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Hike N' Light Stove - 1st Report - Initial Impression

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    06-04-01 I just checked my mailbox and surprise, surprise there was a very thick little manilla envelope. Hum, wonder what this is?... The Hike N Light
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 4, 2001
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      I just checked my mailbox and surprise, surprise there
      was a very thick little manilla envelope. Hum, wonder
      what this is?... The Hike N' Light Stove. Cool...
      Just in time for my short trip on the AT trail this
      weekend. I will be sure to pick up some fuel for it
      for this weekend.

      First Impression Report-

      Before I opened up the package, I thought it was pretty
      light but noisy. Not knowing exactly how it was
      packaged, I was a little concerned that something was
      broken and sliding around in the package.

      I opened it up immediately upon getting in the house
      and was greeted with a few papers and the package the
      stove was in. (I took some digital photos of as I
      opened it up, I will post these at a later date when I
      have a little more free time.) I quickly read over the
      instructions, and first thought was that they could be
      a little more descriptive. There is way more marketing
      info in all the paper work, then there is instructions
      on use. I had to reread them a couple of times to get
      a better picture in my head of how to use this stove.
      (Remember, I have never used an alcohol stove before.)
      Especially, the windscreen part. Maybe a graphic could
      be added of how you should put this windscreen on. (I
      am intending to include in my posting of the pictures,
      a scan of complete instructions and all paperwork.)

      After reading the instructions, I pulled out the stove,
      it looked like such a simple little design. I have
      done a lot of photography in the past, and the stove
      looked like it was the case that bulk film is packaged
      in. It is a simple little tin, with holes punched in
      the top half. Also included are are little wire
      "clips" that are/is your pot holder and a half tin that
      is slightly bigger than the stove tin, this is the
      "pre-heat pad". (The earlier mentioned concern over
      something broken, turned out to be these clips sliding
      around in the stove.) The previously mentioned wind
      screen is doubled over aluminum foil that is not

      Another thought for my initial impression is, that in
      the instructions, care and maintenance is mentioned.
      It does not state any maintenance needs to be done
      before initial use, but it does say that if you are
      going to store the stove for long periods of time, then
      a light coat of cooking oil should applied to all
      surfaces. This does make me wonder if I should then
      clean this off before use after storage, and or if I am
      to leave it on, should I be applying it before first
      use. As I would assume that as most manufactures, it
      was in storage before reaching me the final consumer.

      I have to get back and finish up some work tonight. I
      will write another report on returning from my weekend
      - Jen
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