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[EDIT] Owner Review - Vasque Zephyr GTX Backpacking Boots [MOOSE]

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  • jetriple@rockwellcollins.com
    Hey Michael! Thanks for your Zephyr GTX owner review. This was a very through and informative review. Please find my edits below. When you are done editing
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 30, 2003
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      Hey Michael! Thanks for your Zephyr GTX owner review. This was a very
      through and informative review. Please find my edits below.

      When you are done editing your report you should repost it to the Yahoo
      mailing list with the word REPOST in the subject line. When your edited
      report is approved you will be given instructions on how and where to
      upload for web version.

      Thanks so much. Nice job!

      James T.
      BGT Edit Moderator


      [EDIT] Please do NOT include your phone number. It is needed on your
      paper application, but we don't want everyone on the BGT group seeing it
      let alone everyone on the world wide web.

      [Comment] I would include your name in the header:
      Owner Review
      Vasque Zephyr GTX (Goretex) Backpacking Boots
      By: Michael Jay Lissner

      that made me stick all the way through, and get my Eagle.
      [EDIT] I don't believe you need a comma after "through".

      converting my ultra-heavy Boy Scout techniques into ones more suited
      ultra-light thru-hiking.
      [EDIT] add the word "for" "ones more suited [for] ultra-light

      Product Name: Zephyr GTX
      [Comment] For clarity you might add the word "boot" to the end of the
      product name.

      Suggested Retail Price: $165.00 American Dollars
      [Comment] This is fine, except you should drop the zeros. It is also
      acceptable to say $165 US.

      Manufacturer's URL: www.vasque.com
      [Comment] When sending urls to the list via e-mail, you should add the
      http:// so that the link is clickable. In the html version you don't need
      to do this, as long as the link is clickable.

      Size Tested: 13 American (47 European)
      Weight of Size 13 Boots: 65 ounces (1.85 kilgrams)
      [EDIT] "Weight of Size 13 Boots" should simply be "Actual weight". You
      already said they were size 13.
      [EDIT] forgot the "o" in Kil-O-grams. (kg is fine too.)
      [Comment] I get 1.84 kg.
      [Comment] Did you weigh them new, or after you had applied waterproofing
      or the boots had taken on moisture? I would make a note to explain this.

      Product Description: Medium-weight tall backpacking boots with a Goretex
      lining, webbed tongue and Vibram outsoles.

      [EDIT] Feel free to use all the info from Vasque (pasted below).
      - Color: Brown/Brown-Black
      - 2.4mm Waterproof Nubuck Leather
      - Nylon Fabric
      - DryTech Footbed
      - 3-Bar Knit Nylon Lining
      - Tri-Density Contoured Phylon Midsole
      - VibramĀ® Trailtech High Carbon Rubber Outsole
      - Goretex
      - Integration Technology
      - Padded Collar

      (oh hell, who am I kidding - swamps)
      [EDIT] No profanity, please.

      At times I probably had upwards of two pounds of mud stuck to the bottom of
      each boot.
      [EDIT] Add a comma after "At times"
      [EDIT] two pounds (.9 kg)

      but these were extreme conditions that probably would get even rubber boots
      wet inside.
      [Comment] Is this saying that the water cam over the edge rather than
      through the Gortex? I'm a little confused by this as water will NOT go
      through rubber. Please explain.

      I feel bound to mention that the rubber rand around the front of the
      [EDIT] Rand?

      so something is changing for the better, whether be my foot or the boots, I
      care not.
      [EDIT] add "it" after "whether". "whether [it] be my foot"

      When I was hiking through the shallow snow in Spain, my feet did feet a
      little bit cold,
      [EDIT] my feet did feet... second "feet" should be "feel"

      in one isolated spot a very small area (perhaps an eighth of an inch long)
      of the rubber rand has peeled up
      [Edit] add two commas. "in one isolated spot, a very small area (perhaps
      an eighth of an inch long), of the rubber rand has peeled up...
      [Comment] Okay, I guess you did mean "rand". What is a "rand"?

      The lace will soon break, I do not believe that the rand will get worse
      very quickly, and the Goretex is
      something I planned on happening.
      [Comment] This is border-line projecting, which is not allowed. My
      opinion is that you substantiated these projections with facts and
      experiences and that your report is fine. Don't be surprised if some other
      moderators chime in to the contrary though. Leave it alone unless you hear

      - Are durable enough to last hundreds of miles, excusing the
      vulnerable laces and Goretex.
      [EDIT] This is projecting that you need to change. You really don't know
      if they'll last "hundreds of miles" or not. Just say the are quite
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