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eVENT South Col Bivy Application

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  • Rob Patterson
    eVENT South Col Bivy Application: Please accept my application to test the Integral Designs eVENT South Col Bivy. I have read the BackpackGearTest Survival
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2003
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      eVENT South Col Bivy Application:

      Please accept my application to test the Integral Designs eVENT South Col
      Bivy. I
      have read the BackpackGearTest Survival guide, Version 1202, have mailed my
      Tester Agreement to Shane, and agree to abide by all the requirements of
      this test. If selected I would prefer the bivy in a regular size with a
      right hand zip.

      Personal information:
      Name: Rob Patterson
      Age: 19
      Gender: Male
      Height: 5 feet 9 inches (1.6 m)
      Weight: 150 pounds (68 kg)
      Email address: robpatterson5@h... or robpatterson5<at> hotmail
      Address: East Sussex, England
      Date: September 16, 2003
      Backpacking Background:
      I'm an avid backpacker, from Canada and have hiked through
      Algonquin Park, part of the Caribou range in B.C., and part of the Northern
      Lake Superior trail. I am also an avid day hiker, on the Bruce Trail, near
      Toronto, and along the Niagara Escarpment. My whole family often goes on day
      and normally covers 10-12 km (6 to 7.5 miles) a day, along the Niagara
      Escarpment. I also Skate Ski competitively, along with using classic
      cross-country skies to
      access otherwise inaccessible trails in the winter. Beyond that, I am an
      occasional whitewater canoeist and last summer took part in a 5-week
      development project in the Guyanese Amazon. During the last four summers I
      have collected over 150 days of hiking and canoeing, in isolated wilderness
      areas. And this summer I worked sales in a high end backpacking gear
      shop. I tend to be a mid-weight backpacker but am trying to par down my
      load. As the Canadian woods in the summer can get pretty buggy, I've always
      used a tent, packing it into my 80L (4700 cu in) backpack. Because of school
      most of my trips happen over the summer, but I make up for this in part by
      spending at least half of it camping. Also this year in University I am
      in Southern England, and hope to backpack throughout the UK, Spain, and
      Switzerland. Not to mention several ski traverses and climbing trips that
      I�m planning for this winter in the Alps.

      Field information
      I am currently going to school in Southern England, and plan not to let
      school get in the way of my education. I am planning backpacking and
      climbing trips to the Scottish Highlands, Alps, and the Pyrenees (all around
      3-5 days in length, and I�m looking at one or two trips a month), as well as
      skiing in Switzerland over my Christmas Break. This is not to mention
      numerous weekend trips to various cities in Europe. I also am trying to get
      out on day hikes, and seem to be averaging about one or two a fortnight. The
      locales that I will test the Jacket in run form sea level, cold and rainy
      (England, although right now the weather is fantastic); to dry alpine
      environments (Switzerland); as well as warm to cool, buggy, and forested
      (Canada, Spain and Germany). I plan to encounter nearly every type of
      weather imaginable (I have never been to some of these places, so some of
      the weather that I run into will be unexpected), including using the Jacket
      in Alpine environments (under 14,000 feet), along with forests, meadows, and
      in hilly and rocky areas (Northern Canada, and Spain). Temperature will
      likely range from 10 C to -20 C (50 F to -12 F).

      If selected for the eVENT South Col Bivy test, I plan to evaluate it
      according to these six criteria: durability, comfort, warmth, accessibility,
      packability, and weather protection.

      An important aspect of any piece of outdoor gear, I am curious to discover
      how well the lightweight coated nylon floor, and 3 oz. eVENT upper fabric
      resist wear and tear, particularly on rock, and without a groundsheet. What
      about when it gets caught in a zipper? What of the Dry System Technology?
      Does it peal at all? And how well does it hold the bivy together? The South
      Col bivy sack is designed as a lightweight piece for climbers and hikers,
      and I am curious as to if it might not be too lightweight. This is
      particularly important for me as I am a restless sleeper, and I am curious
      as to if my tossing and turning will shred the bag. As well, I am interested
      in seeing how well the bivy deals with being stuffed in a pack all day, does
      the wire brim deform at all? I plan to test the bivy�s durability while
      hiking through parts of Scotland and Wales, as well as during backcountry
      skiing, and climbing trips to Switzerland this winter.

      The most important thing to me when I am traveling is getting a good nights
      sleep, and if selected the bivy bag performance in this way will form a
      central part of my report. I am particularly interested in finding out if
      there is enough room to move around in the sack, and if I can still sleep on
      my side as I usually do. Also I am interested in finding out how
      claustrophobic the bag is to sleep in, and how comfortable the hood is when
      battened down. In particular I would like to evaluate how well the fabric
      breaths in different weather conditions; how well the bivy vents; and how
      well the hood protects my face from wind, rain, snow, and spindrift. If
      selected for the test, I will evaluate the bags comfort while hiking thought
      the UK, and while winter climbing and skiing in Switzerland.

      While not the primary purpose of a bivy bag, I am interested in finding out
      how much the bivy sack adds to the temperature rating of my bag. Also I am
      interested in testing the bivy with both synthetic fill and down bags, under
      different weather conditions. I am interested in seeing what kind of
      condensation appears in the bivy in humid and rainy conditions, and to what
      degree this condensation effects a down bags warmth. Moreover I am
      interested in discovering if the bivy bag restricts the loft of my winter
      bag, and if so by how much. And I am curious about how much the bivy bag can
      vent through its 22 inch (56 cm) zip, in warmer weather. Lastly can I fit a
      Therm-a-rest and foam pad inside the bivy when winter camping? I plan to
      evaluate the bivy�s warmth, while hiking thought the UK, and while winter
      climbing and skiing in Switzerland.

      I am particularly interested in discovering both how easy it is to enter and
      exit the bivy, as well as how easy it is to seal down and open up in
      response to weather changes. Does the zipper get caught on the fabric of the
      bivy at all? If selected I would also be interested in seeing if there is
      still room to string a climbing rope into the bivy when it is all sealed up.
      A nice feature I find when you are sleeping beside a 1000 foot (300 meter)
      precipice. If selected for the test, I will evaluate the bag�s accessibility
      while hiking thought the UK, and while winter climbing and skiing in

      I am interested in seeing how easily and compactly the bivy sack packs down.
      In particular I am interested in seeing if the bag packs down smaller or
      even larger then the advertised 8" long x 5" wide (21 cm long x 13 cm wide)
      Is it a struggle to get the bivy into its stuff sack at all? Also does the
      wire brim stiffener offer any obstacle to stuffing the bag, and how well
      does it survive the compression process. This will again be tested though
      frequent use thought England and the continent, as well as on several skiing
      and climbing trips to the Alps.

      The key feature of any bivy bag, and the main focus of my report, I plan to
      evaluate the bivy sacks weatherproofness in a wide range of conditions.
      Having heard so many good things about eVENT, I am curious to see for myself
      if a waterproof-breathable laminate lacking a polyurethane coating, can
      successfully avoid becoming clogged with dirt and oil, while at the same
      time being more breathable and as weatherproof as Gore-Tex. And what about
      UV light, does it significantly harm the eVENT fabric over the six month
      test? Likewise I am also interested in Integral Design�s so called Dry
      System Technology. What is it? And how effective is it? Also does the bivy
      come seam sealed, or is this something I need to do at home? How difficult
      is it to do so, and what suggestions can I make to make the process easer
      for my reader? And what about the lightweight polyurethane coated nylon
      floor? Does the coating wear off at all? And is any water forced through due
      to body weight? Now what of the waterproof zippers, do they leak at all in
      the rain? And how easy are they to do up or undo from inside the bivy?
      Lastly I am very interested in how well the hood works. Does it only work
      when I am lying on my back, or can I sleep on my side in the bivy? Also how
      well does it protect from the elements? Am I always having the wind blow
      snow and rain up my nose? What about venting and breathability? Is there
      always condensation in humid weather, or does the eVENT�s breathability, and
      the bivy�s venting take care of it? What about when its all sealed down? And
      what of the bivy�s lack of a bug net? Am I going to be cursing the bugs all
      night, or does the hood design effectively preclude visitors on its own? If
      selected for the test I will evaluate the bivy sack�s weatherproofness while
      hiking thought Scotland, Wales, and the south of England, as well as on
      numerous ski, and climbing trips to the Swiss Alps.

      Previously written reports
      My two owner reviews are:
      � Patagonia R2 Jacket
      � Arc�Teryx Hybrid Jacket
      � I have finished testing the Cloudveil Beanie, and am currently testing the
      HSSC Fluid pack

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