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Application to test: Schrade Siomon Knife

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  • Michael Doughty
    Application to test: Schrade Simon Knife I have read Chapter Five of the BackpackGearTest Survival Guide, v. 1202,and I will follow all requirements. Reviewer
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 3, 2003
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      Application to test:

      Schrade Simon Knife

      I have read Chapter Five of the BackpackGearTest Survival Guide, v.
      1202,and I will follow all requirements.

      Reviewer Biographical Information

      Name: Michael 'woebegone' Doughty
      Age: 44
      Gender: Male
      Height: 5' 9" / 1.8 m.
      Weight: 160 lb. / 72.5 kg.
      City, State, Country: Arlington, VA. U.S.A.
      Email address: woebegone03@...
      Date: October 1, 2003
      My backpacking experience: I have been backpacking since I joined the
      Cub Scouts at the age of ten. That's thirty-four years! I've hiked
      year round in the Texas Hill Country, the Bavarian Alps, the Mid-
      Atlantic-States, the Sierra-Nevada, Oregon, and the Olympic and
      Cascade ranges in Washington State. In 2001 I thru-hiked the 2,168
      mile Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine in 158 days. I am a
      recent convert to a lightweight hiking style. My summer base weight
      now hovers near the ten-pound mark.

      Test Conditions

      The Schrade Simon Knife will take it's place in my pocket in place of
      my usual Swiss Army Knife and will be used for everyday chores from
      quartering apples to cutting cord. I will take it hiking this fall
      into the mountains of Virginia and Maryland on three to five day
      trips at least once a month. In December 2003 I will be moving home
      to Seattle, WA. and will be doing a lot of skiing and snowshoeing
      through the winter.

      Elevations will vary between < 100' / 31 m in my backyard in Virginia
      to over 10,000' / 3,050 m on the slopes of Mt. Hood, Oregon. The
      weather conditions will be on a general decline as the season
      progresses, starting with cool sunny days in the east and ending in
      deep snow campsites with temperatures dipping into the teens (< -6°
      C) in the Cascades.

      If chosen for this test I would prefer the basic stainless steel
      finish as it will be eaiser to find if dropped in the woods.

      Test Plan

      Because of the open design of this knife I will be looking at whether
      or not it will snag inside my pockets or collect pocket lint or food
      particles in the works. Will it rinse clean or will I need to pick
      debris out of it?

      Will the knife really be "sharp" when delivered? Will it remain
      sharp? How difficult will it be to resharpen once it dulls?

      Is the knife really easy to open with one hand? How about with thick
      gloves or mittens on? How about with freezing cold hands? Is it
      equally easy to open with right and left hands? Does the balde lock
      into the open position? Will it close unexpectedly on my fingers?

      Is the carabiner attachment system easy to use? How thick a piece of
      cordage will it fit? Will it come unattched unexpectedly? Will it be
      easy to unclip it when I want to use it?

      Is the blade tightly afixed to the handle? Will it get loose over
      time? Can the blade be retightened with common tools?

      How comfortable is the knife to use? Is it easy to grip securely?
      Does it fit well in my hand? Will the small size cause my hand to
      cramp? Is the balde of a useable length?
      Will the " no-nonsense approach" of such a small and light-weight
      knife prove to be "convenient , functional, and a great value" or
      will I find myself wishing for something more substantial?

      Thanks to BGT and Scrade Knives for an opportunity to test this

      This will be my first test series.

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