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Application to test the Schrade Simon SS1 knife - Jodi

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  • J Cornelius
    Forgive all yahoo!isms etc Jodi Please review and accept my application to test the Schrade Simon SS1 knife. I have read the Survival guide 1202 and in
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 2, 2003
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      Forgive all yahoo!isms etc


      Please review and accept my application to test the Schrade Simon SS1
      knife. I have read the Survival guide 1202 and in particular chapter 5
      and agree to follow all guidelines within. I have also sent in my
      signed agreement.

      Personal biographical information

      Name - Jodi Cornelius
      Age - 41
      Gender - Female
      Height - 5'3" (1.60m)
      Weight - 160 (73kg)
      Email address - bpskids at charter dot net
      Derrick City, PA 16727

      Backpacking background - I am relatively new to backpacking compared to
      some of the others but have been backpacking going on 2 years now and
      loving every minute of it. I am a "mid-weight/light-weight" backpacker
      aiming more and more toward being a light-weight backpacker. I have
      been car camping and campground camping from a young age (meaning, a
      LONG time ago!). I usually do mostly overnights with the occasional
      long weekender and week/2 week long trips. I do day hikes but prefer to
      stay out overnight.

      I love "sharps", a.k.a. knives. I have a ton of them. You also can
      never have enough, in my opinion. I personally carry at least 2 at any
      given time, a Gerber single hand folding knife and my LeathermanR Micra,
      which is my normal preference. I also have a number of CaseR knives and
      Buck knives but they are usually too bulky to carry in my pocket (though
      I do carry them on my belt occasionally). This knife looks extremely
      interesting, in fact, I almost didn't apply but as time wore on and I
      kept returning to looking at the knife and debating, I decided, what the
      heck?! If I get lucky and get chosen, I'll have another sharp to play

      Should I be chosen for this test, I would test the knife for the

      How difficult is it to open one handed? Better yet, how easy is it to
      CLOSE one handed? Since I have a reputation for getting cut, that is an
      important consideration.

      How well does it carry in my pocket? Does it gather pocket lint? If
      so, how much does it gum up the works? From the looks of the picture on
      the website, it doesn't look as if that would be too much of a problem.

      Another important factor in carrying a one handed knife, especially the
      open style (the blade being on the OUTSIDE of the handle instead of
      being inside like other pocket knives), is can I carry it in my pocket
      without it coming open, even if just slightly? Does the blade tend to
      ride close to the handle when closed or is it "open" enough to catch the
      material in my pocket causing tears which could make me lose my knife?

      How sharp is it? How well does it keep its edge? How much "abuse" can
      it handle before needing sharpening? Once it dulls, does it take an
      edge quickly or do you have to mess with it?

      When sharpening, which method of sharpening works the best on this

      My test plan for this will be intense. I will replace my current Gerber
      knife with this one and use it at work cutting plastic off of rolls of
      paper, cutting down foam for packing material, cutting cardboard,
      slicing my apples, cutting my sandwiches in half, trimming the odd split
      cuticle, cleaning ink out from under my nails when necessary, digging
      out slivers, and whatever else the knife may have to be used for.

      For backpacking, I will do the same in replacing my current Gerber with
      the Schrade and test it accordingly. I will use it to dig out slivers,
      open my food bags, spread peanut butter on mini-bagels or crackers,
      cleaning dirt from under my nails, trimming any threads that start to
      unravel, cutting small sticks as tarp pegs should I lose/break one,
      clean any fish I happen to get lucky enough to catch, cut a branch to
      use as a fishing pole, trim my fishing line, and anything else that a
      knife may be handy for.

      I also fish and will use it for cutting snarled line, retying swivels,
      replacing line on my reel, and cleaning whatever fish I may catch.

      Not to be too gross, but I also hunt and will use the knife if possible
      to gut my deer or squirrel or rabbit, and, if EXTREMELY lucky, a turkey.

      All in all, I use a knife daily and would love the chance to test this
      baby out. The weight looks extremely fantastic!

      Thank you for considering me.

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      Currently awaiting products

      Baffin Impact Boot
      Seychelle Sport Bottle

      I have two owner reviews posted.

      MSR Whisperlite

      Freshette Feminine Urinary Director

      Abnormality is THE normality for this locality!
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