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Re: [BackpackGearTest] I can solve the problem

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  • orlyg
    Orlando Gomez 6 2 220# Portland OR Report #3: Hennessy Safari Hammock My experience with the Safari has been mixed but for the most part favorable. The first
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 3, 2001
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      Orlando Gomez
      Portland OR

      Report #3: Hennessy Safari Hammock

      My experience with the Safari has been mixed but for the most part
      The first outing was on May 19th-20th during a rainy weekend in the Mt Hood
      national Forest outside Estacada, OR.
      Temps dipped to the low 40's at night and mid 50's during the day. Set up
      was relatively easy except for figuring out distances between trees that are
      adequate. I used the "Necktie knot" the Tom suggested and found it to work
      great! What surprised me was the amount of sag in the hammock when I got in
      it . I tied it up about 6'2" high and my butt was only about 2.5' from the
      ground when I was in it. Despite that I do sleep practically flat.
      I attempted to try an emergency blanket as per Hennessy's web site but it
      did more for catching rain rather than reflect heat. I got rid of it after a
      couple of hours. I later awoke to the wonderful sensation of a soggy butt!
      Apparently, I discovered a design flaw that I discussed with Tom a few weeks
      later. What I thought was a set-up mistake was actually rain soaking into
      the hammock straps and, in turn soaking into the actual hammock material and
      dripping to the lowest point in the hammock... remember the wet buttocks?
      Not a pleasant experience. Folding it up is not the easiest thing to get
      right but after a couple of tries I got it into the stuff sack.
      After discussing the soggy-butt incident he suggested soaking the strap
      with Seam Seal close to the hammock and tie a string as a drip-string. I
      haven't had a chance to try it in the rain again.
      The next outing was July 21st, a 4 mi. hike into Siouxon Creek, WA.
      Weather was perfect, high of 76 and low of 55 with no rain in site. By this
      time set up was a breeze ( less than 3 minutes). By the time I was done, my
      hiking partners were still taking their SD tent out of its sack. I had
      dinner going by the time they got done setting up. This time I tried a
      Thermarest Z-rest mat and a sleeping bag. It worked fine, the mat didn't
      roll up at the ends and didn't slip around at all. I slept great.
      Getting the fly set up right take some getting used to. I found that
      running the string through the hammock side rings and staking it under the
      hammock to protect from a strong rain. When tying the fly off to the sides
      it would end up quite a ways up above the hammock when I was in it.

      a larger fly.
      add a non-slip material to the hammock, maybe the kind used to line shelving
      which would weigh naxt to nothing.
      Light-weight prussicks on the ridgeline so bags can be placed inside and not

      Over-all: ( scale: 1-5 easy to difficult/excellent to poor)
      set-up: 2 with practice
      take-down: 1
      repacking: 5 initially 3 with practice
      workmanship 1 ( zipper-pull, very cool)

      Field experience:
      Rain 5 (until Tom's recommended fix but need to try
      again in the rain
      Sleep comfort 2 (I turn alot, quite a chore. But that's just me).

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      > Jerry
      > I think that eliminating me a monitor would solve most of the
      > trouble. I've noticed most test series ar fine in this reguard except
      > the Janspert pack that was never finished. I have one last report
      > missing for the Leki pols: Roy, get 3rd report in ASAP. Also tonight
      > I will be updating the Safari hammock. All testers need to get 3rd
      > report in. July 31st was the due date and acording to my calender
      > that was yesterday.
      > Coy BOy
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