennessy utilized a reflective surface on the underside of the fly and the topside of the hammock body?  would it be possible to manufacture?  this would ( I would think )  make the hammock much warmer>  

      Mike if I remember correctly Jerry said Tom Hennessy had set him up with a Fly of this type of material, and Jerry said he really didnt notice any real bennifit, but this is only my recolection, Jerry will have to let us know.
      It was aluminized silnylon. I have no idea how reflective it is. I didn't notice any difference.

      I was thinking that by placing the space blanket directly on the netting and so forth down the sides, I would not only move a few inches closer, I would also greatly cut down on air flow. My only real worry would now be condensation, but I guess thats why they call this a test ; )
      I took an all weather space blanket and wrapped it around the hammock kinda toco like. It ended up with a 1/4 panel open on one side of each end. It was definitely warmer.....lots.

      So Mike before I went off on a rant, I was trying to say yes its possible and probably worth a try, as each of us definately has our own unique way of doing things, and what doesnt work for one may actually work well for another


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