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REPOST - Princeton Tech Scout Headlamp-Test Application

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  • Chuck Carnes
    Princeton Tech Scout Headlamp Test Application Please review and accept my application to test the Princeton Tec Scout LED Headlamp. This will be my first
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2003
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      Princeton Tech Scout Headlamp Test Application

      Please review and accept my application to test the
      Princeton Tec Scout LED Headlamp. This will be my
      first gear test and I will give this light a complete
      and honest review. I have read the Survival guide 1202
      and in particular chapter 5 and agree to follow all
      guidelines within. Shane also has my signed tester
      agreement and approved it.

      Biographical Information:
      Name: Chuck Carnes
      Age: 33
      Gender: Male
      Height: 6�0� (1.83 m)
      Weight: 175 lbs. (79 kg)

      Email address: ctcarnes1@...

      City, State, Country: Taylors, S.C. United States

      Date: July 10, 2003

      Backpacking Background:
      I have been influenced to go camping and backpacking
      all my life. Every summer for the first 5 years of my
      life, my parents took me camping. I was in the Boy
      Scouts at the age of 12 and have been backpacking, on
      and off, ever since. Needless to say, I love the
      outdoors. I enjoy taking a lot of STUFF in my pack and
      can�t seem to get my total pack weight down, I wonder
      why. I usually hike around Pisgah National Forest and
      The Great Smoky Mountains. I go at anytime of the year
      and try to hit the trails when there is no rain. If it
      does rain, it�s okay. Trail terrain, such as rocky
      trails or muddy trails, is not that big of an issue
      with me. I just like getting out and enjoying nature.

      Field Information:
      I plan to test the Princeton Tec Scout headlamp in
      the Smokey Mountains National Park of Tennessee. I
      will be on a weekend backpacking trip to Clingmans
      Dome at an elevation of 6643 ft (2025 m) in August
      where the temperatures are usually 55� F (12.7� C) at
      night. The weather in this area can change at anytime,
      from clear skies and comfortable temperatures to high
      winds and heavy rain. I will note weather conditions
      at the time of testing. I will also be in the field at
      various times in the Winter of 2003 and in the up
      coming Spring of 2004. I currently use a headlamp
      during the night in camp such as cutting wood, reading
      and eating. I also use a head lamp during trail hiking
      and those middle of the night bathroom excursions.

      Test Plan:
      If I am accepted and given the privilege, I intend to
      test the Princeton Tec Scout Headlamp for its
      durability during everyday camp use. Most, if not all,
      of the following scenarios will be taken place at
      night or in the dark.

      As a long term test I will see if the headlamp is
      durable enough to withstand the constant bumping and
      dropping that sometimes takes place during camp set up
      and take down. I will test the lamp for stability and
      accuracy of the beam while cutting firewood, cooking,
      reading, hiking and other various tasks. Site
      distances will be tested and noted at various settings
      and declination if applicable. The web site picture
      shows and states two bulbs, one over the other. If one
      fails, what does that do to the accuracy of the light?
      Can it still be used or do I have to change the bulb
      immediately? At some point during the test, I will
      remove one bulb or the other to simulate this event.
      How easy is it to change the bulb and batteries? Do I
      need a tool to access the extra bulb and batteries? As
      the batteries weaken, does that affect the brightness
      of the bulbs? I will keep an estimated time log on the
      life of the batteries and bulbs. With the simple
      design and construction of the headlamp, how compact
      can it get to be placed in a backpack or pocket?

      Comfort, to me, is very important when it comes to
      headlamps. I usually wear a baseball cap while hiking
      or at camp. It is stated on the web site that the
      headlamp can be removed from the headband and clipped
      on a hat or shirt. How stable is the headlamp while
      clipped on a hat? Is the clip spring strong enough to
      stay in place after clipping it to a hat? If clipped
      on a shirt, will it sag? I would also like to see if I
      am able to use one hand to operate the headlamp, such
      as turning it on and off and adjusting, while on the
      headband, hat and shirt. Since the headband has no
      over-the-head strap, will the headlamp have a tendency
      to slide down during walks? How comfortable is the
      headlamp on the forehead for an extended length of
      time? Does the headlamp feel front heavy or is it
      comfortable and light enough to not notice?

      Waterproof tests will be performed in the field if
      cases of rain occur. If accidents of dropping the
      headlamp in a river or lake has not occurred by the
      end of the review, I will submerge the headlamp in
      water to test the effects if this happening in the
      field. Does the light still work? Does water get into
      the bulb compartment? Will it short out or become dim?
      If and when the headlamp is to be cleaned, how easy is
      it to disassemble to perform this task? Is there a
      waterproof seal that is not to be broken?

      Other various tests will be recorded in my reviews as
      they occur. Weight and specifications of the headlamp
      upon arrival will be reviewed, commented and recorded.

      I would really appreciate the opportunity to test and
      review the Princeton Tech Scout Headlamp. Again, if
      given the opportunity to test this headlamp, I will
      give it a complete and honest review. Thank you for
      your time.

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      Chuck Carnes

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