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EDIT: Xikar Xi 138 Excel Field Report [Josh]

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  • Michael Wheiler
    Josh: First, let me say, I hope you are feeling better and things in your life have slowed down a bit. You had a lot going on the last time we communicated.
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 16, 2003
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      First, let me say, I hope you are feeling better and things in your life
      have slowed down a bit. You had a lot going on the last time we
      communicated. Thanks for getting the Xikar IR done. My
      edits/comments/suggestions follow:



      ***I've been camping all my life.

      ***Summer vacation, as a kid, was a week's
      worth of car camping at the beach.

      ***Temperatures can range from 10 below zero F (-23 C) in the snow to 100 F
      (38 C) plus heat.

      Item Information:

      Company: Xikar

      ***You need to add a top level company web site URL per the Guide.

      ***You really don't need the information about what came in the box as you
      already reported on that information.

      Item Description:

      These knives utilize high tech materials and processes by the best knife
      makers in the world. Designed as slim, lightweight, ergonomic cutting
      instruments, Xi knives are intended for use as gentlemen's tools, and
      therefore will withstand normal everyday use for a tool of its size and
      cutting purpose. They are not intended as tools for prying or puncturing.

      ***This language does appear to come directly from the company web site. I
      don't mind you copying some information from the manufacturer but you need
      to put the company's written information in quote marks and tell us that is
      where you got the information. Since this is a description of the knife, it
      wouldn't hurt to add a few words of your own to this paragraph.

      Xi 138 Excel Field Review:

      ***I'm happy to report that there *are* none.

      ***"The handle and clip look the same as the day they came out of the box,
      minus a little dirt..." Just a suggestion but I would take off the extra
      periods. Additionally, I'm not sure this sentence reads the way you
      intended. It reads as though the knife came with a little dirt which it is
      lacking now.

      ***"It has lost a bit of the razor edge it once had, but is still plenty
      sharp." How can you tell? Have you tried to sharpen it?

      ***"I must've been using it to pry something." Maybe that is why Xikar
      states that these knives "are not intended as tools for prying...."

      ***"For the remainder of the test I'll continue carrying the 138 as an
      everyday knife." Do you have any specific hiking, backpacking, or camping
      trips planned where you will be using the Xi? If so, where?

      ***"and what effect, if any, the cold snowy winters will have on it's
      performance." What will you be checking to see if the cold weather has any
      affect on performance?

      ***I believe you have your e-mail address at the top and bottom of the
      report. Once is probably enough.

      Josh, while I am not one to complain about the size of a report, the Guide
      does require the Field Report to contain "a detailed description of how well
      or poorly the item worked." See, Chapter 5. As such there are probably
      some other areas that could be covered in this report--as suggested by Andy.
      Just some examples might include: Does the Xi deliver clean cuts on all
      products or did you experience fraying or tearing? Did you find it was more
      difficult to cut some things than others and why or how? Did you experience
      any difficulty opening or closing the Xi? Explain. Did you have any
      difficulty with the clip? Explain. Is the clip a good idea? Do you have
      any suggestions for making the knife better? Have you had to perform any
      minor maintenance on the Xi such as oiling, etc. Are there things that you
      like or dislike about the Xi? Etc.

      Andrew would like your report posted to the Web as soon as possible. As
      such, please use the edits, comments, or suggestions you find beneficial to
      redo the report and then upload when ready--unless you would like me to
      review the new version. Thank you.

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