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OWNER REVIEW - Mountain Hardware Transition Pants

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  • Gab
    Mountain Hardware Women s Transition pants Clothing Outer Shell Pants Personal Biographical Information: Name: Gaby Winckler Age: 40 Gender: Female Height:
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 31, 2003
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      Mountain Hardware Women's Transition pants
      Clothing> Outer Shell> Pants

      Personal Biographical Information:
      Name: Gaby Winckler
      Age: 40
      Gender: Female
      Height: 5' 2"
      Weight: 108
      Email address: zwiebele at hotmail.com
      City, State: Columbia, SC
      Date: July 30, 2003

      Backpacking Background:
      I researched hiking and backpacking for almost one year and finally
      started hiking some of the US trails in 2002, a couple months later
      I was introduced to backpacking. I would say that I have backpacked
      in rather extreme conditions, including extreme heat, cold, ice and
      pouring rain. I would not consider myself a "pro", but I would also
      not categorize myself as a beginner. So far all of my backpacking
      has been done within North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, South
      Carolina and Virginia. Hopefully this will change next year.

      Product information:
      Manufacturer: Mountain Hardware
      Year of manufacture: 2002
      URL of manufacturer: http://www.mountainhardware.com/
      Listed weight: Approximately 10 ounces
      Usage: Alpine Climbing / Cool weather active
      Laminate: Windstopper® N2S
      Articulated knees
      Elastic waist with drawcord,
      Lycra cuffs,
      Windproof and breathable,
      Two side hand pockets

      The design of the Mountain Hardware Transition pants is very
      detailed. The moment the pants arrived I knew I would love them. I
      liked the style, finally a pants that looked good too. The material
      seamed to be tuff enough to survive my sometimes-rough hiking
      adventures. Mountain Hardware's Transition pants use a three-ply
      WindStopper fabric construction that includes an enhanced stretch,
      and suppose to be extremely breathable. The middle WindStopper layer
      suppose to block wind to preserve thermal performance, while the
      inner knit blend of brushed polyester and Hydrophil nylon facilitate
      the transfer of moisture away from the skin. I did notice that the
      Transition Pant only included 2 side pockets.

      Field Information:
      As a long-term owner I have worn my Mountain Hardware Transition
      pants on numerous trips during cold, wet and even warmer conditions.
      Most of the trails involved some sort of boulder climbing.

      September: 2002 Hospital Rock, NC Conditions: Sunny. Around 60 to 65
      degrees. Area Description: Rocky Terrain.

      December 2002: Honey Creek Trail, Kentucky. Conditions: snow and
      ice. Temperature around 30 degrees. Area Description: Rocky Terrain.

      February 2003: Linville gorge, NC . Conditions: snow and ice.
      Temperature around 10 degrees. Area Description: Very Rocky Terrain.

      Wind: I found that my Transition pants effectively blocked even
      heavy and very cold winds. This was even more improved once I wore a
      mid-weight base layer. I never had to wear more then a 2-layer
      total. (Base layer and my Mountain Hardware Transition pants)

      Insulating: I am normally one of the first people that start to
      freeze, but my Transition pants really did prevent any cold feeling.
      I felt comfortable warm in colder 10-degree conditions wearing a mid-
      weight base layer of long undergarments. During 17-degree weather I
      still felt comfortable without any base layer. Alone, or layered
      above other articles of clothing, these pants gave me wonderful
      insulation. Wearing some mid-weight or heavyweight long base layer
      under the pant increased the insulation dramatically, making those
      pants suitable for even below zero conditions.

      Rain/Wet: My experience is that the Mountain Hardware Transition
      pants keep me completely dry in any conditions. After about an hour
      of fairly heavy rain I still felt dry and did not experience any
      damp feeling due to the rain or snow. Falling in deeper snow did
      also not penetrate the waterproof material.

      Warmer Temperatures: Surprisingly I did not experience any damp
      feeling due to sweat in temperatures above 50 degrees. I have worn
      those pants in temperatures as high as 65 degrees. I am not a
      heavily perspiring person, but I did not experience any discomfort
      due to heavy perspiration.

      Durability: About the only complaint I have is durability. The
      second time I've worn those pants I slipped on a large bolder. I
      know it was not a hard or painful fall, so I am sure there weren't
      any sharp corners on this rock. I got up and realized that the upper
      material of my pants was ripped in the knee area. No damage was done
      to the underlying material (Gore-Tex layer). The pants are still as
      wind and waterproof as before the damage. With time and lots of hard
      use the upper material also started to look very worn. This is only
      a cosmetic problem so I am not too concerned about it.

      Those pants are one of my very favorite hiking pants. I would not go
      without them on any trip that involves ice, snow, and even heavy
      rain on colder days. The Mountain Hardware Transition pants became
      my very first piece of Gore-Tex clothing. Since then I am hooked and
      would not buy anything else. Those pants made me a true Gore-Tex
      believer. In short: I don't go if I can't find my pants. J And hey,
      they come in size XS!!!!!

      Pros: I love the look and the feel of the pant. I cannot think of
      any other material I would like more then this. This Garment keeps
      me warm during cold days and it keeps the sweat away from my skin
      during hard climbing where perspiration is unpreventable.

      Cons: Those pants are intended for alpine climbing; so a little slip
      on a rock should've not damaged the outer layer as quickly as it
      did. I am a little unhappy with Mountain Hardware's Lifetime
      Warranty. After I tore the knee part of my pants I contacted
      Mountain Hardware via email. I received a reply the same day. The
      Mountain Hardware Customer Service did come across very nice and
      courteous, they did offer to exchange the pants for a cost. I think
      they could've offered to fix the damage for free as I did not
      improper care for the pants, nor was this an natural breakdown of
      materials over intended use and time. I never found out how much
      this cost would've been. I decided to live with the damage, as it
      was only a cosmetic problem.
      I would not mind a couple more pockets. The pant only includes 2
      side pockets. Items inserted into those pockets can slide out easily.
    • Graham Blamey
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