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EDIT> Re: [BackpackGearTest] OWNER REVIEW - Marmot Chinook Jacket (wind shirt)

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  • Andrew Priest
    Hi Jon Thanks for your Owner Review. Quite well put together. I have a few edits for you, mostly dealing with BGT policy more than anything else. Once you have
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      Hi Jon

      Thanks for your Owner Review. Quite well put together. I have a few edits
      for you, mostly dealing with BGT policy more than anything else. Once you
      have tidied up your Review, can you please repost with REPOST in the
      subject line for final editing and approval.

      Andrew Priest
      Senior Edit Moderator

      At 03:03 AM 31/12/2003, you wrote:
      >Marmot Chinook Jacket (2003)

      EDIT:> Please add "Owner Review" to your title so that is clearly

      >Email address: bgt@... <mailto:JohnB@...>

      EDIT:> Is this email address, johnB@... correct?

      >Listed weight: 3 oz (85gr) (size unspecified)
      >Weight as delivered: 3.4 oz (96gr) (Medium)

      EDIT:> The abbreviation for grams is "g" rather than "gr." Also a space is
      needed between the numerals and the abbreviation.

      >The Marmot Chinook Jacket is a lightweight, fully breathable, hooded,
      >full-zip windshirt.

      EDIT:> Your claims or the manufacturers? If this is what the manufacturer
      is saying can you please indicate same. If this is your claim, I hope you
      can back it up below! :-)

      >It arrived in a plastic bag with a couple of hang tags. The process of
      >pulling the Chinook out of its shipping box and packaging, then cutting off
      >the hang tags was a slow revelation on how really light this jacket is.

      EDIT:> This is not really relevant to an Owners Review so could be removed.

      >It's more yellow than it is green, and it's a loud but not entirely
      >unnatural color.

      EDIT:> This sentence doesn't seem to flow for me. I would suggest the
      following change: "It's more yellow than it is green, and it's a loud but
      not AN entirely unnatural color.

      >The jacket can be stuffed into its single pocket. The resulting pouch can
      >be zipped shut, and the grosgrain loop (now on the outside) can be used to
      >attach the pouch to something else.

      EDIT:> Having had experience with stuff into its own pocket jackets before,
      can you give some indication of how well this one works. That is does it
      stuff in ok without stressing the pocket?

      >The seams are placed to avoid conflict with a backpack: there are no seams
      >anywhere near the top of the shoulders.

      EDIT:> Colon at the end of backpack does not seem right. Suggest you change
      it to a semi-colon.

      >The hood is very well designed. It's roomy enough for a hat, and with my
      >Patagonia Vented Broadbill Hat, the hood falls where the brim begins.

      EDIT:> Wouldn't the room for a hat depend on the size of the hat? Please
      rephrase to reflect your experience, i.e., enough room for your hat.

      >hood of the Chinook does not have a brim, not a shortcoming in my

      EDIT:> Opening and closing brackets are not required for this sentence.

      >When you are not using the hood, it can be rolled up and held in place with
      >a small 4" x .5" (102mm x 12.7mm) strap that has both parts of a plastic
      >snap toward the end.

      EDIT:> Projecting ... always a good idea to stay away from "you", "yours"
      etc. Rather please focus on your experience with the product and
      write about your experience not what the reader may or may not experience.

      >It's designed so that you can snap the end of the
      >strap around the traditional loop in the center of the shoulder of the
      >jacket (what we used to call the fruit loop on shirts) to secure the hood.

      EDIT:> See prior comment.

      >When you are not using the strap (i.e., when you are using the hood), you
      >can tuck it into a tiny open-top pocket on the inside of the neck of the
      >jacket, a very nice detail that adds no bulk and that people with long
      >(snaggable) hair will appreciate.

      EDIT:> See prior comment on projecting.

      >Much of my point of reference for the Chinook is my previous windshirt, the
      >Patagonia Velocity (2001 or so), which is a perfectly fine windshirt, but
      >does not have a hood, plus it tips the scales at 5.4 ounces.

      EDIT:> Metric please.

      >Lightweight Gear Disclaimer
      >If you are a lightweight backpacker, this is true of most
      >of your gear.

      EDIT:> See previous comment on projecting.

      > If you are new to lightweight backpacking, be aware that this
      >jacket is a specialized tool to help you be comfortable in a wide range of

      EDIT:> Projecting ... not really germane to the review. Please focus on the
      product and your experience.

      >All it asks for in return is a gentle (but not unreasonably
      >so) touch. The zipper will fail more easily than a giant zipper on a
      >3-pound Gortex parka because it's smaller and lighter weight. Handle the
      >zipper to avoid snagging the fabric and don't yank when you do snag it.

      EDIT:> See previous comment.

      >Field information
      >I tested the windshirt in a variety of conditions from summer in the Sierra
      >to the winter in the Arizona desert.

      EDIT:> Over what period of time approximately?

      >I've used them on 80+ degree sunny days and in light rain.

      EDIT:> Metric please.

      >At 3.4 oz, the Chinook's feather weight has no correlation to its superb
      >combination of features and design.

      EDIT:> Metric please.

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