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  • graham blamey
    Hi Bob and thanks for this Owner Review. I have just a few edits and suggestions for you and when you ve done these, if you post back with REPOST in the
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 1, 2003
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      Hi Bob and thanks for this Owner Review. I have just a few edits and
      suggestions for you and when you've done these, if you post back with REPOST
      in the subject heading, I'll give you a folder to upload to.
      Many thanks,
      BGT Edit Moderator

      > Bob Farrell
      > 38
      > male
      > 6'2" (1.88m)
      > 175 pounds (79kg)

      ### you need a separation here between numerals and units e.g.. (1.88 m)

      > I have hiked for over 14 years. I have hiked sections of the A.T.
      > in New York, New Jersey, and New Hampshire. I hope someday to be
      > able to hike the entire A.T. I also hike with my wife and 6
      > year old son Ryan (Legoboy). My wife Jenifer (Cotton) carries our 2
      > year old daughter Krista (Tumbleweed) on her back with a Kelty Kid
      > Carrier. Tumbleweed is getting too big for the carrier so she'll be
      > on her own next year. It's fun getting out with the whole family.

      ### Bob, as you may know, we intend to have a section on BGT.org in the
      future, where contributors can have a fuller bio with links and a photo. In
      view of this we are trying to keep the bio's in reviews 'slim'. Could you
      this paragraph a little and add a couple of sentences on your current
      backpacking style, ie lightweight, or whatever, tent, tarp, etc etc

      > Product Information:
      > The North Face
      > 2003

      ### can you make this '...Manufacturer: The North Face...' and '...Year of
      manufacture: 2003...' (or When purchased)

      > http://www.thenorthface.com
      > Listed weight: 4lb. 12oz. (1.9kg)
      > Actual weight: 5lb. 6oz. (2.5kg)

      ### you need a separation between the numerals and units e.g.. 4 lb 12 oz
      kg) and you don't need a period after abbreviations. Can you check through
      the review and fix this as and where necessarry

      > Color: Tibetan Orange and Pumice Grey.
      > List price: $169.00

      ### could you show this as '...MSRP: $169.00...'

      > Field Information:
      > Weather in the White Mountains is unpredictable. It can snow any

      ### '...snow at any time...'

      > time of the year and it rains a lot. Temperatures in the summer can
      > dip down to the 20's and 30's (-6.7C's and -1.1C's).

      ### need separation here '...(-7 C's and -1 C's)...' (and round them)

      > Many of the
      > mountains rise over 4000 (1219m)
      > feet (1219m) with moderate to steep trails.

      ### you have an extra (1219m) here and it should be written '...over 4000 ft
      (1220 m)...' (rounding the metric as it's approximate)

      > The North Face (TNF) MG55 is an all-season pack with a technical
      > suspension and tool accommodations. My torso size is 21 inches
      > (53cm) so I purchased the large TNF MG55. The large fits sizes from
      > 19"-22" (48cm-56cm). The standard volume is 3700 cu.in. (60630cc)
      > and the extended volume is 4300 cu.in. (70464cc). Access to the
      > MG55 is from the top and the side.

      ### for this paragraph, you need to fix the spacing e.g.. (53 cm) in all
      measurements, also no periods after abbreviations. The volume conversion for
      packs is usually written in Liters, so this will be (60 L) and (70 L).

      ### I suggest that as you've now introduced the pack by it's full title
      here, you could refer to it hereafter as '...the MG55...' this will save
      various configurations of '...the TNF/The North Face MG55/ the TNF MG55...'

      > Features:
      > X Frame Suspension
      > Carbon Fiber Stays
      > Breathable Aerofoam back panel
      > Fully adjustable shoulder straps and hip belt
      > Full zip crampon pocket on the pack face
      > Fabric is 420D Enduratek/Iron Fiber
      > Structural tool tubes with single release buckles
      > Adjustable ski slots
      > Orca lid with two pockets
      > Haul loops and compression straps
      > Side pockets
      > Bladder sleeve and hose port

      ### if these features are taken from the manufacturers website etc. you
      should enclose them in quotation marks " +"

      > I bought The North Face MG55 pack for winter hiking back in February

      ### as an example of my earlier point, this should really be '...I bought
      the The North Face MG55 pack for...' :)

      > 2003. I have discovered over the last eight months the MG55 is also
      > a great pack for summer day hikes. I am disappointed that I cannot
      > use the MG55 for overnights or backpacking.
      > TNF MG55 came with two guides. The first guide, "Packs", explained
      > about features that the MG55 had. The second, "Pack Fit Guide",
      > explained about pack sizing, fitting the pack, shoulder straps
      > adjustment, and load distribution. Those guides were very
      > informative and helpful.
      > The MG55 can be adjusted to individual torso lengths. The
      > adjustment range on the large pack is from 19"-22" (48cm-56cm).
      > Adjusting the torso length to my 22" (56cm) was a snap. The
      > instructions in the "Pack Fit Guide" were clear and easy to follow.

      ### could you briefly explain how you carried out this adjustment

      > All my winter clothing, including Gore-Tec jacket and pants, fleece

      ### Should be '...Gore-Tex...'

      > On the sides of the upper part of the crampon pocket, there was a
      > tool tubes and compression straps. Directly below at the bottom of

      ### should be '..there are tool tubes and...'

      > the pack, there was ice ax loops with single release adjustable
      > straps.

      ### should be '...there are ice ax...'
      > On the right side of the pack, I released the buckle and slid the
      > ice ax through it. I then placed the end of the ice ax through the
      > compression strap on the haul loop. I tightened the lower strap,
      > and then I tightened the compression strap. The ice ax is safely
      > attached to the pack.

      ### if you're going to keep this all in past tense, this should be '...ice
      ax was safely...'

      > I shouldered the 25 lb (11.3 kg) MG55.

      ### I think this should read'...I shouldered the pack, now loded with 25 lb
      (11.3 kg)...'

      > I took the loaded North Face MG55 to a local mountain for a test
      > hike. The loop hike up and around 1410' (430 m) Parker Mountain was
      > 4 miles with several steep sections and many little ups and downs.
      > It was 40 degrees and sunny.

      ### should be '...4 miles (6.4 km)...'
      ### should be 40 F (4.4 C)

      > I undid the four compression strap buckles, and then I set the pack
      > on its back. I placed a full 2-liter Platypus Big Zips Hoser into

      ### should be '...2-liter (2.2 qt)...' and '...Big Zip Hoser...'

      > at the bottom of the left shoulder strap. I used a small nalgene
      > bottle filed with GORP and attached it to the pack via the

      ### should be '...filled...' and '...Nalgene...' but it would read better as
      '...I filled a small Nalgene bottle with GORP and...'

      > 06/14/03:
      > I met up with fellow 4000'ers Journals of the White Mountains web
      > site member Mike P. in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

      ### this is a bit of mouthful, could you just say '...fellow '4000'er' Mike
      in the...'

      > plan was to bag three summits over 4000' (1219 m). It rained the
      > whole hike and the temps were up in the 60's. The trails were

      ### need metric for '...60's...'

      > I tried to pack The North Face MG55 for an overnight hut hike in
      > Carter Notch in the White Mountains. I started by putting my TNF
      > sleeping bag into the bottom of the pack. I couldn't lay it flat.
      > I had to put it on its side. Doing so took up ¾'s of the pack. I

      ### delete the '...'s...'

      > was able to fit in the rest of my gear that I needed. The pack was
      > maxed out. When I put it on and adjusted the shoulder straps and

      ### '...maxed out...' might be a bit colloquial for some readers, could you
      find an alternative, how about 'full' :)

      > So I will not be able to use the MG55 for a backpack. This is
      > disappointing since I thought I would be able to when I bought it.

      ### you need to qualify this statement. You will still be able to use it as
      a backpack but not for certain types of activity.

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    • Graham Blamey
      Sorry Bob, there was an error in my edit, my apologies, Graham ... with 25 lb ... This should have said: ### I think this should read ...I shouldered the
      Message 2 of 2 , Nov 1, 2003
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        Sorry Bob, there was an error in my edit, my apologies,

        > > I shouldered the 25 lb (11.3 kg) MG55.
        > ### I think this should read'...I shouldered the pack, now loded
        with 25 lb
        > (11.3 kg)...'

        This should have said:

        ### I think this should read '...I shouldered the MG55, which now
        weighed 25 lb (11.3 kg)...'
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