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CMG Bonfire Report #3

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  • Vernon Deal
    My apologies to the group in the lateness of this report. I got tied up in helping my parents move and this slipped. Anyway, here s the report. CMG Bonfire
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 25, 2001
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      My apologies to the group in the lateness of this report. I got tied
      up in helping my parents move and this slipped. Anyway, here's the

      CMG Bonfire light - 3rd report.

      After having done outdoor testing with the Bonfire and some
      alternative lights I can report the following. The Bonfire generally
      does what it was designed to do very well. I used it to take trip
      notes at night with it hung and found that writing notes from near
      the lamp to about 2 or 3 feet away (below it) was easily
      accomplished. The yellow color of the light renders most objects in
      shades of black, white and gray and users may or may not find this
      annoying. I did not but might if I did not have another light with
      me. I had a little trouble with the switch at one point where it
      didn't seem to make good contact and the light flickered some but a
      little playing around remedied this. As I noted in my earlier reports
      the lanyard was suspect and came off right away in my pack. Being a
      little more concerted about getting the cord in the grooves for it
      paid off and the lanyard seemed to stay put then. As far as using the
      Bonfire for night hiking - I wouldn't do it. You can see about 3 to 4
      feet okay with it except for a shadow that's probably cast by the
      placement of the LEDs. It's okay for going out in the night to answer
      nature's call but that's about it. Another thing I noted is that the
      Bonfire's yellow light doesn't seem to attract insects.
      In comparison to other lights the Bonfire does pretty decent.
      In comparison to a Krill lamp there is no comparison. The Bonfire
      wins hands down. It has a nice yellow light that is easy on the eyes
      and useful in a tent or under a tarp. The Krill is dimmer and taking
      notes with it is a real strain. In comparison to a Photon (white)
      it's a mixed bag. The Photon is clearly superior for walking around
      at night with it's ability to light out to around 20 feet. For note
      taking it's a toss-up. Both work well but I think the Bonfire might
      be a little easier on the eyes.
      All-in-all the Bonfire performs very well as a shelter light,
      for taking notes, sitting around playing cards, or just as a small
      area light. I believe this is what it was designed for and it

      Vernon Deal
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