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OR: Heavy Wipes Towel by Rick

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  • Rick Allnutt
    Good Morning, I have uploaded the html version of this OR, with pictures to the Test Section. If it disappears with the change in servers, I will upload
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 3, 2003
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      Good Morning,

      I have uploaded the html version of this OR, with
      pictures to the Test Section. If it disappears with
      the change in servers, I will upload again. There may
      be a few Yahooisms in the text version below.


      Heavy - Wipes Towel
      Initial Report by Rick Allnutt

      "You got a towel with you?" said Ford suddenly to
      Arthur, struggling through his third pint, looked
      round at him.
      "Why? What, no...should I have?" He had given up
      being surprised, there
      didn't seem to be any point any longer.
      Ford clicked his tongue in irritation.
      "Drink up," he urged.
      _The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy_, Douglas
      Adams, chapter 2.

      Manufacturer: First Brands
      Year Manufactured 2003
      Manufacturer's Link: First Brands
      Note: First Brands was recently acquired by Clorox
      Inc. and the web
      site now links to www.clorox.com where I can find no
      evidence of the
      Heavy Wipes...
      MSRP: Not listed. Available in grocery stores for
      $1.33 to $2.50, for
      pack of three
      Weight of one towel: 0.25 oz (7 g)

      I have been testing a number of ultralite towels that
      can be used for
      hiking. This is one of my favorites. No direct
      comparisons are listed
      here, but this towel is in the class of reusable,
      washable towels sold
      for household use. Similar towels are used as wipers
      and as dish towels
      for restaurants.

      In the US, This is what the package looks like:


      I understand from the web, that the same towel may be
      sold in the Asian
      market, including Oz, as one of the varieties of Chux.

      The package does not suggest use of this product as a
      hiking or bath
      towel, though nearly every other use is mentioned on
      the back of the


      The material is not listed, though it is a soft,
      absorbent material
      similar to rayon. The material is demonstrated in the
      photo below.


      I have used one of these towels for the last 5 weeks
      on a daily basis,
      including a 7 days of camping. I use the towel for
      all showers, and
      drying off after swimming. I use it to clean pots and
      to clean up
      spills in the car. I carry it in my pocket and use it
      to dry my hands
      after stopping at rest stops on the expressway. I
      usually wash it once
      a day in a sink, but have also washed it in a washing
      machine twice. In
      great contrast to a number of other towels I have
      tried, after such
      testing, It looks only slightly used:


      Used Towel New Towel

      The towel measures 13 in (33 cm) by 21 in (53 cm).
      The towel's
      thickness is approximately .02 in (0.5 mm). This is
      not the soft cotton
      towel one might find hanging from a towel rack in a
      bathroom. It also
      may not be what Adams had in mind when Ford's "bath
      towel from Marks and
      Spencer" was described as "the most massively useful
      thing a [hiker] can
      have". However, this little thing is useful.

      How much water will the towel hold?
      Weight Soaking wet: 3.92 oz (111 gm)
      Dry weight as above: 0.25 oz (7 gm)
      Difference (weight of water held in towel): 3.67 oz
      (104 gm)
      Weight after wringing out: 0.85 oz (24 gm)
      Effective weight of water removed before needing to
      wring it out:
      i.e. difference between wrung out towel and soaking
      wet towel: 2.82 oz
      (80 gm)

      How long does it take to dry? Indoors at 74 F (23.3
      C) at an unmeasured
      but comfortable relative humidity, it takes an hour
      for the towel to
      dry. In the sun, on a warm rock on a dry, warm day,
      it takes 10 to 15
      minutes to dry.

      How well does it work? The first test was to clean my
      glasses. Almost
      nothing except cotton and paper products will readily
      dry glasses after
      washing. This towel does. The towel left my glasses
      completely dry and
      ready to use. Second test was as a bath towel. For
      this it works,
      though not as well as a full size towel. I needed to
      wring out the
      towel 4-6 times to dry myself well. However it was
      much faster to dry
      this way than simply brushing water off after a
      shower. Technique is to
      dry the hair and face, wring it out, then both arms,
      wring it out...You
      can supply the remainder.

      This towel is a lightweight, quick drying replacement
      for a bandana. It
      has many potential uses, planned and as part of
      problem solving in the
      woods. It is now a permanent part of my hiking gear.


      Rick Allnutt
      50 Year old male
      6' 0'' (183 cm) in height
      190 lbs (86 kg) in weight
      Email address: rick at flyfisher-kayaks dot com
      I live in Dayton, Ohio

      Over the last year, I have gone from being a
      heavy-weight (2 Duluth
      Pack) canoe camper to a three season base pack weight
      of just under 10
      lb (4.5 kg) and skin out weight of 20 lb (9 kg) for a
      5 day, 4 night
      Appalachian Trail hike. My recent intense interest in
      ultralite hiking
      began in late 2002. I am now a confirmed hammock
      camper. I have
      designed and built much my own equipment including
      hammock, tarp,
      backpack, quilt and wood-burning stove. Backpacking
      trips have included
      hiking the 20 mi (32 km) loop in Zalinski State
      Forest, Ohio, and three
      section hikes of the Appalachian Trail: a total of 120
      mi (193 km) in
      North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and New
      Hampshire. Other experience
      includes 7 backcountry canoe trips into the Minnesota
      Boundary Waters
      Canoe Area spanning 35 years.

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